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385 Lots - Coins, Presentation Packs, Sovereigns, Gold Proof Four Coin Set, Collectables, Vinyl Records, Model Railway/Trains/Shed Plates, Objets d'Art, Silver, Signed Beatles Memorabilia, Retro, Militaria, Tri-ang Rocking Horse 1910, Swarovski, Rare Bottle of Champagne, Metals, Cutlery.

Followed By General Household Furniture & Effects, Modern Bedroom Suites, Sofas, Chairs, Pictures, Prints, Watercolours, Books, Tools, Bygones/Vintage, EphemeraForever Active Power Chair - As New, LCD TVs

Viewing Friday 13th February 12 Noon - 4.00pm & From 8.00am Sale Day

A Chinese Blue & White Bottle Vase Qing Dynasty with Ming style decoration, Qianlong seal mark - 39cm tall 

Large Impressive Tibetan Gilt Bronze Figure of a Buddha seated in the dhyanasana pose with hands held above the legs, wearing a long flowing robe draped over the left shoulder, his face with serene expression (downcast eyes, arched eyebrows, aquiline nose, smiling lips) and with pendulous earlobes surmounted by curled hairdress and ushnisha - 66cm tall, 36KG weight 


1.         Silver Proof Silver Wedding Crown 1972 x 3

2.         EEC 50 pence coin 1973 x 4

3.         Silver Proof Jubilee Crown 1977 x 3

4.         Silver Proof Charles and Diana commemorative coin 1981

5.         Silver Proof Piedfort 20 pence coin 1982

6.         Silver Proof £2 coin Commonwealth Games 1986

7.         Silver Proof £2 Two Coin Set 1989

8.         Silver Proof Piedfort 5 pence coin 1990

9.         Silver Proof Queen Mother 80th and 90th Birthday crowns

10.       Silver Proof 5 pence Two Coin Set 1990 (Old and New)

11.       Silver Proof 10 pence Two Coin Set 1992 (Old and New)

12.       Silver Proof Piedfort 10 pence coin 1992

13.       Silver Proof One Pound coin 1992

14.       Silver Proof Coronation 40th Anniversary Crown 1993

15.       5 sheets of coins - Commerative crowns, Elizabeth II two shillings, George V florins, George VI two shillings, Victoria florins

16.       3 sheets of Threepences - George VI to Victoria

17.       3 sheets of Sixpences - Elizabeth II to Victoria, with some Elizabeth II shillings

18.       3 sheets of Shillings - Elizabeth II to Victoria

19.       5 sheets of Halfcrowns - Elizabeth II to Victoria

20.       Victoria 1840 Fourpence, Victoria 1860 Three-Halfpence, George III 1816 Shilling (3)

21.       Anne 1710 Threepence

22.       Charles II 1683 Fourpence

23.       George II 1757 Sixpence

24.       Anne 1711 Shilling

25.       George II 1745 Lima Shilling

26.       William and Mary 1689 Halfcrown - First Crowned Shield

27.       George V 1935 Jubilee Crown x 2

28.       Victoria 1887 Crown

29.       Charles II 1676 Crown

30.       Charles II Crown - worn

31.       Charles III 1761 8 Reales

32.       Charles III 1774 8 Reales

33.       1937 George and Elizabeth commemorative medallion

34.       2 sheets of Threepences - Elizabeth II and George VI

35.       2 sheets of Farthings - Elizabeth II, George VI, George V, Edward VII, Victoria, George IV, Charles II

36.       3 sheets of Halfpennies - Elizabeth II, George VI, George V, Edward VII, Victoria, George IV, George III, George II

37.       6 sheets of Pennies - Elizabeth II

38.       Album of banknotes

39.       2008 Emblems of Britain Silver Proof collection in case - £1, 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p, 1p

40.       Silver Proof £5 coin - Queen's Diamond Jubilee 2012

41.       Silver Proof £5 coin - Restoration of The Monarchy 2010

42.       Silver Proof Queen Mother crown x 3

43.       Silver Proof 4 x £1 coin collection - Bridges

44.       Silver Proof 6 x £5 coin collection - London 2012

45.       The Millennium Silver (Proof Coin) Collection - £5 to 1p plus Maundy Money

46.       1997 Silver Proof Britannia Collection - £2, £1, 50p, 25p (One ounce, Half ounce, Quarter ounce, Tenth ounce)

