Saturday 23rd September 359 Lots Starting At 9.30am

"Collectors Sale"

Lot 1A Horse Drawn Governess Cart 

Antique & Reproduction Furniture, Jewellery, Gold, Silver, Militaria, Rare Gold Coins, Paintings, Paperweights, Ephemera, Folio Society & Other Books, Beswick Horses, Sets Of Chairs, Objets D'Art etc

Stoneware Garden Ornaments

 Roland Collins (1918 – 2015) – Framed Gouache Watercolour of a Suburban London Graveyard 70cm x 55cm

 Robert Taverner R.E. – Trees and Oast Houses (Morning), Framed Artist’s Proof 90cm x 70cm

 The Death of Nelson, Battle of Trafalgar – Framed print 112cm x 55cm

 Viewing Friday 22nd September 12 Noon - 4.00pm & From 8.00am Sale Day

We Are Looking Forward To Having The BBCs Antiques Road Trip With Us For This Auction.

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1.         A quantity of earrings and a fancy bracelet

1A.      Horse drawn Governess cart

2.         5 animal brooches, 3 others and a silver letter J

3.         A quantity of plated jewellery and 2 wristwatches

4.         6 simulated pearl and other necklaces with a cased necklace and earrings set in 'Monet' box

5.         Pearl bracelet and earrings in a Mikimoto box

6.         Pearl necklace with 9ct gold fittings, boxed, with receipt

7.         Omega DeVille ladies stainless steel wristwatch

8.         Omega 9ct gold ladies wristwatch

9.         9ct gold curb link wrist chain

10.       Decorative 9ct gold neck chain

11.       9ct gold cross on neck chain

12.       9ct gold close link wrist chain (or bracelet)

13.       9ct gold gate bracelet

14.       9ct gold pearl mounted brooch

15.       Victorian 9ct gold pearl and 3 stone bar brooch

16.       Victorian 15ct gold single stone bar brooch

17.       18ct gold wedding band

18.       18ct gold 2 stone crossover diamond ring

19.       18ct gold 9 stone diamond cluster ring

20.       18ct gold diamond and sapphire cluster ring

21.       18ct gold ring - unusual but most attractive design, set with 11 diamonds on green stones

22.       Modern designer ring set with stones (one missing) stamped 18K

23.       9ct gold dress ring and one other

24.       4 rings in a suede jewellery box

25.       Country bygones antique veterinary horse tail docker C1890 in good condition

26.       Hallmarked silver 4 piece tea service - London 1965/66

27.       Silver fob watch, 800 silver watch and an A.W.W. gilt fob watch

28.       Victorian silver vesta case and one other

29.       Silver cap cut glass scent bottle, silver top pepper, 2 silver napkin rings and one other

30.       Victorian silver tea caddy with key - Maker T.G., London 1901

31.       Cased pair of oval silver salts and spoons, Birmingham 1911

32.       Cased silver copy of The Henry 8th Leicester Spoon and a silver caddy spoon

33.       3 attractive marcasite brooches

34.       A small collection of yellow metal jewellery - brooches, chains etc

35.       An early 19th century ash and elm Windsor armchair

36.       2 x 9ct gold rings, one with diamonds

37.       3 pairs of gold and other earrings, 9ct gold chain, 9ct varicoloured chain and matching earrings

38.       2 gold (?) bar brooches with stones

39.       9ct gold ring with stones

40.       9ct gold ring with stones

41.       9ct gold ring with stones

42.       9ct gold chain with in-built droppers, matching ring and a good quality 9ct chain with freshwater pearl          pendant

43.       18ct gold ring with blue stones

44.       9ct gold rope twist chain - 33 grams

45.       Retro 1930s Bagatelle all original, with pins all in place

46.       Murano lacy crown paperweight

47.       Selkirk paperweight

48.       Green and blue millefiori paperweight

49.       Caithness "Maydance" paperweight

50.       Bohemian 3 daisies on green background paperweight 

51.       Dragonfly on black background with canes paperweight

52.       Pink rose on mesh background paperweight

53.       Mainly pink 'PY' paperweight

54.       Orange and yellow cane paperweight

55.       A vintage child's toy bus conductors "clippie" ticket clipping machine, circa 1930-1950

56.       German gold 20 Mark coin, Wilhelm II 1899, 8 grams

57.       German gold 20 Mark coin, Wilhelm II 1900, 8 grams

58.       1890 Victoria crown

59.       18K chronographic wristwatch, case by Mohan

60.       17th century gold coin, Ferdinand III, Emperor of Austria, King of Bohemia, 1650, in mount, 4.6 grams

