Saturday 2nd March - 370 Lots Starting At 9.30am
Large Quantity of Various Elvis Presley Memorabilia – LPs, Picture Discs, CDs, DVDs, Clocks, Pictures/Photos, Books, Mirrors, Ephemera, Figures, Models, Plates etc etc

Followed By - Furniture Old & New, Antiques, Fine China/Glass/Pottery, Silver, Watches, Collectables, Metals, Bygones/Vintage, Household Effects, Tools, White Ware, Leather Sofa, Household Effects, Sets Of Chairs 

Viewing Friday 1st March 12 Noon - 4.00pm And From 8.00am Sale Day


2.         Case of Rock n Roll LPs

3.         Case of Elvis LPs

4.         Case of Elvis picture discs

5.         Case of Elvis LPs

6.         Case of Elvis LPs

7.         Case of Elvis LPs

8.         Case of Elvis LPs

9.         7 modern Elvis box sets

10.       Box of books on Elvis

11.       2 boxes of Elvis DVD Collector's sets and VHS tapes

12.       Box of Elvis CDs

13.       20 hardback books on Elvis

14.       Box of Elvis limited edition pictures, others, DVD sets etc

15.       Box of books on Elvis

16.       Box of books on Elvis

17.       Bag of Elvis T-Shirts

18.       Box of Elvis Fan Club magazines and catalogues

19.       Box of Elvis magazines

20.       Box of Elvis magazines

21.       Box of Elvis calendars

22.       2 boxes of Elvis DVDs

23.       Box of Elvis mugs

24.       Original newspapers and cuttings on Elvis, his life and death

25.       2 boxed models of Elvis

26.       3 large boxed Bradford Exchange anniversary collector's plates with certificates

27.       Limited edition Elvis telephone

28.       Case of Elvis 45s

29.       Case of Elvis 45s

30.       20 Elvis collector's plates with certificates

31.       Small quantity of Elvis glasses

32.       Scrapbook of Elvis pictures and news clippings

33.       2 glass Elvis sculptures and 2 trinket boxes

34.       18 Elvis collector's plates including a china guitar

35.       3 highly ornate Elvis figures with certificates

36.       4 decorative Elvis ornaments with certificates

37.       Box of Elvis figures and memorabilia

38.       2 boxes of Elvis misc and memorabilia including DVD sets, phone cases, purses, truck etc

39.       3 Elvis Christmas ornaments with certificates

40.       The Ultimate Elvis Telephone by Bradford Exchange with certificate

41.       1976 souvenir programme of The Elvis Convention at DeMontfort Hall and various replica invoices etc to   Elvis

42.       Elvis hologram wall hanging, 2 Bradford Exchange illuminated canvas prints and a picture clock

43.       2 framed Elvis prints and a framed First Day of Issue stamp set

44.       2 large Elvis prints on canvas

45.       2 framed Elvis picture mirrors, a framed jigsaw and 2 other pictures

46.       Moving Elvis clock and a circular glass clock

47.       6 various Elvis pictures including 2 holograms

48.       Framed display - The Day Elvis Presley Changed The World, featuring Sun Record Co 45 That's All Right

49.       Framed limited edition Elvis Metal Master pressing from the original Sun 45 That's All Right, 195/1954

50.       7 various Elvis pictures including a mirror

51.       Framed limited edition (9/22) Elvis display with an actual ticket to his 28 Sept 1977 concert in Savannah,    Georgia with certificate of authenticity to back

52.       Framed limited edition Elvis display 30 #1 Hits 24K gold plated records

53.       Framed Elvis hologram picture, framed limited edition print on canvas Peacock Perfection and a framed film           cell with certificate

54.       5 various Elvis pictures including 2 in relief

55.       Framed Elvis display of a printed ticket, Fan Club stub, advance on earnings cheque and pictures 

56.       5 framed Elvis pictures

57.       Framed Elvis display with coins and stamps, framed 45 Can't Help Falling In Love and a display with          certificate of Elvis awards and achievements

58.       6 Elvis pocketwatches and certificates

59.       Elvis coins, watches, pendants, lighters, belt buckles etc

60.       Tin of costume jewellery

61.       Tin of costume jewellery

62.       Tin of costume jewellery

63.       Case of costume jewellery

64.       Case of costume jewellery

65.       Tub of assorted pens

66.       Small box of compacts

67.       Cigarette case and a quantity of lighters

68.       Case of costume jewellery and a tub of collectables

69.       9 assorted pieces of hallmarked silver handled cutlery

70.       Box of assorted wristwatches

71.       Tub of GB coins and banknotes

72.       Cased pearls, lighters, compact etc

73.       Sterling framed brooch, others etc

74.       White metal bangles etc

75.       Plated clover decorated trinket pot, napkin ring, fob, note holder, mother of pearl buckles, hallmarked silver               ladies marcasite cocktail watch and bangle 