47.       Silver Proof £2 coin x 4 (1995 x 2, 1997, 1998)

48.       Silver Proof Piedfort £2 coin x 2 (1994 and 1999)

49.       Silver Proof £1 coin x 3 (1993, 1996, 1997) and Silver Proof Piedfort 50p (1992/3) (4)

50.       Silver Proof £5 coin x 2 (1998 and 2000) and 1999 £2 coin (One ounce silver, no certificate) (3)

51.       2013 UK Proof Coin Set - Collector's Edition

52.       UK Proof coin sets x 5 - 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007

53.       Quantity of commemorative coins including £5, £2, London 2012 etc and a 2000 Millennium proof set in presentation stand

54.       Omega box of commemorative coins and a bag of GB silver coins in holders

55.       Old Jacobs tin of copper coins and a bag of mixed halfcrowns, shillings etc

56.       Bag of mixed foreign coins

57.       4 Proof GB Coin Sets - 1980, 1981, 1982, 1986

58.       5 Proof GB Coin Sets - 1990, 1993, 1997, 1998, 1999

59.       5 Proof GB Coin Sets - 1986, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1992

60.       4 Proof GB Coin Sets - 2002, 2005, 2009, 2010

61.       London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Sports Cover Collection in box

62.       2012 UK Gold Proof Sovereign 3 Coin Collection - Full, Half and Quarter

63.       2010 UK Gold Proof Sovereign 3 Coin Collection - Full, Half and Quarter

64.       2009 Gold Proof Sovereign and Half Sovereign set

65.       2009 Gold Proof Quarter Sovereign

66.       2005 and 2006 Gold Proof Half Sovereign set (2 coins)

67.       1980 Proof Half Sovereign

68.       1872 Sovereign

69.       1966 Sovereign

69A.    2002 UK Gold Proof Four Coin Set - £5, £2, Sovereign and Half Sovereign

70.       The Beatles - A set of 4 autographs (Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr) written in biro ink on the reverse of an MBE Investiture for Warrant Officer Class II Albert Flear, dated 7 October 1965, commanding Mr Flear to attend Buckingham Palace to receive his MBE on 26 October 1965, the day The Beatles received their MBEs

71.       4 Beatles albums - Please Please me, With The Beatles, Hard Days Night, For Sale

72.       5 Beatles albums - Help, Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt Peppers, Hottest Hits

73.       6 Rolling Stones albums - The Rolling Stones, The Rolling Stones 2, Around And Around, Between The Buttons, Aftermath, Out Of Our Heads

74.       6 x £5 coins - Elizabeth and Philip x 2, Trafalgar, Queen Mother x 2, Millennium

75.       1951 Festival of Britain crown, commemorative crowns, 10 shilling note, Decimal coin set and various others

76.       Cast iron Railway Shed Plate - North British Locomotive Company 1960

77.       Cast iron Railway Shed Plate - SC

78.       Cast iron Railway Shed Plate - 2D

79.       Cast iron Railway Shed Plate - 5B

80.       Cast iron Railway Shed Plate - 40E

81.       Cast iron Railway Shed Plate - 41C

82.       Cast iron Railway Shed Plate - 55E

83.       Cast iron Railway Shed Plate - 67B

84.       Tri-Ang turntable

85.       2 Hornby diesel electric trains - boxed

86.       2 boxed Mainline trains

87.       Hornby boxed LNER train

88.       Hornby Tri-Ang boxed LMS engine

89.       3 boxed Hornby Gilbert carriages

90.       Heljan Falcon boxed train engine

91.       Dapol boxed track cleaner

92.       Quantity of carriages, steam engines, rolling stock and track

93.       Terence Cuneo prints and various railway posters

94.       Quantity of train track power units

95.       Star Wars Annual Number 1 - original edition

96.       Silver Proof 3 coin set - 50th Anniversary Allied Invasion Europe 1994 together with a Silver Proof 60th Anniversary £2 coin