60A.    Celtic Gold Stater coin - possibly of the Corieltauvi (Lincs, Leics, Notts), Mid to Late 1st Century BC

61.       Hollywood necklace and costume jewellery in musical box

62.       Rotary wristwatches etc with metal straps

63.       18th century bone apple corers, an antler fid and a treen nutcracker

64.       Meerschaum pipe, long stemmed briar and others

65.       Early 20th century (1920s) honey separator. Apiary equipment hand cranked honey separating drum,         catering handles and top

66.       11 various powder compacts and a gilt cigarette case

67.       Parker 61 cased fountain pen

68.       Decorative metal hinges, metal animals and old odds

69.       Oxo tin of collectables

70.       Vintage Aerolux stainless steel watch and an old Services watch lacking strap and glass

71.       Pair of 14ct gold cufflinks and a pair of 9ct gold cufflinks A/F 

72.       Hallmarked silver presentation cigarette box with 2 silver spoons

73.       Cased French naval medallion and Iron Hardware & Metal Trades Pension Society medallion

74.       1848 miniature book "Daily Food" and a Common Prayer book with brass clasp

75.       A Victorian elaborate cast iron wall mirror, modelled with putti, a floral garland and scroll bearing the legend             "Welcome, thrice welcome" , design registration lozenge to reverse, circa 1870

76.       Glass match striker engraved "Adolf Hitler Berlin 1939"

77.       Metal Hitler bust seal

78.       Metal and plastic clockwork Jabberwock

79.       Small jewel box with silver top, silver rings, chains etc

80.       Quantity of charms in red basket

81.       Tin of lighters, compacts and collectables

82.       Good quantity of mixed watches

83.       Ingersoll and other watches

84.       1930s leather cased 8 day travel clock

85.       Delightful German hand blown wine ewer c. 1860s. Acid etched decoration hand gilded with country scenes

86.       Leather jewel box of costume jewellery

87.       Hallmarked silver trophy and Christening mug

88.       2 glass bowls of costume jewellery

89.       Victorian bronze inkwell in the shape of a Labrador, 14cm high with glass eyes

90.       Hallmarked silver photograph frame

91.       5 assorted paperweights

92.       3 small colourful glass clowns

93.       Old glass "clown" paperweight

94.       Edwardian Oriental peacock feathered fan with 21 pierced struts

95.       A First World War Imperial Austrian flag standard finial, of spear head form, in gilt brass and bearing           engraved double-headed Imperial eagles, mounted on a turned oak socle

96.       Good size Royal Copenhagen Siamese Cat

97.       Royal Copenhagen figure of Penguins

98.       Royal Copenhagen Goose Girl figure

99.       Goebel figure of a Serving Wench

100.    Slendid Goebel Robin

101.    German porcelain figure of a Swallow

102.    Raybur handpainted china Kingfisher and Radnor china figure of 2 Budgies

103.    Moorcroft floral vase - 10cm high

104.    Moorcroft vase - 26cm high

105.    Lovely quality brass bound Georgian Rosewood writing box. C.1830 with original interior, secret drawer,     writing slope (with key)

106.    Good quantity of yellow and white Carlton ware tableware

107.    Cut glass decanters and various cut glasses

108.    Old company stamp holder, oil lamp, spirit kettle, others, epergne

109.    6 brass ornaments

110.    Pickle jar, other glassware, Paragon plate etc

111.    Windsor china tea set

112.    Old oil lamp on Eagle base

113.    24 small measures and 2 pewter plates

114.    Victorian wash bowl and decorative plates including Tintern Abbey

115.    An early Georgian V silver egg cup modelled as a Scottish quaich, Mappin & Webb, 1913, together with a pair of McIntyre type cruets modelled as birds eggs and a Victorian electroplate stand

