Saturday 18th January 380 Lots Starting At 9.30am

 The Complete Contents Of A Large 4 Bedroom Detached House In Hertfordshire. 

  Removed To The Saleroom For Convenience Of Sale (6 Luton Van Loads) By Our Professional House Clearance Team.

Plus Local Collections & Entries

 Stone Ware Garden Ornaments, Bosch White Ware, Antique & Later Furniture, Decorative Items, Miscellanea, Collectables, Fine China, Beswick & Staffs Figures, Porcelain, Glassware, Wedgwood & Masons Dinner Services, Books, Kitchen Wares, Outdoor Effects, Pictures/Prints, Craft/Sewing/Artist Related Items, Vinyl, Garden Benches, Lounge Chairs, Tools, Mirrors. 

 Viewing Friday 17th January 12 Noon - 4.00pm And From 8.00am Sale Day

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1.         Good quantity of Masons Regency tableware together with a large Masons tureen lacking cover

2.         Various pieces of Carlton ware - leaf dishes, cups & saucers, bowls, sauce boats etc

3.         Masons Croysdale dinner service

4.         Quantity of various Waterford crystal glasses, mainly sherry and wine, some boxed

5.         82 pieces of Royal Worcester Howard tea and dinner ware

6.         Waterford crystal jug and a quantity of cut glass vases, dishes and a fruit bowl

7.         85 pieces of Wedgwood Golden Cockerel tea and dinner ware - A very fine set

8.         Tray of commemorative mugs and a 1953 Coronation tin

9.         2 Waterford crystal decanters and 14 matching whisky tumblers

10.       R. Lalique vaseline glass hanging shade

11.       3 Portmeirion flan dishes and a vase

12.       Russian Muscovy duck

13.       Large red and gilt wooden Ptarmigan

14.       Various decorative wooden, glass, metal and ceramic boxes

15.       This and the following 38 lots are Staffordshire figures ranging in age from circa 1810 - 1860, many      pieces by Walton and in some cases with original purchase receipts

                Shepherd standing by a stream

16.       St Luke (circa 1810)

17.       Putto with foliage (circa 1820) & girl with bird

18.       A pair of Poodles (circa 1860)

19.       Girl in blue dress sitting on a Ram

20.       Castle flower holder

21.       Prince and Princess of Wales x 2

22.       Scottish archer

23.       Cow flower holder

24.       "Spring" circa 1810

25.       2 flower holders

26.       Bonnie Prince Charlie and Prince & Princess of Wales (2)

27.       2 Spaniels with barrel figure

28.       Village boy and girl with Poodle (2)

29.       Sailor figure and girl in tall bonnet (2)

30.       King Charles Spaniel (circa 1840)

31.       Mother with children and 2 Staffs cows A/F (3)

32.       Quill holder, cottage and girl (3)

33.       Neptune and Wesley (2)

34.       Lady Stanhope on a Camel and Girl on Horse (2)

35.       Courting couple in a Bower

36.       Girl with tall sheep

37.       Jockey (Fred Archer) on horse and Girl on horse (2)

38.       Zebra, flower holder and Gentleman (3)

39.       Children with animals and Girl with dog (2)

40.       Pair of sheep with flags

41.       Lamb with foliage and Ram with foliage (2)

42.       Figure of children on Setter (circa 1830)

43.       Sheep, ram and boy with dog (3)

44.       Boys with birds nest

45.       Lady with Dalmation (circa 1850)

46.       Boy sitting on dog (circa 1850)

47.       2 Dogs

48.       Boy with raspberries

49.       Religious figure (circa 1830)

50.       4 old ladies

51.       3 Dogs

52.       2 small figures

53.       6 sheep and lambs

54.       A small Clarice Cliff dish

55.       2 Goebel figures

55A.    A rare Staffordshire figure of a child and swan

56.       5 Goebel birds

57.       3 Beswick birds

58.       5 Beswick sheep

59.       5 Beswick sheep

60.       Five 19th century jugs

61.       2 Masons ironstone plates

62.       Pair of Royal Worcester figures in green & gilt of a Welsh couple stamped shape number '1875' to base in                 excellent condition - 17cms tall