97.       UK Proof coin set x 3 - 1994, 1995, 1996

98.       One Ounce Fine Silver £2 coin 1998

99.       2002 Commonwealth Games Proof Set - 4 x £2 coins

100.    2002 Queens Golden Jubilee silver medal

101.    Silver Proof 50p Two Coin Set 1997

102.    London 2012 Silver Proof £5 coin and a 2008 Silver Proof £2 coin (2)

103.    2005 Charles and Camilla Silver Proof medal, 2011 William and Kate Silver Proof £5 coin and 2011 William and Kate £5 coin (3)

104.    2009 Silver Proof Henry VIII £5 coin

105.    2008 UK Coinage Royal Shield of Arms Proof Set

106.    2011 and 2012 UK Proof Coin Sets

107.    2011 Duke of Edinburgh Silver Proof £5 coin

108.    2012 Queens Diamond Jubilee Gold Plated Silver Proof £5 coin

109.    20 Commemorative Coin Cover Sets (including First Day covers with coins)

110.    29 x London 2012 Proof 50p coins and a 2012 £5 coin (30)

111.    Silver Proof William and Kate £5 coin

112.    Silver Proof Queen Mother £5 coin and a Queen Mother 90th Birthday crown (2)

113.    Silver Proof 2007 Diamond Wedding crown and a Silver Proof 1977 Silver Jubilee crown (2)

114.    2011 Silver Proof Britannia One Ounce of Silver £2 coin

115.    1986 Silver Proof £1 coin

116.    1973 Canada Silver Dollar and a 2012 Canada Pure Silver Commemorative $20 coin (2)

117.    Set of 6 Heritage Site commemorative coins and a Silver Proof Darwin £2 coin

118.    Set of 4 Treasures of Ancient Egypt commemorative coins

119.    Tray of coins - Titanic gold plated, gold plated set of 5, 2 x £5 coins, US $1 coin etc (12)

120.    2 Corgi Classics buses

121.    4 boxed Corgi vehicles

122.    Corgi Devon General 75th Anniversary Buses (x 2)

123.    Corgi Routemasters in Exile buses (x 4)

124.    6 various boxed vehicles

125.    Collection of Stamps - Album and envelopes, various countries

126.    Superb tall LSA glass vase in blue and green shades, excellent condition - 40cm tall

127.    Orrefors of Sweden signed clear glass vase, no damage - 15cm tall

128.    Large moulded clear glass "Noughts and Crosses" pattern vase (30cm tall) and a similar smaller slim vase (22cm tall) - Both in excellent condition

129.    Tri-Ang Rocking Horse - Approx 1910-1920, all original paint, Gesso finish - Fine condition except left stirrup and one small band on forehead missing

130.    John Speed - Map of Rutland. Early example in gilt frame, 25cm x 22cm in all

131.    Swarovski crystal - "Masquerade" Columbine 2000 Edition

132.    Swarovski crystal - "Masquerade" Pierrot 1999 Edition

133.    Swarovski crystal - Antonio, Magic of Dance 2003 Edition

134.    Swarovski crystal - Anna, Magic of Dance 2004 Edition

135.    Swarovski silver crystal - Panther 

136.    Swarovski crystal - Pelican

137.    Swarovski silver crystal - Horse 

138.    Krug Brut Champagne 1985 bottle

139.    Large framed print of a black and white photograph showing Sir Winston Churchill smoking a cigar next to his Land Rover (registration UKE 80) - 90cm x 58cm

140.    Dolland of London Maritime Binoculars 1875, belonging to Captain Jessop of the Florinda Racing Yacht

141.    Chinese blue and white bottle vase - Qing Dynasty with Ming style decoration, Qianlong seal mark - 39cm tall

141A.  Chinese vase decorated with two five-toed dragons and an exotic bird - 39cm tall

142.    Large impressive Chinese Tibetan gilt bronze figure of Buddha seated in the dhyanasana pose with hands held above the legs, wearing a long flowing robe draped over the left shoulder, his face with serene expression (downcast eyes, arched eyebrows, aquiline nose, smiling lips) and with pendulous earlobes surmounted by curled hairdress and ushnisha - 66cm tall, 36KG weight

