Saturday 26th June 344 Lots Starting At 9.30am

 "House Clearance Sale With Collectables"

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 Lot 1 Mercedes Saloon Car E280 R675 UKV Photo

Lot 2 Vauxhall Astra Elegance Estate Car. 2.0L Turbo Diesel 

  Comprising - Bygones/Vintage & Retro Items, Model Railway, Collectables, Tea & Dinner Ware, Antiques, Furniture, Tools, Hi-Fi, Pottery, Miscellanea, Pictures/Prints, Furniture Old & New, Watches, Coins, Jewellery, 3 X Air Rifles, Glassware, Stamp Collection, Large Quantity of Paperweights etc

 Viewing Friday 25th June 9.00am - 11.00am (we are closed between 11/12), 12 Noon - 3.45pm & From 8.00am Saturday

 Anyone Not Wanting To Attend In Person Is Reminded That Absentee & Telephone Bids Are Welcome.

 When Visiting The Saleroom We Ask That You Wear A Face Covering Unless You Have A Valid Exemption. Please Bring Your Own Pen/Pencil. Follow Signs & Guidance From Staff & Adhere To Social Distancing. Sign In On Arrival & Sanitize Hands.

Attend Alone If Possible, Maximum 2 Per Party

1.         Mercedes Elegance E280 R675 UKV, 17/03/1998, petrol, auto, V5C & manual present, 3 keys, 100,000 Miles. Mono Block alloy wheels. From a local deceased estate. Needs a new battery. 

2.         Vauxhall Astra Elegance estate, 2.0L diesel, FL53 OHF, 144,000 miles, MOT Nov 21, new exhaust, needs a new battery. Private entry

3.         Tin of costume and other jewellery, compacts, small tortoise shell lid box etc

4.         Hallmarked silver bangle, silver brooch, chain, ring, jet stone brooch, glass cat and lighthouse ornament, spoon and button hook

5.         Very good St John Ambulance award and a SJA medallion

6.         Attractive George Tarratt silver brooch

7.         9ct gold ring with stones

8.         18ct gold & platinum ring with diamond

9.         22ct gold wedding band

9A.      Large 9ct gold ring with stone - slightly loose

9B.      Elegant 9ct gold ring with lilac stone

9C.      Gold ring with oval stone - hallmark worn

9D.      Matching ring and earrings set with a titanium band

9E.      Victorian black & gilt mourning brooch with an ARP badge

10.       Small quantity of commemorative and other coins in Royal Worcester pot

11.       Royal Crown Derby bell (1128) in box

12.       50" freshwater pearl necklace and matching bracelet

13.       Vintage Mamiyaflex Stamina camera in tan leather SM case "Made in Occupied Japan"

14.       4 old hallmarked silver pieces - small tankard & milk jug, flower vase and 2 handled dish

15.       3 early silks including Captain HRH Alfred Duke of Edinburgh

16.       24 presentation packs of 1st and 2nd class stamps

17.       Tin of assorted stamps

18.       1972 Olympics Annual

19.       A splendid collection of stamps in 9 albums including good examples of many UK and foreign stamps such as Penny Reds etc

20.       14 envelopes of various collectable stamps

21.       3 boxes and a tray of pocketwatch faces, movements and parts from a retired London watchmaker including H. Stone, Leeds and others

22.       Modern 9ct gold & stone encrusted crucifix on chain and pair of pearl earrings

23.       Accurist gents wristwatch, boxed

24.       Everite 9ct gold ladies watch

25.       2 reconstituted pearl necklaces

26.       Empty bottle of 1971 Dom Perignon

27.       Old cigarette tin of badges, pendants, studs, cloth military badges etc

28.       Old metal figure of a pair of Oriental dancers

29.       Silver on copper ornamental dagger in scabbard

30.       Selection of modern dress rings, earrings, brooch and pendant

31.       Child's egg cup and silver spoon, 2 plated cup holders, 3 collector's spoons, EPNS cigarette case, cased Sekonda watch