63.       Pair of Russian deer and a pair of Russian sheep

64.       Quantity of Wade and other miniature animals

65.       Beswick kittens and Collie dog

66.       Beswick ram, Beswick sheep and a Goebel ram

67.       Limoges miniature porcelain egg and an old cased silver thimble

68.       Various Russian and Royal Copenhagen birds

69.       Berry spoon - London 1743 with later decoration

70.       Highly decorative box with elephant figures and a decorative pen box

71.       Mauchline ware box, push-along sheep, bronze figure, soapstone elephant

72.       Small box of misc collectables including a Rotary watch

73.       4 Inuit pieces

74.       Heavy glass ashtray containing marbles

75.       2 Tiffany bracelets

76.       Tiffany bracelet

77.       Tiffany neckchain

78.       Pair of hallmarked silver candlesticks

79.       Ladies silver Omega pocketwatch

80.       Gents silver pocketwatch

81.       Seiko Kinetic Divers watch

82.       Wooden ornament of 2 Cheetahs

82A.    1905 gold sovereign

83.       Large album of Family History - photographs, cards, certificates etc together with 3 Great War silk postcards

84.       Small quantity of old Masons tea ware

85.       Minton fruit bowl and a Coalport fruit bowl

86.       Various 19th century Masons and other plates & dishes together with a small blue & white possibly Chinese              bowl

87.       Various small ink bottles, one other and odds

88.       Small decorative teapots, crested china swans, lemon squeezes, Wedgwood items, vase

89.       Various sheep ornaments

90.       3 old white jelly moulds, a Scottish shortbread dish and a small Le Creuset pan

91.       Meat plates, butter dishes, Worcester ramekins, mugs etc

92.       Box of interesting books and booklets

93.       3 large books on rugs and various others on textiles

94.       2 crates of books on William Morris, other artists and painting techniques

95.       An 1873 two-volume work by J. A. Picton - Memorials of Old Liverpool and other books on the city

96.       2 boxes of modern books on foreign travel

97.       Set of Hulme's Familiar Wild Flowers with colour plates bound in half leather and 4 Flower Fairy books

98.       1887 leather bound copy of The Housewife and various other old books along with examples of needlework

99.       Box of Harry Potter books including 2 later first editions

100.    Tray of glass - ship's decanter & one other, Doulton and Edinburgh crystal brandy glasses, 2 silver bottle    labels etc

101.    2 Egyptian ceramic busts and a similar plate

102.    Large West German jug

103.    Limited edition Arctic Odyssey stein

104.    4 pieces of Ringtons pottery and misc pieces of Sylvac, Carlton ware, T G Green etc

105.    Chrome hand bell

106.    4 cat ornaments including Border Fine Arts

107.    Villeroy & Boch crystal sweet meat dish and a glass 2 branch candlestick

108.    Lladro Winter boy with dog

109.    Lladro lady with flowers

110.    3 Nao angels and a choirboys figure

111.    Signed Italian clown ornament and a Spanish clown

112.    Carlton ware limited edition amusing Tony Blair teapot - 98 of 500

113.    Quantity of Masons Vista dinnerware

114.    3 large boxes of mixed books

115.    31 various Lilliput Lane cottages

116.    2 pale blue Le Creuset pans

117.    Pelham clown puppet and a 1960s hand puppet

118.    Macy's musical water globe

119.    4 various hunting plates

120.    CDs, DVDs & 78s

121.    2 boxes of books on English Topography

122.    2 boxes (a good quantity) of books on needlework, embroidery etc

123.    Victorian oil lamp, hanging Salter scales, 2 others, large weight etc

124.    Various angle poise lamps and others including Herbert Terry

125.    Quantity of toiletries and soaps

126.    2 boxes of many Carlton ware pieces

127.    Large quantity of small animal and bird figures with egg cups

128.    Quantity of mixed jugs and other ceramics

129.    Quantity of stones, quartz, seed pearls, fir cones and odd ornaments

130.    Large quantity of misc kitchenware, cleaning materials etc - whole under bay

131.    Quantity of pie funnels including blackbirds and some novelty egg timers

132.    Box of mixed old Masons ironstone jugs and plates

133.    Quantity of mixed sheep ornaments

134.    Quantity of books on cats

135.    Large quantity of plain cream Wedgwood tableware

136.    Box of misc - flower holders, crumb tray, elephant ornaments, box of paper napkins

137.    Good quality remnants, suitable for patchworks, quilts, cushion covers

138.    Box of stoneware teapots & jugs

139.    Large quantity of table and bed linen - mainly as new

140.    2 large boxes of decorative throws, small rugs, shawls

141.    Box of mixed cutlery

142.    Good quantity of hats, gloves, umbrellas, silk scarves and handbags

143.    Various bottles of wine, sherry, brandy and rum

144.    Good quantity of ladies Ecco & Hotter lace up shoes, size 40, mainly unworn

145.    3 boxes of as new socks, thermal vests and blouses - all still in packets