143.    Royal Naval Division (Groningen) - A rare, probably unique, group of 4 Medallions awarded to Petty Officer James R.N. - Consisting of a cased bronze "Sabre v Sabre" 1913 First Prize, a cased silver "Sabre v Sabre" Regulars 1913 First Prize (both with superb engraved English Coat of Arms on obverse), a bronze medallion engraved R.N.D. Tug Of War, Groningen, 1915 in laurel leaf garland (impressive Coat of Arms on obverse), and a bronze medallion engraved "Won By P.O. W. James 5.6.15" on obverse and R.N.D. Groningen 1915 on reverse with a cardboard box (A/F) reads Frans Brugsmag Groningen

144.    19th century brass telescope and a good pair of binoculars

145.    World War One compass in leather pouch and an early brass spirit lamp

146.    2 Russian medals

147.    World War One Death Plaque, Victory medal and Royal Scots badge to Pte. G. Peberdy and associated photographs

148.    9ct gold bar brooch having 3 bars with centre circle of seed pearls and citrine together with a 9ct gold bar brooch decorated with flowers (2)

149.    Victorian 9ct gold bar brooch decorated with flowers and a centre of 5 seed pearls surrounding a ruby

150.    Gold bar brooch with stones and pearls in suffragette colours (one stone replaced)

151.    Silver double heart shaped Sweetheart's brooch with text on left side and United States Eagle on right inscribed USAEF above (probably the United States Expeditionary Force to Siberia, in support of the White Russians in 1919)

152.    Small suite of silver mouse necklace and earrings together with an upright seated cat brooch

153.    Miniature silver pill box with hedgehog on cover, a pair of hedgehog earrings and a hedgehog charm

154.    18ct gold and platinum ring set with 6 sapphires surrounding a central diamond

155.    18ct gold and platinum 2 stone diamond ring

156.    9ct gold ring set with 4 blue topaz

157.    9ct gold ring set with large blue stone

158.    9ct gold pink topaz flower head ring

159.    9ct gold ring set with 7 coloured stones

160.    9ct gold ring set with 7 stones

161.    18ct gold wedding band

162.    2 x 9ct gold signet rings, a 9ct gold wedding band and one other ring

163.    1887 Queen Victoria double florin in a virtually uncirculated condition with a lovely blue-ish tone 

164.    5 x French War In Algeria proof-like Medallions

165.    1902 cased Coronation Medallion

166.    Hallmarked silver ARP badge

167.    Good collection of Foreign Banknotes (1025) from 1900, but mainly 1960 onwards

168.    Large quantity of silver plate cutlery

169.    Pair of 4 branch silver plate candelabrum - the tops supported by Cherubs

170.    Old metal plaque depicting Sir Walter Scott, a similar depicting The Arms of Canongate dated 1774, together with a circular metal dish depicting a girl in an old kitchen

171.    Square 1970s ceramic studio pottery vase

172.    Soapstone Inuit figure

173.    Large (80cm x 98cm) gilt framed watercolour by Richard Fisher, Kenswick - "Rescue At Kern Knotts Chimney" Great Gable

174.    Large framed limited edition Hunting print by Lionel Edwards - The Devon and Somerset Staghounds. Signed by Lionel Edwards in pencil

175.    Large framed Leicester Tigers print - Champions of Europe, May 2001 - signed Martin Johnson, Neil Back, Leon Lloyd and artist Robert Highton

176.    Burmantoft turquoise stand A/F

177.    An original battle scene engraving (1694) by Georg Phillip Rugendas, the noted German engraver

178.    An original battle scene engraving (1698) by Georg Phillip Rugendas, the noted German engraver

179.    A country house Letts Game Register from 1892-1932 with the bookplate of Major W.J.Freer, Stoney-Gate, Leicester

180.    Oriental bronze lamp base

181.    Selection of Naval related photographs - HMS Ark Royal etc

182.    1880 House Deeds

183.    7 photographs, Hank Marvin, Glen Campbell, Star Trek, Charley Pride, Boxcar Willie etc