32.       Quantity of air rifle pellets, targets, cleaning kit etc

33.       Royal Artillery trench art tankard

34.       Silver plate watch stand and a silver plate sucre with glass liner

35.       Modern cut glass scent bottle and a Caithness scent bottle

36.       Old boxed set of lead Cowboys & Indians by Johillco

37.       Old tin plate Russian single weight wall clock depicting mounted Cossack and 2 ships

38.       Purma Special cased camera

39.       Model of a Knight in Armour

40.       Jug & bowl set, decorative plates, Minton teapot and odd tea ware

41.       Large Royal Winton willow pattern vase and various Portmeirion cups & saucers

42.       Box of silk hankies, vintage leather ladies gaiters and old photograph of a Coronation Luncheon

43.       2 stamp albums and contents

44.       Students microscope, old ski goggles, horn, German bowl etc

45.       Quantity of cut glass including 5 decanters, 3 jugs, dish

46.       Spode pot & dish, decorative plates, figures and odds

47.       Set of 12 as new Spode / Danbury Mint willow pattern plates

48.       Set of 12 Coalport flower & fruit plates

49.       Royal Albert Lady Hamilton tea set

50.       6 boxed Border Fine Arts Beatrix Potter figures

51.       Large glass dish containing a Russian bird, a horn bird and a German Elephant

52.       Quantity of blue Denby style tableware

53.       Royal Worcester Jubilee dish, plate & meat plate, Masons and Wedgwood plates (6)

54.       Box of collector's plates - Wedgwood, Bradford etc

55.       Wedgwood, Doulton and other collector's plates, boxed and wooden cased

56.       Royal Albert collector's plates and various others

57.       Quantity of Portmeirion vases & mugs together with Royal Worcester tureen, dishes etc

58.       Harvest jug, potty and willow pattern washbowl & 2 warming pans

59.       Tray of crested china

60.       Vintage green dial telephone

61.       "The Furnival Seltzogene" 48cm high, pewter top, wire netted, French glass syphon

62.       4 large ceramic Gladson Pharmacy Frog tankards and a bust of Beethoven signed A. Gabili