76.       Smiths stopwatch, ladies Sekonda and gents Timex wristwatches

77.       Circular tray, evening bag, ornate belt buckle, 2 West German toys, wooden animals, harmonica etc

78.       Small pair of hallmarked silver 2 handled salts and one other

79.       Elegant 925 silver bangle

80.       Hallmarked silver cased pocketwatch A/F

81.       Hallmarked silver engine turned cigarette case

82.       Hallmarked silver fob, ingot, pendant, bangle etc

83.       Old tin of assorted badges including NRA, Canadian Forestry Corps etc

84.       Hallmarked silver topped bottle, one other etc

85.       Original 2nd pattern E-Boat badge

86.       Locally made Egyptian cigarette case fashioned from scrap aircraft material, inscribed RAF 1946-48

87.       Smiths and Lanco pocketwatches (2), Siglon and Timex wristwatches (2)

88.       Cased 5 piece East Ham School Board attendance medals, hallmarked silver thimble, others, badges etc

89.       Boxed mini set of playing cards with gilded edges and a mini dominoes set in jewel box

90.       Tin of assorted wristwatches

91.       Royal Doulton china tray A/F, Royal Worcester pillbox, penknives and other curios

92.       Tin of assorted coins

93.       Cased brooch and earring set, costume jewellery and odds

94.       Dazzling mother of pearl card case

95.       14ct gold ladies pocketwatch

96.       Hallmarked silver tray standing on 3 feet (Sheffield 1938) with presentation inscription

97.       Set of 6 hallmarked silver spoons, part sets and odd spoons

98.       Hallmarked silver rimmed ashtray and pair of pots with a (presumably) silver candlestick

99.       Cased set of 6 hallmarked silver coffee spoons (Sheffield 1924)

100.    Cased set of 6 hallmarked silver teaspoons (Birmingham 1927)

101.    Cased hallmarked silver condiment set (salt, pepper & mustard), one spoon missing, remaining spoon       plated, and a cased Christening set with mother or pearl handles

102.    3 pieces of Shelley - Art Deco bowl, white jug and ARP ashtray

103.    Colourful Burleigh ware jug decorated with butterfly and handle in the form of an exotic bird

104.    3 pink glass scent bottles, powder bowl depicting birds and 2 small decanters