146.    Good quantity of ladies as new T-shirts in packets

147.    20 pairs of as new ladies trousers, various jumpers, dressing gowns and suit - all in packets

148.    4 boxes of assorted mugs and mixed glassware

149.    Quantity of matching ceramics, 3 table lamps including chargers

150.    Large quantity of framed woodwork, feltwork and tapestry pictures

151.    Two 19th century Sunderland pottery plaques - galleon and religious text

152.    4 pottery military plaques - Kitchener, Baden Powell, Lord Roberts, 'For Right and Freedom'

153.    Limited edition figure of a Land Girl

154.    Decorative ceramic teapot

155.    Crossman Medalist 1300 pump-up 22 air pistol

156.    2 Royal Doulton figures - Dinky Doo and Noelle

157.    Box of framed and unframed paintings, prints and tiles

158.    8 various metal animal doorstops

159.    2 boxes of Ordnance Survey maps

160.    Various Victorian bound copies of The Quiver, Windsor magazines etc

161.    19th century metal hatbox

162.    Large Staffordshire Collie dog A/F and a modern Bulldog ornament

163.    Mahogany framed barometer

164.    2 oval gilt framed mirrors

165.    Wall mirror decorated with pillars and gilt twiddly bits

166.    Franchi over & under 12 bore shotgun case, cleaning rods and cartridge belt

167.    3 canvas & leather gun cases including E. M. Reilly, London - 2 x 30" barrel and 1 x 28" barrel

168.    Pair of framed limited edition The Beatles displays with film cells - Hard Day's Night and Yellow Submarine

169.    Large framed oil of a harbour scene, watercolour of a beach scene and rural cottage

170.    Framed modern oil of a beach scene in relief

171.    Pair of gilt framed flower prints, pair of framed tiles and a woodwork picture

172.    Large silk embroidered gown and Amish style quilt

173.    4 boxes of misc and ornaments

174.    Crate and a bag of framed pictures - Not Crate

175.    3 boxes of misc including clocks, mortice locks and book shelf etc

176.    2 large yellow glazed garden pots

177.    4 red glazed garden pots

178.    9 assorted glazed garden pots

179.    5 terracotta garden pots

180.    10 Victorian cast iron style rubber mats

181.    10 Victorian cast iron style rubber mats

182.    6 terracotta garden pots

183.    3 stone garden spheres

184.    3 terracotta garden pots

185.    2 cockerels, 5 stone doves and 2 small birds

186.    2 Belfast sinks with concrete overlay

187.    2 Belfast sinks with concrete overlay

188.    Heavy stone planter, resin planter, metal garden wire ornament

189.    3 stone mushrooms, planter, birdbath etc

190.    Stone garden humanoid figure

191.    Large stone garden bird

192.    2 boxes and a basket of misc - plates, dishes, honey

193.    Box of books - assorted titles

194.    Dyson DC-07 root cyclone cleaner and a cabinet sewing machine lacking cable

195.    Stone chimney pot

196.    Curved stone garden bench

197.    Stone garden bench

198.    Large stone garden ornament

199.    2 stone garden ornaments of children & animals

200.    Panasonic Viera LCD TV with 5 piece vertical surround sound system (lacking amp)

201.    Cups & saucers, Wade whisky, serving dish, decanter, ornaments and odds

202.    2 boxes of assorted glassware including vessels, decanter, bowls, hallmarked silver topped condiment and              hallmarked silver cup

203.    John Lewis 4 drawer freezer

204.    Zanussi electric double over with hob

205.    Hotpoint Iced Diamond refrigeration unit

206.    Hotpoint Iced Diamond 6 drawer freezer

207.    John Lewis 6 drawer freezer

208.    700w microwave and Daewoo microwave

209.    G-Tech 22v Air Ram upright cleaner A/F, G-Tech 22v handheld cleaner with attachments and an electric     ewbank cleaner

210.    3 convector heaters

211.    Star Wars boxed toys - Darth Vader doll, Luke Skywalker doll, 2 part spaceships, 5 original action figures    and others