63.       Coalport pot, Wedgwood and other plates, trinket pots and a Romulus Wolf ashtray

64.       Small wooden First Aid box - The Dalma Case

65.       Agfa cased camera and 2 lenses

66.       Grundig Memorette cased portable dictating machine with charger

67.       Pentax ME Super cased camera with 3 Tamron lenses and accessories

68.       Zeiss Ikon cased camera and accessories

69.       Various sets of cut brandy, wine and whisky glasses etc

70.       Carnival glass bowl, other glass including sculpture, wooden candlesticks etc

71.       Royal Doulton part dinner service - Carlyle

72.       Box of ceramics - planters, candlesticks, plates etc

73.       17 Denby Luxor plates and a white Jamie Oliver teapot

74.       Glass vase painted with pine trees and a heavy coloured glass chicken

75.       Old advert paperweight, old tins including "Tiger Brand Stencil" and 2 boxes of pen nibs

76.       5 large paperweights including Caithness

77.       Tray of good glass paperweights

78.       Tray of paperweights

79.       20 good glass paperweights

80.       Good quantity of books on Richard III, plate, tankards, paperweights etc and a R3 fleece throw

81.       Four 1930s children's books with illustrations

82.       Old Subbuteo game in good order

83.       Silver on copper candlesticks with various silver plate items including 1924 British Empire Exhibition dish

84.       Tray of decorative china & glass - eggs, glass flower, trinket pots etc and 2 Lilliput Lane cottages

85.       Pair of cranberry wine glasses and a pair of cranberry pots on a pink glass dish

86.       Tray of china - tea set, flower holder etc with a gilt clock, cutlery and small Le Creuset pan

87.       Selmer of London boxed F Treble recorder and music

88.       Porcelain candlesticks, small flat back figure, Wedgwood Clementine fruit bowl and a tureen

89.       Box of blue & white willow pattern plates

90.       Box of dark blue glass items

91.       Box of vases, tankards, figures and odds

92.       Wicker stool with lamp, sewing basket, planters etc

93.       Chess sets, dominoes, slide rule etc and boardgames

94.       Quanity of mixed books including Mee's Children's Encyclopaedia

95.       Box of modern books on English Queens

96.       2 boxes of pots and a box of mixed records

97.       3 boxes of large planters and household pots

98.       Quantity of good stainless steel kitchen pans, others, scales & weights

99.       Old toy garage and a box of play worn die cast vehicles

100.    Quantity of old jigsaws and games and a small Peter Rabbit bookshelf with some books

101.    Large Tonka Loader and a metal crane - both play worn

102.    2 portable typewriters - Smith-Corona and Olivetti

103.    3 Bayko building sets, 2 in original boxes

104.    1920s mantel clock, Swiss clock, Bakelite clock and 3 others

105.    Hornby Dublo boxed electric train set with other trains "Duchess of Montrose" etc, carriages, track, station, level crossings and many more accessories

106.    Quantity of mixed glass, teasmade, retro kettles, scales etc

107.    Large SNP France plastic doll

108.    Box of 78s and a set of Great Musicians

109.    3 small boxes of Christmas decorations including old paper lanterns

110.    Box of pictures, prints & 2 erotic calendars and a book

111.    3 boxes of misc - music bag, tie press, camping stove, dancing shoes, flower holders, worn oil lamp and brass lantern

112.    4 boxes of light fittings and glass shades

113.    2 boxes of old wood planes etc

114.    Wooden box with 4 Action Men and many accessories with a 45 record

115.    Small box of Meccano

116.    Box of brass including large candlesticks

117.    12 bottles of red wine - Chateau Ramage De Batiste 2003 x 3 & 2010 x 6 with Chateau Malescasse 2006 x 3

118.    12 bottles of white wine - Chateau Bertrand Braneyre 2006 x 2, Chateau D'Arches 2010 x 4, Chateau Lamothe-Bergeron 2010 x 4, Chateau Lestage Simon 2011 and Chateau Liversan 2014

119.    10 bottles of wine - Chateau La Rose Montauran 2018 x 3, Chateau Bernot 2018 x 2, Chateau La Garrigue 2018, L'Epiphanie De St Estephe 2017, Chateau Tour St Bonnet 1999, Chateau Mouton Baronne Philippe En Hommage A Pauline 1983 and Swiss Chateau Doisx Vedrines 1975

120.    Large old Gladstone bag (very worn) and 4 old cricket bats

121.    Old oil can, blow lamp, Duplicator box and one other

122.    2 stone flagons, jar & a small gilt framed mirror

123.    1930s 4 volume set of Wonderful Britain edited by Hammerton in good cloth bindings

124.    Pair of green floral flower holders and a flower basket

125.    Quantity of Denby tableware

126.    18 Wisdens almanacks from 1963-1997 and an Anthology

127.    Large Satsuma vase and a pair of small similar vases

128.    An old "Plus" comptometer

129.    3 old Imperial typewriters (2 portable)

130.    Box of games

131.    Box of Notts Forest football programmes and a Wisden Anthology

132.    3 boxes of glassware, cutlery, pots, moneybox, cheese dish and odds

133.    Box of household electricals

134.    Box of 4 old mincers, small oak barometer

135.    Box of kitchen misc and a ceiling light

136.    Crude ceramic 3 faced vase

137.    Framed coloured scene by C. Hamilton Ellis - Leicester and Swannington Railway

138.    Framed New Cycling Road Map of Leicester

139.    Framed yachting scene and a kitten picture

140.    Slik tripod in canvas case

141.    Wooden framed marquetry picture

142.    Pine framed tribute to Carl Foggerty

143.    Framed limited edition print of a Golden Retriever signed by artist Bonnie Marris and one other print "Bottles in a Basket"

