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  An important and rare collection of 18th century and later Antiquarian Swedish books, many with fine engravings – Works on Iron and Steel, Metallurgy, Mining, Mechanics, Engineering and Swedish Technology. An example being a 1797 work on the 62 mile Stromsholms Canal with a fine hand coloured 147cm long map in modern boards. Authors include Sven Rinman and Erik Nordwell. Together with early Swedish travel works and many leather bound books.

  Also uncommon 20th century English books on Gunfounding, Artillery, Weapons and Industrial Archaeology and a small amount of travel.

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1.         Forsstrand, Carl. Sven Rinman, 1920, Stockholm. Bound in half red morocco. (Rinman was the father of    Swedish technology).

                This and the following 46 lots are all in Swedish

2.         A 1794 work - Basic Drawings and Profiles of Mechanics by Sven Rinman. With 53 folio size (55cm x 42cm)             fine engraved plates, sometime rebound in handsome half morocco with slip case

3.         A 1794 work - Basic Drawings and Profiles of Mechanics by Sven Rinman. With 53 unbound folio size        (60cm x 45cm) fine engraved plates. In half morocco bound box

4.         A 1794 work - Basic Drawings and Profiles of Mechanics by Sven Rinman. With 53 fine engraved plates    42cm x 27cm. Original half calf

5.         Rinman's Handbook on Raw Iron and Steel, 1829, Falun. In 2 parts. Bound in half calf

6.         Rinman's Handbook on Raw Iron and Steel, 1829, Falun. In 2 parts. Cloth bound

7.         Rinman's History of Iron, 2 volumes 1782, Stockholm. Original half calf. The 2 bindings differ slightly

8.         Rinman's History of Iron, 2 volumes 1782, Stockholm. Original half calf

9.         Rinman's Bergwerks Lexicon, 2 volumes 1788, Stockholm. Original half calf

9A.      Rinman's Bergwerks Lexicon, 4 volumes 1788, Stockholm. Original half calf. The first few pages of volume               one stained

10.       An 1816 work by Garney - Supervision AT The Swedish Masmasteri. 19 engraved plates, wrappers

11.       An 1830 work on Swedish Mineral Industries

12.       Nordwall, Erik. Afhandling Rorande Mechaniquen. 2 volumes 1800, Stockholm, original half calf. Together                with another set, one volume having photocopied title page and bound in modern yellow morocco (A treatise   on Mechanics)

13.       Nordwall's Mekaniken Planscher Till. No title page C1800, 20 engraved plates, modern half morocco.         Together with Abelle Til Mekaniken, no title page, 20 engraved plates

14.       A 1923 facsimile of Emanuel Swedenborg's Work On Iron. Many folding plates. Large 4to - 38cm x 25cm.                 Bound in half morocco

15.       A 1797 work on The Stromsholm Canal by Magnus Schenstrom, with a folding table and hand                 coloured engraved map measuring 147cm. Bound in modern boards with leather labels and printed          in upsala. The canal was built to transport iron and steel from the local mills. Supposedly there       are only 4 known copies of this work, in renowned University libraries - A very fine copy

16.       C1750 35 page treatise possibly on an Ironmaster (Owner) of a blast furnace, published in Stockholm. Old                wrappers. Fine. We can find no reference to this and are unsure of the translation

17.       Stampel-Bok (Iron Marks) Ofver Stockholms Stora Jarna-Och Metalwag , 1799. Printed in Stockholm. 4to, original half calf. Very fine copy

18.       1845 Stampel-Bok Och Hammarskatts-Langd. 4to, sometime rebound in half morocco

19.       2 x Stampel-Boks, 1834 and 1864 with a 1918 work on Swedish Iron Brands

20.       Small calf bound C1830 handwritten album of Stampels

21.       1879 Historical Summary of The Origin and Development of Mines by J. O. Carlberg, bound in half calf      together with Jarnets Metallurgi 1913

22.       2 works concerning The Swedish Iron Office, 1827 and 1881 (with many folding plates)

23.       A large C1800 book of 33 fine engravings of tools, machines and building works together with a Geological              Atlas of Norburg's Mining History and one other (3)

24.       2 leather bound works on Christopher Polhem (another Father of Swedish Technology), one in English

25.       Garney's Svenska Masmasteri in 2 parts 1816, Stockholm and one other work

26.       An 1810 work on the Iron Industry - Tal Om Svenska Jernhandteringen, printed Strengnas, 59 pages,          wrappers and a 1766 pamphlet

27.       Sahlin, Carl. En Bergsbok, 1921 Stockholm, limited edition. 3 copies, nos 121, 229, 330. 4to. Bound in neat               half morocco  (Sahlin was a Swedish Industrialist