212.    Tub of toy cars - original Micro Machines

213.    Hornby Animals of Farthing Wood figures and Forest Families figures

214.    Folder of GB and commemorative coins

215.    Indentures ranging from 1917 to 1933

216.    Hallmarked silver thimble

217.    Green travelling case and a fountain pen with 14k nib

218.    3 x Joop Homme aftershave

219.    Metal mouse ornament

220.    2 drawer office filing cabinet with 5 drawer index cabinet

221.    Pair of grey metal 6 drawer index cabinets

222.    3 matching grey metal 5 drawer index cabinets

223.    Quantity of index drawers and a cash tin

224.    Modern pine 2 drawer 2 door cabinet

225.    Large Victorian mahogany compactum with dentile cornice

226.    Solid oak dresser - a good example

227.    Oak chest on chest with pull-out slide dentile cornice on bun feet

228.    2 good quality stools

229.    Garden sprayer, garden tools, brushes, steps and ironing board

230.    Edwardian mahogany cabinet with fold over top - with hidden compartment

231.    Victorian oak 3 drawer chest

232.    Wooden coffee table with 2 pull-out side tables and a pouffe

233.    Mahogany tripod wine table and a 2 tier plant stand

234.    Solid oak nest of 3 tables with turned legs and one other nest of 3 tables

235.    2 small easels, 2 book rests, book rack, racquet, hockey stick, hunting horn, walking stick

236.    2 glazed sliding door bookcases

237.    4 boxes of assorted picture frames

238.    Set of left handed Ping Zing golf clubs in bag with electric trolley

239.    Box of boxed picture plates

240.    7 boxes of assorted lightbulbs

241.    Box of LPs - U2, Police, Dire Straits, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Pink Floyd, John Lennon etc

242.    Box of LPs - Bob Dylan, Wings, Roy Orbison, Cliff Richard, Dire Straits, Elton John etc

243.    Box of LPs - The Beatles, U2, Stevie Wonder, Elton John etc

244.    Embroidered top piano stool, 2 tier plant stand, wine table, book trough and rug beater

245.    Glazed mahogany display cabinet on ball & claw feet

246.    Victorian mahogany piano stool with lift-up top

247.    Modern pine 2 drawer 2 door cupboard

248.    Singer manual sewing machine - lacking cover

249.    Modern open bookshelf and 2 modern bedside units

250.    2 ornate metal table lamps - cherub and lady figure

251.    Wooden 4 drawer filing cabinet

252.    Teak office cupboard with sliding doors

253.    Modern inlaid mahogany 2 tier TV stand

254.    CD cabinet and contents, 2 drawer pedestal and wine rack

255.    Elma sewing machine with cable and accessories

256.    3 cameras, tripod and disc drive

257.    Oak draw leaf dining table

258.    2 wheelbarrows, garden bin and 2 folding chairs

259.    2 Swiss pedal bins

260.    Large grey crate of assorted tools

261.    Metal travelling trunk, scales, flat iron and candlesticks within

262.    Small wooden box, hipflasks, sextant and 2 brass fighting cocks

263.    Small occasional table with shaped marble top and green decoration

264.    3 handmade in England teddy bears

265.    Bundle of walking sticks and 4 ladies hats

266.    Large modern oak 2 tier 2 drawer coffee table

267.    19th century rose wood drop leaf tea table on paw feet with turned legs & stretcher

268.    Small magazine table, bedside unit and bamboo stand

269.    Small oak linen fold single door cupboard

270.    Chinese firescreen

271.    Small Chinese cabinet

272.    Small mahogany double door bookcase with top drawer

273.    2 wooden glazed sliding door bookcases

274.    Pine 3 drawer bedside unit

275.    Wooden beehive

276.    2 metal storage racks and a pine storage rack

277.    Mahogany nest of 3 glass top tables, coffee table

278.    Table lamp & shade and a bulbous table lamp & shade

279.    12 stone pots, trays and planters

280.    Knight companion set, basket of tools, wickerware and wooden box

281.    Gilt torchere, plant stand, wine table, cream bedside unit

282.    Coal effect electric fan heater

283.    Well made small wooden gents wardrobe with fitted interior

284.    Edwardian mahogany double door display cabinet with cupboard below

285.    Edwardian mahogany single drawer side table on tapered legs

286.    19th century inlaid mahogany 4 drawer magazine table

287.    1920s oak dressing chest

288.    19th century mahogany 8 day longcase clock with painted face, twin weight, pendulum & key by   Brackenridge & Son, Kilmarnock