116.    Good quantity of decorative 1930s tea plates

117.    11 pieces of Edwardian decorative glass

118.    Wedgwood ornaments, cottages, china posies

119.    Quantity of green ceramic tableware, candlesticks etc

120.    12 assorted paperweights

121.    Quantity of decorative china tableware, glass bell and odds

122.    Continental porcelain 2 handled vase, jugs, nursery and other tea ware, Oriental teapot and one other

123.    9 porcelain figures, Coalport cottage, bird and decorative china pieces

124.    9 Caithness and other paperweights

125.    Pair of tall paperweights

126.    15 pieces of highly decorative porcelain

127.    Bowl of collectables - pen, inkwell etc

128.    5 various paperweights

129.    Pair of Spelter figures - Cherubs and Birds

130.    Beswick Hereford Bull

131.    Large Beswick figure of The Minstrel, Race Horse of the Year 1977

132.    Large Beswick horse

133.    Beswick shire horse

134.    Beswick chestnut horse

135.    Beswick horse and foal

136.    3 small Beswick horses

137.    3 tiny Beswick horses

138.    Pair of small Beswick Friesian cows

139.    2 Beswick dogs (1 A/F) and a faun

140.    2 Beswick Bambi figures

141.    4 Beswick birds

142.    3 Beswick tits

143.    3 Beswick birds

144.    Pair of Beswick Koala bears

145.    Lladro Polar bear

146.    Lladro Polar bear, mother and cubs

147.    2 Lladro figures of girls with animals

148.    Lladro figure of a girl in bonnet

149.    Lladro figure of a girl with crown

150.    Lladro figure of a girl with hen

151.    Lladro figure of a girl seated

152.    Spanish porcelain figure of Rebekah at the Well

153.    Lladro table lamp together with related book and booklet

154.    1930s oak mantel clock with pendulum and key

155.    3 small pewter birds on bases

156.    Clock garniture, Crown Devon musical Widdicombe Fair jug, cup & saucer and a good decanter

157.    Small dressed porcelain doll and a large doll in need of attention

158.    Fenton china tea set

159.    Oak book trough and carved Chinese camphor wood

160.    Art Deco vase, 2 others, fruit bowl and 2 biscuit barrels (one oak)

161.    Owl, 6 other bird figures (including Goebel)

162.    Good quantity of Masons Formosa tableware

163.    Silver plate rosebowl, carriage clock, modern copper moulds and measures

164.    Italian and other china figures, stein, teapot and coloured glass

165.    2 cutlery sets and a quantity of commemorative spoons in basket

166.    Pelham Dutch boy puppet

167.    Canteen of Kings pattern cutlery and a part canteen

168.    France Germany Star, 1939-45 Star, The African Star, Italy Star, Defence medal, War medal 1939-45 -       mounted on display

169.    23 Military Dinky toys - tanks, trucks etc

170.    Quantity of model vehicles

171.    2 small tubs of marbles, lead animals, tin plate car, 3 other cars and a Ronson lighter

172.    Basket of model vehicles - tanks, planes, tractor etc

173.    2 baskets of various model vehicles

174.    15 Folio Society works

175.    Set of 55 Anthony Trollope Folio Society volumes

176.    6 volumes of The Arabian Nights Folio Society edition

177.    5 volumes of Tolkein Folio Society edition

178.    3 sets of Folio Society - H G Wells, E F Benson and Arthurian Legends

179.    14 Folio Society works

180.    Collective works of Marx and Engels in 12 volumes 1975

181.    Collective works of Stalin in 12 volumes 1953 and a box of works on Communism 

182.    Victorian family bible with brass clasps and coloured plates

183.    1912 Auction sale catalogue of West Langton Hall Estate, Leicestershire

184.    Small box of literature

185.    Well read set of Dickens and 3 boxes of poetry, literature and children's books

186.    3 good boxes of books on jazz and big bands etc

187.    4 boxes of Heron and other books

188.    3 boxes of art, literature and other books including a book in French on German rivers

189.    Mahogany dark red upholstered 4 seater sofa

190.    Tribal spear

191.    Pair of French sword bayonets

192.    Shinogi-Zukuri Katana sword in scabbard

193.    Reproduction Chokuto sword

194.    Kukri

195.    Bayonet and scabbard

196.    Early 20th century German (Great War period) Pickelhaube

197.    Sword with full brass basket hilt, 70cm blade

198.    19th century British bayonet, 31cm blade in leather scabbard

199.    RAF Pilot's logbook and ATC logbook with a quantity of World War 2 Theatre of War paperbacks

200.    Edwardian leather and nickel binoculars and a pair of cased 10 x 50 binoculars

201.    Quantity of early interlocking building blocks

202.    Model railway rolling stock, 25 plus wagons etc

203.    12 pieces of onyx - trinket boxes, lighter etc

204.    Mixed glass, tableware, Oriental elephant figure and a Pusser's rum decanter

205.    Olympus OM1-N SLR camera with 50mm lens, flash gun and winder in all-in carry case

206.    1950s TV

207.    Box of moulding and other wood planes, approx 20

208.    Old washboard, desk lamps etc

209.    2 boxes of ceramics, Cries of London prints, Capodimonte figures etc

210.    2 boxes and a crate of radios, fans, electrics, stationery, curtains etc (Not Crate)