28.       Sahlin, Carl. Bilder Fran Bruk Och Gruvor I Bergslagen, 1921, Stockholm. Fine illustrations. 41cm x 32cm, bound in full calf

29.       4 finely bound works by Carl Sahlin

30.       A 1765 work by Emanuel S Ekman - Warmeland i Sitt Amne Och Uppolding. Printed in Uppsala. Original   half calf (History and Cultivation of Varmland) 

31.       A 1754 work by O J Gjoding - Kungsholms-Minne. Printed in Stockholm. Along with 2 other works

32.       Pehr Hillestrom. 1929 Stockholm. Fine illustrations. Thick 4to. Bound in half morocco (Hillestrom was a      Swedish artist (1732-1816) who painted Mining and Foundry scenes). Together with Ett Svenskt Jernverk,        1937, Uppsala, fine morocco

33.       Louis De Geer. 1587-1652. Hans Lif Och Verk, 1923, Uppsala. 2 volumes. Maps, plates and photographs.                 Large 4to. Handsome half morocco binding (De Geer was a Dutch entrepreneur and Industrialist)

34.       Svedenstjerna, Eric Thomas. Nagra Underrattelser Om Engelska Jernhandterringen, 1813, Stockholm. 2   fine folding plates (Mining?), edges trimmed, rebound in tan calf

35.       11 finely bound works in Swedish and an English copy of Karin Collins The Great Spinning Wheel

36.       18 leather bound works in Swedish including Pickwick Papers - see photograph

37.       Travels in Sweden - Bref Under Resor i Sverige, 1797, Stockholm and Bref Under Senare Resor i Sverige,                 1816, Stockholm. Fine engravings. Sometime superbly rebound in half black morocco

38.       A 1785 Draft and Description of The Lake Town Malaren by John Fischerstrom.

39.       An 1804 Description of The North Part of Stockholm by Fredric Vilhelm Radloff. Printed in Uppsala, 2 parts                in 1. Half calf

40.       An 1808 Trip Through Sweden by Ernst Moritz Arndt. 4 volumes in 2, 1807 and 1808, Carlstad      (incomplete?) together with A G Carsland's Notes On A Trip To England, France and The Netherlands   1825-1828. Printed in Stockholm 1834. Half calf

41.       A 1762 work by Abraham Abrahamsson Hulphers - Diary of A Trip Through The Province of Dalarne in      1757, printed in Wasteras, with folding hand coloured map, original half calf together with one other work by          Hulphers dated 1778

42.       An 1804 work on A Trip Through England and Scotland in 1802 and 1803 by Eric Th. Svedenstjerna. Printed             in Stockholm 1804, original half calf, along with 2 other copies in different bindings 

43.       An 1840 work - Notes On A Trip Through Sweden and Denmark by Karl Fr. V. Strombeck. Printed in             Stockholm, together with an 1897 work on travel and mountains

44.       5 Swedish leather bound works on Trips To England by various authors printed in 1811, 1812 and 1817

45.       2 works on Swedish Bookplates and one other

46.       3 boxes of modern works in Swedish

47.       Box of modern Swedish Dictionaries

48.       Small quantity of books on Bookplates and book collecting

49.       Caruana, Adrian B. The History of English Sea Ordnance, 1523-1875. 2 volumes, first edition 1994

50.       4 works on Gunfounding

51.       Hogg, Brigadier O F G. the Royal Arsenal. 2 volumes, first edition 1963

52.       Muller, John. A Treatise On Artillery. Facsimile reprint 1965, limited to 850 copies and a reprint of Le Blond's             Treatise On Artillery

53.       Various books on guns, weapons and machines etc

54.       Sinclair, St John. The Code of Agriculture, 3rd edition 1821, London, with 9 engraved plates, bound in full calf

55.       Wraxall, N. A Tour Through Some of the Northern Parts of Europe, particularly Copenhagen, Stockholm and             Petersburg. 2nd edition 1775. Folding map, bound in full calf

56.       Sylvanus. Rambles In Sweden and Gottland. First edition 1847, London. Blue. Spine expertly rebacked.      Together with Joseph Marshall's Travels, 1772, London (volumes 2 and 3 only)

57.       Smiles, Samuel. Lives Of Boulton and Watt. 2nd edition 1866. Illustrated, calf bound, spine rebacked

58.       A box of Industrial Archaeology works - James Watt, Steelmaking, Swedish Iron, Industrial Revolution etc

59.       Box of mixed books including Alfred Noble etc and a quantity of folding maps

60.       2 framed maps of Lincoln with various pictures and prints


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