184.    Large quantity of football programmes - 1950s, 1960s, 1970s

185.    Good leather bound bible and other bibles

186.    Black vintage crocodile handbag, a Celine brown leather handbag, mink trimmed hat, wedding shoes etc

187.    Victorian Pears print, frame A/F

188.    Large oak framed print of a Sailing ship and Paddle steamer in The Channel by Schnars-Alquist, Hamburg 1909 - Harrods label reverso

189.    Gladstone bag

190.    Cased set of fish knives and forks with a cased set of fish servers

191.    3 ornate silver plate trays

192.    The "Progress" Airliner Flying Toy - boxed

193.    FA Cup Semi-Final programme from 26/3/1949 - Portsmouth v Leicester City from Highbury

194.    Old Corona typewriter

195.    Silver plate seafood dish, 2 metal horses and a stag, unusual boot candlestick and a shoe pin cushion

196.    Large decorated copper log box depicting Rural Pursuits together with a brass coal box

197.    Fine quality Hallmarked silver (Birmingham 1927) desk stand with twin silver topped inkwells standing on 4 claw feet

198.    18ct gold Hunter pocket watch by John Wilkinson

199.    Oriental brass vase decorated with Butterflies - 37cm tall

200.    Pair of watercolours by W. Appleton - Silverburn Ballasalla Brook and Beaver Pool Bettus Garmon

201.    Tri-ang dolls house

202.    Large enamel sign - BP Motor Spirit

203.    4 early signed photographs of film stars

204.    Trent Bridge menu signed by Sir Ian Botham - England v Sri Lanka 2002

205.    Large quantity of signed photographs and autographs of actors and celebrities

206.    17 Snooker player signatures including John Virgo, John Parrot, Terry Griffiths, Stephen Hendry etc

207.    48 TV personality signatures including Rosamund Pike, Suzanne Johnson, Dave Spikey, Craig Fairbrass etc

208.    Railway tickets and stamps depicting Marilyn Monroe etc

209.    3 restoration scenes, Cries of London and Good Companion

210.    Railway sign - "Shut & Fasten Gate" along with an antique key stamped SW, a ticket clipper and various railway related items

211.    Box of silver plate items - game birds, trays, rosebowl, cutlery etc

212.    5 various cased pairs of binoculars

213.    Silver plate tureen with cover and cased fish cutlery

214.    Quantity of brassware - sconces, chestnut roaster, tray etc

215.    Quantity of photographs

216.    Brass trivets, range kettle stands, flat irons and horse brasses

217.    Pair of silver plate goblets decorated with grapes, 2 other pairs and a pair of candlesticks

218.    Pair of hand painted gilt and porcelain bon bon dishes

219.    Tray of decorative china including Royal Worcester Steiff teddy tea cup and saucer etc

220.    2 trays of mixed cut glass and 2 brass candlesticks

221.    China jugs, swan, figures etc

222.    Edwardian china tea set

223.    Decanters, commemorative mugs, glassware, Dartmouth and Wedgwood flower holders

224.    Quantity of silver plate and metalware

225.    Quantity of Royal Worcester tableware - Worcester Herbs pattern

226.    Framed display of Golfing items

227.    Brass candlestick garniture

228.    Marble barometer, 1 other and a mantel clock

229.    J.H.Steward Ltd, Strand of London, boxed Sextant

230.    Figure of a Tiger group

231.    3 figures - Shakespeare, African with spear and a soapstone family group

232.    Octagonal ceramic wall plate

233.    1930s pink glass shade

234.    Royal Copenhagen comport and 2 modern Masons jugs

235.    Pair of A.J.Thornton watercolours - Continental coastal scenes

236.    2 early plaster wall shelves

237.    2 cased Singer hand sewing machines and accessories

238.    2 wind-up gramophones and a small case of 78s

239.    Philips reel to reel and 2 cased projectors

240.    Spode jug and bowl set (jug A/F) and a large matching jar with cover together with 3 ceramic planters

241.    Pair of attractive ceramic lamps with shades and one other

242.    Suitcase of old photographs including an album of military related

243.    German World War One propaganda booklet, James Bond books, photographs, cigarette cards etc

244.    Sheet music and a box of books

245.    Beatles and John Lennon books, calendar, jigsaw puzzle and collector's cards

246.    Menu from the Las Vegas Hilton promoting the first appearance of Elvis Presley, one other Elvis booklet, a plate and a figure