105.    Smith's Noddy alarm clock

106.    Gilt Nazi Eagle bust seal on pedestal base with 3 Oriental figures and a scent bottle decorated with a horse

107.    2 pieces of carnival glass - blue bowl on 3 legs and orange dish

108.    Lladro figure of a girl

109.    2 boxed Bedford Luxury Coach battery operated models

110.    Rupert Bear teddy with pull cord

111.    Smith's oak mantel clock

112.    Smith's, Feranti and other clocks (6)

113.    'Original-Odhner' comptometer and a cased Stella tape player

114.    Refined plated tray on 4 paw feet and 2 handles

115.    2 Italian ceramic vases

116.    Part tea set, Masons plate, colourful teapots, jugs etc

117.    Stylish bowl decorated with grapes, salad bowl with servers and Adams ware plate

118.    Quantity of clear amber and etched glassware

119.    5 assorted cut glass decanters

120.    Dartington glass decanter, celery vase, cut glass vases, dressing table sets etc

121.    4 cased cutlery sets

122.    Canteen and a box of assorted cutlery

123.    Box of assorted plated ware

124.    Small quantity of assorted mother of pearl handled cutlery

125.    Cut throat razor, boxed atomiser, scientific beakers etc

126.    Coloured glassware and a part tea set

127.    Alluring cut glass decanter

128.    Art glass vase

129.    Alabaster garniture, old bottles, wall plaque portrait in relief etc

130.    Burke's Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage 1936

131.    Reenactment Bastard sword (hand & a half sword), made by a Blacksmith, retail £310

132.    2 coloured glass figures and a centrepiece

133.    Box of assorted glassware

134.    Child's tea set, wooden and glass animal figures etc

135.    Fish servers, thermometer, decorative plates etc

136.    Character jug, 2 owl ornaments, china horse and dogs

137.    Boxed part Hornby train set, basket of track and carriages etc

138.    Dartmouth swan planter and a figure of a courting couple A/F

139.    2 Kodak Brownie cameras and one other

140.    AA badge, 3 twizzle sticks, Bunnykins bowl, scent bottle A/F

141.    Golfing related items, tankards, award, car badge, books and punch bowl

142.    Carved wooden quaiche with floral design handles and a Mouse Man style cheeseboard

143.    3 graceful mother of pearl inlaid mosaic jewel boxes

144.    Metal sculpture of a young ballerina

145.    8 glass suction cups, Japanese half doll handled brush, paperweights

146.    Sylvac jug and vase, Masons jug & plate, Beswick leaf dishes etc

147.    Boxed Royal Doulton Bunnykins 3 piece children's breakfast set

148.    2 small boxes of Action Man dolls and accessories

149.    Metronome De Maelzel London (lacking a foot) and a barometer

150.    Parker Super Quink permanent blue/black ink, boxed

151.    An alluring cased brush set with inlaid tortoise shell back and hallmarked silver rim - sadly lacking comb

152.    Various cased cutlery sets

153.    Quantity of pinking shears

154.    British Red Cross First Aid manual, 2 caps and a postcard album

155.    3 Oriental dishes

156.    Plated trays, cutlery, goblets and tankard

157.    Box of Wedgwood Jasperware, Aynsley vases, ceramic dishes etc

158.    Montage construction set, wooden building blocks and Fisher Price Play Family School

159.    Good quantity of assorted toys, Big Brick Lego, soft toys etc

160.    Boardgames and odds

161.    2 boxes of glassware and odds including boxed glass sets

162.    Old suitcase, drawing sets, rules etc

163.    Box of plated ware

164.    Mahogany writing box complete with inkwells and key - hidden drawers within

165.    3 wicker baskets and a copper coal bin of brass and copper ware including companion set, candlesticks etc

166.    Selection of meat and other plates etc

167.    Boxed infrared health lamp, Bandolero bakelite fan, lamp and heater

168.    Boxed Mazda style light string, bulbs and similar light string

169.    Leather cased pair of field glasses, made in USSR and a leather cased spotting scope

170.    Nutcracker bowl, various corkscrews, onyx trinket box, puzzle box etc

171.    Wooden items - pair of barley twist candlesticks, tray, rack, clock etc

172.    3 boxes of misc, tools, ghetto blaster, books, electricals

173.    3 boxes of glassware & misc - soft toys, books, toastie maker etc

174.    Box of jigsaws

175.    2 boxes of sewing and knitting supplies and accessories

176.    3 boxes of assorted crockery, cutlery, kitchenalia

177.    Good quantity of sheet music in the genres of folk and classical including folk sheet music posters in tubes

178.    3 boxes of assorted tableware, mugs and misc

179.    4 boxes of kitchenalia

180.    3 boxes of glassware etc

181.    2 boxes of tableware, boxed kettle, household items

182.    Cameras including Kodak Brownie, viewer, Argus projector, 10.4" digital photo frame

183.    Empty photo albums, envelopes etc

184.    Mickey Mouse party game, Tonka and other toy cars

185.    Kenwood Chef, attachments and a box of stainless steel ware

186.    Restored bronze National cash register

187.    The Leicester Scale Co Ltd enamel grocers scales

188.    Olympia Mod 8 manual typewriter

189.    IBM electric typewriter

190.    Quantity of assorted part tea ware including Poole

191.    Box of old toys - dolls, railway etc

192.    Cutlery, knife set, vintage kitchenalia, mincer, mixing bowl etc

193.    Quantity of pictures

194.    6 boxes of glassware, vases, ornaments etc

195.    Greenhouse heater, cased Bosch power drill, office sundries, camping stove, 2 large boxes of misc

196.    Box of sporting goods - assorted rackets, balls, netting riding hat etc with a wicker picnic basket and             accessories

197.    Singer cased manual sewing machine

198.    2 pairs of USSR field glasses in leather cases

199.    Box of assorted china

200.    Box of vintage tins and 2 Singer sewing machines

201.    1937 Coronation cigarette card album, The Caravan and Trailer Magazine May 1935, loose stamps and    odds coins