144.    Pair of large gilt framed Old Master style still life Roses

145.    Old framed print of Warships beneath Gibraltar

146.    Long 1920s copper tray depicting Water Babies

147.    Small decorated brass vase

148.    Carved wood figure of an Eastern man carrying a lantern and a cockerel A/F

149.    3 brass horse and carts, pump, fork etc

150.    Pair of large Italian 19th century heavy brass church altar candelabrum

151.    Art Deco style classical lady lamp, arm A/F & a pair of floral decorated jugs

152.    Pair of reproduction Staffordshire greyhounds

153.    BSA Scorpion .22 air pistol in original box with paperwork

154.    Webley Mark 3 .22 air rifle with scope in bag

155.    Webley Hawk .22 air rifle with scope in case

156.    Webley Hawk .22 air rifle with scope in vinyl case

157.    Box of classical tape recordings

158.    Coat pegs in the form of a ceremonial shield

159.    Box of silver plated ware including tureen

160.    Mosaic wall hanging, modern ceramics and unframed prints

161.    Box of willow pattern tableware

162.    9 Copeland Spode pastille burners

163.    Bristol blue decorated decanter & 6 goblets

164.    Lladro figure of a Japanese lady and a small figure of a girl with pig

165.    Carved mahogany aneroid banjo barometer

166.    2 ornate gilt frame mirrors

167.    2 frameless 1920s bevel edge mirrors, oval gilt mirror, Monet/Shepherd & Lowry prints

168.    Herbert Terry angle poise lamp

169.    Carved mahogany shelf clock

170.    Pair of small white resin figures on bases

171.    Large Art Nouveau style bust - Isabelle

172.    Mahogany smoker's cabinet, lacking jar

173.    A mace and a large old 3 head drill bit

174.    Oak canteen of EPNS cutlery

175.    Box of Dr Who books and magazines

176.    Large square willow pattern plate

177.    3 handbags (lizard skin and leather) and a toilet case

178.    Old cast iron pump

179.    Large oval gilt framed mirror and a rectangular mirror

180.    Burnside of Birmingham safe with keys - 20" x 15"

181.    Italian 19th century salt-glazed stoneware jar with cover and other storage jar

182.    Quantity of cigarette cards (tennis, civil aviation, flags etc in booklets) and over 300 postcards including Lake District etc

183.    Small oak single drawer side table

184.    Bym 43 Mauser bayonet & scabbard, 2 clips of dummy rounds and a Small Arms book

185.    Old fire mark

186.    Victorian hall mirror with coastal scenes to sides

187.    2 cased Singer electric sewing machines

188.    Desk lamp, wooden items, copper ware & odds

189.    Lava lamp, cordless phone, video camera, radio etc

190.    Pentax MX camera and accessories

191.    Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer and accessories

192.    4 bags (a good quantity) of LPs

193.    Camera and accessories, security camera, hairdryer etc

194.    Bosch 1400 Ace router, cased

195.    13 boxes (a large quantity) of mixed books

196.    Large quartz wall clock and a box containing candlesticks, teapot, plate, decorative items,  LED lights, flat iron & vase

197.    1960s Atomic coat hook

198.    Oil of Morcott windmill, one other, 3 watercolours of rural scenes and other pictures

199.    2 sheepskin and 2 suede coats

200.    2 sets of golf clubs & bags

201.    Set of 4 oak dining chairs with slatted seats

202.    Set of 4 rush seated ladderback dining chairs

203.    2 pairs of mahogany single headboards with irons

204.    Magenta Electric Master oak cased GPO London clock, 1924-28, with pendulum & key - fitted with slave dial, movement mounted to cast iron plate with twin count wheel and Hipp toggle