211.    Letter rack, leather decanter, wall carving and cut glass bowl

212.    Early mahogany cased camera parts

213.    Small Portmeirion vase and Hungarian china animals

214.    2 cigarette lighters, pen sets, frames etc

215.    Quantity of LPs including Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin

216.    Quantity of LPs including Abba, Dire Straits, Meat Loaf, Elton John

217.    Old wooden toolbox and various tools

218.    Box of good quality kitchen kitchen pans and other kitchenware

219.    Books, table lamps, pictures etc

220.    2 boxes of mixed glass, frames and bags

221.    Quantity of misc, doll, tableware, linen, pictures etc

222.    Box of large ceramics, pots, plates, vases etc

223.    Quantity of LPs, 78s and DVDs

224.    Pair of vintage skis and poles

225.    Victorian musical box in burr walnut case, 56cm

226.    Bakelite wall clock, 18cm diameter, coat of arms on dial

227.    Walking stick with ornate silver plate Viking dragon pistol top (deactivated)

228.    Pair of Spelter figures

229.    Universal all-angle level by MFG & Co, New York with turn dial mounted top

230.    Pair of cased binoculars and Olympus camera

231.    "W. Crosland Ltd, Bredbury Nr Manchester" 19th century guillotine

232.    The Works of John Allcot, Marine Artist - leather bound limited edition copy with 40 colour plates, signed by               Rodney Allcot, folio size in slip case

233.    Bronze figure of Shakespeare on base in typical pose, 48cm high

234.    "Lipton" vintage enamel sign

235.    Great wall shell vase

236.    Silver top cane (worn), 2 others and a walking stick

237.    Pair of framed prints of 18th century ladies (possibly sisters)

238.    Oval gilt framed pencil sketch of a lady, signed Alfred Praga 1913

239.    Gilt framed still life oil signed H.S. Davis together with a framed print of Victorian children

240.    Small well executed gilt framed watercolour of a Continental Castle and foreground

241.    Set of 4 coloured Legal themed prints

242.    Framed oil on board - Fly Fisherman by John Noofe

243.    Charming 1930s framed coloured photograph of a schoolgirl

244.    Roland Collins (1918 - 2015) Framed Gouache watercolour of a suburban London graveyard and Factory                 scene, 70cm x 55cm

245.    Robert Taverner R.E. - Trees and Oast Houses (Morning), Framed Artist's Proof, 90cm x 70cm

246.    Gilt framed watercolour of a lady signed W. Langley

247.    Gilt framed contemporary copy of a self portrait in oil, Mme Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun, 1790

248.    Modern oil on board of Meadow Flowers, Frias 83

249.    Framed limited edition print of Burrough Hill Lad, Cheltenham Gold Cup 1984 by Colin Hutchinson, signed               R. S. Riley

250.    4 framed 19th century coloured engravings relating to Fishing

251.    Gilt framed oil on board - still life of Fruit

252.    Oak framed woolwork montage picture of Hawkesend Allesley 

253.    Gilt framed watercolour of Flowers by Naomi Lodge

254.    The Death of Nelson, Battle of Trafalgar - framed panoramic print, 112cm x 55cm 

255.    Large gilt framed Biblical scene tapestry

256.    Framed print of the University Boat Race

257.    RAF Pilot's Tunic, World War 2 1942, RAF cap with original cap badge, belts, original binoculars, medal and              spare RAF buttons

258.    Buckingham Palace pen and others, ladies watches and pearls

259.    Canadian proof coin set

260.    3 cigarette card albums

261.    Quantity of old photographs

262.    Old French keys (11)

263.    A collection of modern wall clocks and table lamps

264.    Collection of boxed Wedgwood mugs

265.    Basket and a box of books and pictures

266.    Painted tin trunk

267.    Various framed prints including Princess Victoria miniatures etc

268.    Glass bottles, vase A/F, cutlery boxes, teddy bears etc

269.    Well made painted chest

270.    Drawer of wood planes

271.    BT4000 big button cordless phone system

272.    Small box of cameras and mobile phones

273.    "The Reliance" Automatic Personal Scale Weighing Machine - to weigh 20 stones by 1lb