202.    Carlton ware moneybank in the form of a Cat

203.    Sadler floral jug and 2 Cornish ware storage jars

204.    Slim carved oak leaded glazed side by side bookcase cupboard

205.    Circular mahogany framed wall clock and a carved wooden barometer

206.    Frameless wall mirror, framed still life and framed scene of a young boy reading

207.    Large box of Epson Stylus Pro ink cartridges

208.    Frameless wall mirror with handpainted scene and Acctim wall clock

209.    Royal Standard flag

210.    Small guitar amp

211.    Jewellery box, costume jewellery and kitchenware etc

212.    Hotpoint fridge freezer

213.    Child's vintage bed

214.    CD cabinet, tripod wine table and 2 mirrors

215.    Mixer shower, laminator, heater etc

216.    Small chest freezer

217.    Hoover 6kg 1400 washing machine

218.    Hotpoint Aquarius 6kg washing machine

219.    Bosch Exxcel fridge

220.    Panasonic Viera 32" LCD TV on black 3 tier stand with a DVD/VHS player

221.    Karaoke screen on stand, speakers and DJ controller

222.    Qualcast Quadtrak 30 lawn mower

223.    Paste table, snooker cues, pair of speakers, 2 card tables, 2 ironing boards

224.    Tall white painted double leaded glazed door bookcase (slight A/F)

225.    Two 1940s mirrored door wardrobes, one lacking cornice

226.    Storm transit case

227.    18th century oak corner cupboard with conch shell inlay and key

228.    Oak leaded glazed bookcase - glass A/F

229.    Glazed inlaid mahogany vitrine - glass A/F

230.    Oak cupboard with glazed bookcase top and key

231.    Singer treadle sewing machine stand

232.    Janome Memory Craft 4800 electric sewing machine with manual, foot pedal, accessories in trolley case and cutting board