205.    Dark oak leaded glazed corner cupboard

206.    1950s double drainer single sink unit on wooden base

207.    Oak framed print - Lesson Time, by Margaret W Tarrant

208.    Spanish acoustic guitar

209.    Casio cash register with key

210.    Wooden stepladder, greenhouse heater and hedge trimmer

211.    Oak tallboy and a 3 drawer chest

212.    2 teak single bed frames

213.    Drawing board and a side stand

214.    Sony Bravia 21" LCD TV, remote & manual with a small Samsung LCD TV

215.    National Panasonic AM/FM stereo music centre with speakers in original boxes and a VCR

216.    Three 1920s coloured glass shades with fittings

217.    BBC micro computer, disc drives, cables, manuals and Epson Micro cassette drive

218.    JVC music centre, turntable, CD player

219.    Solarvox Quadrasound MA183 amp and a Dual 410 turntable

220.    2 wicker baskets, lightbox and speaker box

221.    National Panasonic music centre on stand with pair of speakers

222.    Armstrong tuner amp, Gold Ring turntable A/F and a projector

223.    2 bound travelling trunks and a wooden box

224.    Large green metal (US Military) trunk

225.    Yamaha keyboard (slightly A/F) and 3 signs

226.    Hi-fi cabinet and dark oak bureau

227.    Sony SR10 speaker system, Bush radio and radio recorder

228.    As new reproduction CD gramophone with remote, USB port & manual 

229.    Vintage BSR record player

230.    Dark oak sideboard and oval drop leaf side table

231.    Dark oak leaded glazed door bookcase cupboard

232.    Sony Bravia 32" LCD TV, DVD, remotes

233.    1960s teak glazed sliding door bookcase and one other

234.    Groove turntable (working) on a Duracell shop display stand

235.    Retro 1950s formica top kitchen table and an orange 2 tier trolley

236.    1950s baby's pram with a good quantity of clothes within

237.    2 large vases

238.    Large mahogany open bookcase with 2 drawers below

239.    Modern pine kitchen table

240.    Inglesants carved wooden blanket box

241.    2 decorative ceramic table lamps

242.    3 boxes of modern vases, cake stand, ornaments, copper moulds, books etc

243.    3 boxes of glassware, tableware, lustre tureen, jugs

244.    Original Victorian Frys Chocolate shop counter in ebonised wood 

245.    Quantity of books on Leicester, snooker and 2 large Space volumes

246.    6 boxes of CDs - a good quantity

247.    Dansette record player with speakers and a Ferguson radio

248.    Large crate of predominantly classical CDs

249.    3 cases of assorted LPs  - Dire Straits, Bowie, U2 etc 

250.    Light beech Cado of Denmark adjustable table and a duet stool

251.    Oak draw leaf dining table and 4 matching chairs and sideboard (a suite)

252.    Teak draw leaf table

253.    2 retro drinks tables, chrome rail and 2 stools

254.    Knitmaster knitting machine

255.    Mahogany 3 drawer chest and a mahogany 5 drawer chest

256.    Telephone table with lion end and a nest of 3 tables

257.    Staples Ladderax adjustable wall unit - in fine condition

258.    Large quantity of Football Post newspapers in suitcase

259.    2 art pottery tea sets, fish knife, wall plaque

260.    Large soft dog and a 25 year old teddy bear

261.    7 items - bureau, standard lamp, barley twist occasional table, 2 x trollies, gate leg table, cupboard