274.    Stone statue of Hebe - Goddess of Youth

275.    Stone garden ornament on pillar

276.    Large stone decorative garden planter and one other

277.    Pair of ornate stone garden planters and a goose A/F

278.    Large stone garden planter

279.    A superb pair of stone garden dog ornaments

280.    Salter hanging scales model 235 10 S

281.    Golf clubs in bag

282.    4 sectional oak framed screen with decorative woven panels

283.    Box of vases, plates, jugs, 2 mug racks, lamp etc

284.    Pine fire surround and a cast iron fireplace with tiled back

285.    Victorian cast iron fireplace

286.    Victorian cast iron fireplace

287.    White painted cast iron fireplace

288.    White painted cast iron fireplace

289.    2 pine surrounds

290.    6 wooden folding chairs with green seat covers

291.    Pair of 3 drawer modern mahogany bedside units with slides, 1 rear leg A/F

292.    Carved oak single drawer side table

293.    Carved oak modern 2 drawer cupboard

294.    Modern oak leaded glazed linen fold cabinet

295.    Carved oak leaded glazed corner cupboard

296.    Modern mahogany illuminated display cabinet

297.    Large mahogany framed mirror (wardrobe door)

298.    Large oak 2 tier drinks table with glass panels

299.    Small mahogany glazed single door display cabinet

300.    Modern mahogany drum table

301.    Large ceramic figure of a Water Boy A/F

302.    HP tower unit and monitor

303.    Modern mahogany 2 drawer bedside unit

304.    Modern mahogany valet stand

305.    Small mahogany pot cupboard

306.    Upholstered top stool

307.    Small oval oak drop leaf tea table, bookcase top and TV stand

308.    Umbrella stand, quantity of walking sticks and a parasol

309.    Carved mahogany coalbox with marble top

310.    Cast iron swan

311.    Painted pine single door cupboard and a coat rail

312.    Large modern circular mahogany dining table standing on 4 legs with carved supports

313.    Circular glass top dining table with oak and stainless steel base designed by Pierangelo Gallotti. 74cm       Height x 120cm width. Manufactured by Gallotti & Radice

314.    Modern inlaid circular mahogany table standing on 4 legs with ormolu decoration

315.    Burmese carved wooden chair

316.    Ercol oak refectory table

317.    Ercol dark wooden refectory table

318.    Solid oak 2 drawer drinks table

319.    Large wrought iron standard lamp with shade, side table and bedroom chair

320.    Pair of Ercol light elm candlestick chairs

321.    Cased typewriter and 3 plated items

322.    Repro mahogany framed 2 seater bench

323.    Olde Court oak linen fold Welsh dresser

324.    Very large pine Country House kitchen cupboard with 3 drawers below

325.    Ercol dark oak dresser

326.    Modern carved mahogany mirror back sideboard A/F

327.    5 assorted table lamps and 2 suitcases

328.    Carved mahogany 4 poster bed

329.    Bound cabin trunk

330.    Small oak barley twist drop leaf table

331.    1920s oak hall stand

332.    Modern mahogany bevelled glass double door drinks cabinet with tray top

333.    Highly decorative well constructed inlaid Games Table with inner compartment featuring Casino games

334.    Pentax J-60 telescope on stand

335.    Large mahogany twin pedestal desk with leather insert

335A.  19th century walnut and mahogany Davenport

336.    5 piece Picquot ware tea service

337.    Brass and copper coal bucket, part companion set and one other

338.    Very large open mahogany bookcase with 2 drawers below

339.    1920s mahogany display cabinet standing on ball & claw feet

340.    Small mahogany single door display cabinet with domed top

341.    Pair of modern light beech cabinets with glass doors

342.    White painted sideboard

343.    6' mahogany long cased clock

344.    Gilt framed oil on canvas (signed) and 5 other pictures including The Red Arrows (with faded signatures)

345.    Oxblood leather button back 3 seater settee

346.    Oxblood leather button back reclining armchair

347.    Mahogany framed velvet re-upholstered curved button back settee on 4 legs

348.    Black leather Celebrity electric recliner chair

349.    Set of 6 modern balloon back dining chairs

350.    Set of 5 mahogany dining chairs

351.    Solid oak draw leaf dining table and 4 chairs

352.    Carved oak court cupboard

353.    Long carved oak coffee table

354.    Mahogany nursing chair

355.    Black painted wooden framed upholstered tub chair

356.    Pair of small Wharfedale speakers


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