233.    Janome Gem Gold 2 electric sewing machine with foot pedal and manual in canvas case

234.    Janome One Step 8 electric sewing machine lacking cables in canvas case

235.    JVC cased video camera

236.    Painted pine blanket box and contents - towels, bed linen etc

237.    Duvet, handbags, gloves, clothing, hats, kilner jars, door mat

238.    Two 1920s splash backs, bathroom cabinet and pouffe

239.    20 x large pairs of BBQ gloves and mattress protectors

240.    Box of misc crockery

241.    Oak single glazed door wall mounted cabinet

242.    Brass meat hook, cased carving set, cutlery, Meakin plate

243.    Old wartime respirator

244.    Table lamp, framed pot lid, tankards and bell

245.    Mahogany dome top shelf clock with column supports and pendulum

246.    Oak mantel clock and miniature longcase clock barometer A/F

247.    Constantine tableware and Johnson Bros part tableware

248.    Quantity of classical CDs

249.    3 as new strip lights, 2 bamboo blinds, oars, kite, hockey stick etc

250.    2 tall modern beech effect bookcases

251.    Ziegler red gravel carpet - 2.30 x 1.60

252.    Keshan beige gravel carpet - 2.30 x 1.60

253.    Bokhara red gravel rug - 1.90 x 1.40

254.    Victorian mahogany double glazed door bookcase with interior cupboard and key

255.    Victorian mahogany organ - Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

256.    Small mahogany cabinet, bookshelf and display cabinet

257.    Waders, pair of ladies boots, shoes, trainers, wicker basket and stone jar

258.    Stained wooden double glazed door bookcase

259.    Oak glazed sectional Globe Wernicke style bookcases

260.    Small Old Charm unit, drop leaf bedside unit

261.    Inlaid mahogany banjo barometer A/F

262.    Pair of teak sliding glazed door bookcases

263.    Oak draw leaf dining table on bulbous legs

264.    2 oak draw leaf dining tables

265.    4 assorted stools and a magazine rack

266.    Mahogany circular glass top table with 4 pull out sides

267.    2 wooden tea trollies, plant stand, occasional table, rush seated chair

268.    Victorian mahogany standard lamp

269.    Dark mahogany prayer stand

270.    Ornate brass rise and fall standard lamp

271.    Satinwood dressing chest

272.    Dark stained pine dressing chest

273.    Oak triple mirror dressing chest

274.    Edwardian carved mahogany cupboard with glazed bookcase top

275.    Small oak barley twist drop leaf tea table

276.    1920s oak bookcase bureau on bulbous legs

277.    Edwardian dark oak barley twist double leaded glazed door bookcase bureau

278.    Oak tallboy and a wardrobe

279.    1920s oak 3 piece bedroom suite

280.    Spark guard, fire guard, companion set and a rug

281.    Small dark oak roll top desk

282.    Large oak roll top desk

283.    2 buckets of tools and 2 branch loppers

284.    Modern cheval mirror

285.    Ottoman and quantity of LPs within

286.    2 boxes of LPs

287.    Underwood and Imperial cased manual typewriters

288.    Sharp Solid State stereo tape player and speakers

289.    Stellaphone cased tape player

290.    Dansette Monarch cased record player

291.    Dansette hi-fi cased record player

292.    Blue crate of LPs

293.    Warming pan and 4 fuel lamps

294.    Victorian mahogany single drawer side table on tapered legs

295.    Mahogany 2 tier window table

296.    Nathan teak drop leaf dining table and 4 chairs

297.    Nathan small teak sideboard

298.    Singer cased manual sewing machine

299.    Bound trunk of pictures, prints, maps of Aston Flamville, mirrors and misc

300.    8 assorted garden pots

301.    2 boxes of glassware, ornaments, pictures, mirror, radios etc

302.    Quantity of wicker ware including letter rack and footstool

303.    Sanyo radio, tape deck, speakers, record player

304.    2 jug & bowl sets and a dressing table set

305.    1960s Schreiber buffet sideboard

306.    1960s dark teak sideboard

307.    2 boxed Scalextrics

308.    2 white painted cupboards and a modern compactum

309.    Modern pine effect chest of drawers

310.    Modern futon

311.    White painted chest of 4 + 2 drawers

312.    Formica top table, wine racks and wicker stand

313.    2 decanters, 3 vases, brass and copper ware and candle holder

314.    Mendoza dry sherry decanter on base

315.    White painted dressing chest

316.    Dark teak drop leaf table and 4 matching chairs

317.    2 sliding door bookcases

318.    Elm open bookcase and occasional table

319.    1960s chest and sewing box on legs

320.    Large carved oak mirror door wardrobe, lacking cornice

321.    Record cabinet and 2 rugs

322.    Small Stag chest of drawers

323.    Modern coal effect fan heater in wooden surround

324.    Folding Eastern table, book trough, occasional table and 2 stools

325.    Oak draw leaf dining table

326.    Light oak sliding glass door bookcase and 2 other bookcases

327.    Baby's pram and canopy, ride on seat and painted child's chair

328.    Incomplete oak canteen of cutlery

329.    Circular wooden table with brass top

330.    Jones cabinet sewing machine and 2 oak side tables

331.    White painted pine chest of 2 + 2 drawers

332.    2 tier stand, firescreen, cast iron base stool and 2 white painted chairs

333.    Plank top coffee table and oval table on ball & claw feet

334.    Oak glazed display cabinet

335.    Mahogany table A/F

336.    Mahogany corner cupboard with shaped top

337.    2 overmantel mirrors, Alibaba basket, bellows, walking sticks and umbrellas

338.    Pair of painted utility cupboards

339.    Pair of 3 drawer units

340.    3 pieces of matching modern white bedroom furniture and a wardrobe

341.    Mahogany 4 drawer chest, music cabinet, drop leaf 2 tier trolley and storage unit

342.    Toshiba LCD TV, receiver box, video, DVD and remotes

343.    Walnut triple door wardrobe, lacking cornice

344.    Rosewood grand piano top cover

345.    Stained satinwood 7 drawer chest

346.    Dolls house and contents

347.    3 wooden filing cabinets, a letter rack and a mahogany cupboard

348.    Stone garden trough in the shape of a VW Campervan

349.    Stone garden lion holding a shield

350.    Stone garden bust of a lady on pedestal

351.    2 stone garden Eastern deities and a dragon

352.    5 stone garden ornaments

353.    Small box of assorted pictures

354.    5 ladies jackets

355.    Modern 31 day wall clock

356.    3 framed watercolours - sailing and rural scenes

357.    2 piece brown upholstered lounge suite including manual recliner

358.    2 seater cream leather sofa

359.    Revolving and reclining vinyl chair and footstool

360.    Set of 4 oak dining chairs including a carver

361.    Swivel office armchair

362.    Set of 6 carved mahogany dining chairs with leather seats

363.    Pair of carved Victorian mahogany balloon back chairs

364.    Set of 4 oak dining chairs

365.    Carved Edwardian mahogany tub chair and 1 other

366.    Set of 3 carved oak armchairs

367.    Set of 4 mahogany chairs with velvet seats

368.    Modern mahogany spoon back chair

369.    Cased Seamstress sewing machine

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Each sale we conduct can be viewed during an on-site preview normally on the previous day of the sale and on the actual morning of the sale. Alternatively, details of selected items will appear on this website.


If you cannot attend a sale in person you can leave a commission, or “absentee” bid with a member of staff.


Payment terms at Churchgate Auctions are as per the requirements of the individual sale (please contact us for further details).

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