262.    Barley twist leg oak circular top folding table

263.    Modern white dressing table, pair of white bedside units, chest of drawers and ottoman

264.    2 boxes of old books & a case of LPs

265.    Framed mirror, cased binoculars, lightmeter, candle holder, squirrel dish 

266.    1960s Hoover and a hand-held cleaner

267.    Sanyo music centre & speakers and a Pioneer tape deck

268.    Collection of 19 chemist's glass bottles including 4 with engraved & white enamel

269.    Commemorative mugs, beakers, plates and dishes

270.    Printing press and a metal trunk of printing blocks, well used

271.    Wooden items - sewing box, biscuit barrel, crumb tidy, walking sticks etc

272.    Akai music centre & speakers

273.    Small oak wall mounted display cabinet

274.    Box of handbags and purses

275.    5 boxes of household items, misc, pots, glassware

276.    Oak wall mounted clock, twin weight, brass decoration

277.    Wooden horse - once a rocking horse, well used

278.    Wooden horse - once a rocking horse, well used

279.    Invacare Lynx mobility scooter, lacking keys, charger present

280.    White & Newton teak 4 drawer chest

281.    2 chrome & glass stands with 2 stools

282.    White & Newton teak dressing table & stool with a low teak unit

283.    Yamaha 6150 six channel power amp

284.    Glass TV stand, Humax box and Philips DVD with remotes

285.    1950s drop leaf table, 2 retro chairs and stools

286.    Bound cabin trunk

287.    Satinwood cheval mirror & a silver framed mirror

288.    2 "Seaside" folding deck chairs

289.    Barley twist leg oak table, 4 drawer chest and a 3 drawer chest

290.    Oval oak drop leaf side table & a single oak dining chair

291.    Brass fire dogs and 3 irons (7)

292.    Metal fire mark and grate

293.    Warming pan, 3 graduated jugs, kettle and pan - all in copper

294.    Walnut drinks cabinet & a drop leaf table

295.    Tray of decorative Sylvac and Hornsea pottery

296.    Hen egg holder, planter, teapots, cup & saucer, long dish etc

297.    Coopercraft dog, one other and a cow creamer

298.    Tray with globe, ice bucket, teapot, jugs, horse brasses, glassware, travel set, tureen etc

299.    Dark wood Ercol dresser

300.    Monk's bench

301.    White & gilt cheval mirror

302.    Glass 3 tier TV stand

303.    Teak sideboard

304.    Assorted plates and 3 decanters

305.    Blue crate of small Toby jugs, small pottery items & a set of 4 black & gilt framed coloured engravings

306.    Bookcase, chest of drawers, Edwardian window table, bentwood chair

307.    Oak linen fold 2 piece bedroom suite

308.    Halfmoon table, drinks table, nest of 2 tables, occasional table

309.    Pair of Edwardian mahogany bedroom chairs

310.    Modern teak double door wardrobe

311.    Good quantity of decorative well bound classics by The Franklin Library USA with a set of Shakespeare and Heron books

312.    Large pine settle

313.    Indesit 6 drawer freezer

314.    Electra 289 tumble dryer

315.    Smeg dishwasher

316.    Beko 6kg washing machine

317.    Sterling Little Gem mobility scooter, with manual, lacking charger

318.    Gilt cheval mirror A/F and a patterned rug

319.    Vintage Atco petrol lawnmower with grass box C1927 - a good example

320.    BGE3000 gasoline generator

321.    Coopers petrol rotivator - needs assembly

322.    Janone cased sewing machine

323.    2 large green bags of clothing

324.    Magazine rack, 3 footstools, planter on stand, table lamp, walking sticks, stool, picture, tray, vase, pan, hockey stick, wicker chair, bamboo stand  (18)

325.    Scheidegger Typomatic TMS typewriter

326.    Panasonic breadmaker, Helix lockable file box, Sony music system & speakers, JVC midi system

327.    Vax carpet washer and one other

328.    Workmate, crate of tools, 3 way ladder, metal steps & 4 chairs

329.    Yellow toolbox & contents with a crate of tools

330.    4 tureens (2 pairs) and 2 cutlery sets

331.    2 boxes of tools and misc

332.    Christmas decorations etc

333.    Pair of wooden framed beige leather armchairs

334.    12 assorted chairs - in varying states & a wooden step ladder

335.    Pair of oak rocking chairs

336.    Michael Buble perfume, unopened and a Lou Lou Eau de Parfum

337.    Box of watch parts, faces, batteries, straps etc

338.    Ornate gilt framed wall mirror

339.    Gilt framed oil on canvas - rural scene

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Each sale we conduct can be viewed during an on-site preview normally on the previous day of the sale and on the actual morning of the sale. Alternatively, details of selected items will appear on this website.


If you cannot attend a sale in person you can leave a commission, or “absentee” bid with a member of staff.


Payment terms at Churchgate Auctions are as per the requirements of the individual sale (please contact us for further details).

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