247.    3 boxes of interesting children's books

248.    8 boxes of mixed books and a box of Law text books

249.    3 boxes of Railway books

250.    William Capon - Views of Westminster, published by London Topographical Society 1923/24 (disbound) and Joseph Pennell - A London Reverie 1928

251.    2 boxes of Aviation books

252.    3 boxes of CDs

253.    Box of sparring safety equipment

254.    Blue and white jug and bowl sets

255.    Willow pattern china, ceramics, glassware and a small quantity of pictures and prints etc

256.    Assorted old toys, games, pictures and books

257.    Tray of Victorian cranberry glass

258.    Lladro figure of a girl

259.    Royal Worcester figurine - Grandmother's Dress

260.    Tray of cut glassware including bowls, vases, scent bottle etc

261.    Royal Doulton tableware - Everglades pattern

262.    Tray of Royal Albert Old Country Roses including clock, ornaments, cake slice

263.    3 handpainted Radford vases and 5 assorted jugs

264.    Box of Booths dinnerware - Stanway pattern

265.    Quantity of assorted modern Wedgwood Jasperware

266.    Quantity of tea and cigarette cards and postcards

267.    4 boxes - China, porcelain, glassware, ornaments, figurines etc

268.    Vintage Hoover in original box, Hoover Dustette (both for decorative purposes only), old Dettol can and a box of metal ware

269.    1930s Stocking advertisement, other pictures and a box of old greetings cards 

270.    Panasonic VHS camera and a Rank Moth slide projector and accessories

271.    Various Beswick, Radford and Wade etc ceramics

272.    3 boxes of misc china, glass, kitchenware and misc

273.    Shelly china, Susie Cooper odds, glass light shade, other china and glass, cutlery box and a small tapestry top table

274.    Box of Carlton ware and a commemorative dish

275.    3 boxes of kitchenware, pots and glassware

276.    5 small boxes of glass, china and cutlery

277.    Wooden musical boxes, letter rack, milking stool with bobbin legs, biscuit barrel etc

278.    Boxed Midwinter tableware, others, Pyrex, pans, china, glassware etc

279.    Galvanised buckets, watering cans, enamel bread bins and an old wooden crate

280.    Quingo Forever Active electric wheelchair  - as new

281.    Pair of old brass photograph frames

282.    Art Nouveau photograph frame and 3 others

283.    Good small Postman's alarm wall clock

284.    Meat plates, tureens, pots etc

285.    Good quantity of misc household, clocks, pictures, prints etc

286.    Gilt framed mirror with shaped top

287.    Pair of oils on board, lake scenes

288.    Five 1930s frameless mirrors

289.    Oak stand with hanging lantern

290.    Antique oak gate leg table

291.    5 various cameras and a pair of binoculars

292.    Water cooler

293.    Quantity of vintage clothes and ladies shoes

294.    2 electric lawn mowers, garden chairs, garden tools, pink box and contents etc