289.    Cat play table

290.    Large modern pine kitchen dresser

291.    Small green garden table and 3 galvanised buckets

292.    2 folding tables, folding chair and folding toilet seat

293.    Painted metal garden stand and 4 side tables (5)

294.    4 painted garden stands and 2 others (6)

295.    4 folding garden chairs and 5 folding tables

296.    2 wrought iron plant holders with enamel tops

297.    Large metal sheep hedge frame

298.    Set of 4 oak ladder back dining chairs

299.    Heavy stone garden trough - trolley not included

300.    Dahon folding bike

301.    Box of craft and related items

302.    Box of artist and craft materials

303.    3 crates of artists materials

304.    2 orange crates of craft & sewing items

305.    7 crates of craft supplies

306.    3 crates and 2 bags of cotton and material etc

307.    Large quantity of craft materials etc (under table)

308.    Crate and 2 boxes of good quality paints and other artists materials

309.    Crate of modern hardback books - all relating to crafts, arts etc

310.    Crate of sketch pads and paper - Not Crate

311.    9 boxes of wool and cotton etc

312.    2 boxes and a bag of artists materials

313.    7 containers of craft materials

314.    3 drawer freezer

315.    Large electric coolbox

316.    Bosch Serie 8 condenser dryer

317.    Bosch digital washing machine

318.    3 stone chimney pots

319.    3 shrubs in pots

320.    Mahogany D-end extending dining table and 4 matching chairs

321.    Shallow garden planter and a sink

322.    Quantity of assorted ladies clothing - Rail not included

323.    Quantity of assorted ladies clothing - Rail not included

324.    1960s tile top coffee table and 3 stools

325.    1960s trolley with part tile top, drawer end and under tier

326.    19th century mahogany chest of 3 + 2 drawers and brass handles

327.    3 tier 3 drawer mobile kitchen trolley with work surface top

328.    Large carved oak dresser

329.    Antique mahogany corner cupboard with astrical glazed doors

330.    Reproduction granddaughter clock

331.    Small single drawer display cabinet with glazed top on 4 legs

332.    Oak draw leaf dining table on turned legs with 5 rush seated dining chairs

333.    Pair of Mission speakers with wall brackets

334.    2 large boxes and 3 bags of cushions, blankets and material

335.    Mahogany sideboard with serpentine front

336.    Very large antique coffer - 5' 4" x 3' x 2'

337.    Small Victorian mahogany sideboard

338.    Stained pine dresser

339.    Mahogany dressing table mirror, oak framed needlework firescreen and a framed still life

340.    19th century mahogany wardrobe with dentile top

341.    Mahogany triple door wardrobe

342.    Oak bedside unit

343.    Large potted tree

344.    Very large yew wood 8 door 4 drawer breakfront display cabinet with dentile cornice

345.    Large gilt framed oil on canvas - Poppy Fields

346.    Frameless 2 tone wall mirror

347.    Ornate painted metal 5 piece patio set

348.    Painted metal 3 piece patio set

349.    Victorian mahogany framed spoon back open armchair

350.    2 framed Napoleonic naval scenes

351.    3 ornate glass ceiling shades

352.    Vintage Raleigh bike

353.    Raleigh Pioneer commuter bike

354.    Pair of Wharfedale cabinet speakers

355.    Small 1960s 2 drawer chest

356.    Pair of maroon armchairs

357.    Pair of maroon armchairs

358.    Pair of upholstered buttonback armchairs

359.    Oak framed open armchair

360.    Wooden framed leather highback chair

361.    Pair of bamboo framed chairs and 3 others

362.    3 wicker chairs

363.    Large hardwood garden chair

364.    Long hardwood garden bench

365.    Hardwood garden bench

366.    Hardwood garden bench

367.    Hardwood garden bench

368.    4 assorted wooden garden chairs and a table

369.    Edwardian mahogany framed lounge chair

370.    Green upholstered lounge chair

371.    Green Cintique upholstered wooden framed 2 piece lounge suite and footstool

372.    3 chrome framed swivel operators chairs

373.    Panasonic CD player and a small paper shredder

374.    Large Persian carpet

375.    Assorted wall and ceiling lights - Crate not included

376.    Small Victorian mahogany 9 drawer twin pedestal desk

377.    Oak barley twist gate leg table and a piano stool

378.    Late Victorian mahogany dining room suite - extending draw leaf table, chairs (incl carver)

379.    Bosch Classixx fridge freezer


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If you cannot attend a sale in person you can leave a commission, or “absentee” bid with a member of staff.


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