295.    LEC chest freezer and a Proline chest freezer

296.    Kenwood mini oven and a Retro Boombox

297.    Creda tumble dryer and a Zanussi washing machine

298.    LG fridge

299.    5 halogen heaters, a convector heater and a fan heater

300.    Small White Knight tumble dryer

301.    Oak lift up sewing box with 6 drawers and an oak 2 tier side table with drawer

302.    Oak Tallboy

303.    Reproduction dolls pram with dolls

304.    Low dressing table, white painted 4 drawer chest and a modern 2 drawer unit

305.    Large gilt framed portrait of a young girl with cat, a still life and 3 other prints

306.    Pair of modern gilt framed rural scenes

307.    Leaded glazed oak bookcase cupboard

308.    5 gilt framed mirrors

309.    Chrome cheval mirror

310.    An oak monks bench that converts to a table

311.    An oak linen fold 2 door cupboard

312.    Heavily carved oak court cupboard

313.    Benares top table, heavily carved ashtray stand, 2 stools, warming pan, hunting horn, golf club and stick

314.    Quantity of miscellaneous household items

315.    Pink ottoman of cushions, an Ali Baba basket of sticks and a teak framed mirror

316.    Alpha portable electric sewing machine

317.    Two portable electric sewing machines

318.    Old Imperial portable typewriter and 1 other

319.    Black glass 3 tier TV stand and a DVD player

320.    4 cases (one mahogany) and a quantity of loose, LPs, 78s and tapes

321.    Panasonic Viera TV with remote, DVD player and a glass stand

322.    Oak lift up top sewing box and a modern blue vase

323.    Pine nest of 3 tables, oak nest of tables and a pine 3 drawer chest

324.    Various sets of lawn bowls, bags and shoes

325.    Carved oak fall front side by side

326.    Carved oak music cabinet with a large quantity of LPs

327.    1950s Regentone portable radio

328.    1950s Double Decca portable radio

329.    1950s coffee table with lamp attached and a pair of Ercol stickback chairs

330.    Singer treadle sewing machine

331.    Sovereign fridge and a Hotpoint freezer

332.    Zanussi washing machine and a Panasonic microwave

333.    Glass top coffee table and a darkwood hi-fi unit

334.    Glass and metal dining table, 6 matching chairs and 2 wall mirrors

335.    Teak veneer 1960s low cocktail cabinet and a what-not

336.    Small chaise longue upholstered in pink draylon

337.    Box of misc items and ceramic ornaments

338.    Glazed oak corner cupboard and a white painted wall shelf

339.    Samsung 40" LCD TV with remote and a 3 tier TV stand

340.    Pair of modern pine 6 foot wardrobes

341.    Consort salon hairdryer

342.    2 sets of golf clubs in bags

343.    Set of lawn bowls

344.    1970s teak room divider

345.    Circular pine table, draylon ottoman of blankets, pine dining chair and 2 others

346.    Brass top table on tripod base and 2 brass coal boxes

347.    Oak refectory table and 6 matching chairs (including 2 carvers)

348.    Large quantity of boxed collector's plates

349.    Various fireside pieces and a brass stick stand

350.    7 piece Swiss kitchen knife set

351.    4 child's toys from the 1950s and 1960s

352.    3 tier clear glass TV stand

353.    7 German pottery vases and plant holders

354.    Old dome top trunk

355.    1970s 3 piece melamine bedroom suite

356.    Quantity of various stools, shopping trolley, scales etc

357.    Card table, 2 towel rails and a 2 tier stand

358.    3 carved Indian style tables

359.    3 piece white and brown bedroom suite

360.    Modern cupboard end drop leaf table and 2 chairs 

361.    Modern pine 3 drawer chest and carved top coffee table

362.    Small glazed cabinet and an old angle poise lamp

363.    Box of Playstation games and DVDs

364.    Thakat coffee table, 3 bedside units and a glazed corner cupboard

365.    Empire style 3 piece bedroom suite

366.    Modern glazed bookcase cupboard and a pine table A/F

367.    5 stools, 2 tier stand and a pedestal table A/F

368.    2 wardrobes, 2 small chests, white tallboy, 5 drawer chest, triple mirror and various rugs etc

369.    Modern glazed pine dresser

370.    Carved oak 3 piece bedroom suite and bedends

371.    Various fishing rods

372.    Carved oak linen fold 5 piece bedroom suite and bedends

373.    Ladies Rotary 9ct gold wristwatch and a Gents Cauny wristwatch

374.    Metal Dragon box and a tin of costume jewellery

375.    Green floral wingback armchair on cabriole legs

376.    Russet coloured wingback fireside chair

377.    2 seater metal action sofa bed

378.    Plum draylon 3 seater sofa

379.    Floral patterned 3 seater sofa and 2 matching armchairs

380.    Pair of good quality wingback fireside chairs with ball and claw feet

381.    Pair of pine kitchen chairs

382.    4 oak ladder back dining chairs

383.    Merits mobility scooter - needs batteries replacing

Viewing Friday 13th February 12 Noon - 4.00pm & From 8.00am Sale Day


Saturday 21st February - House Clearance Sale

Saturday 28th February  - Collectors Sale

Saturday 7th March - 350 Lot Sale

Saturday 14th March  -350 Lot Sale

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