Saturday 1st July - 325 Lots Starting At 9.30am

Large Vinyl Collection 

6500 Vinyl Singles, 2500 LPs

1960s, 1970s,1980s & 1990s

Soul, Pop, Beatles, Bowie, Dance, Rock, Hip Hop, RnB

Tamla Motown Label LPs.

And Many Many More

Plus Associated DJ Equipment - Peavey & Eminence Speakers, Technics Turntables, Numark & ProSound Amps & Mixers. Lighting etc

 "Followed By Our Regular Weekly Sale"

Antiques, Bygones/Vintage, Collectables, China, Glass, Pottery, Ephemera, Costume Jewellery, Household Effects, Tools, White Ware, Mirrors, Prints, Books, Miscellanea, And The Like

 Viewing Friday 30th June 12 Noon - 4.00pm And From 8.00am Sale Day

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Updated 10.00am Friday 30th June

1.         Large box of LPs - classical music and other genres with a separate case of LPs

2.         8 LP box sets - various artists

3.         Tub of 80s and 90s 12" records - UK and US artists

4.         Large box of mostly 90s 12" records - Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Rap etc

5.         Large box of mostly 90s 12" records - Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Rap etc

6.         Large box of mostly 90s 12" records - Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Rap etc

7.         Box of 90s Dance 12" records 

8.         Box of 90s Dance 12" records 

9.         Box of 90s Dance 12" records 

10.       Box of 90s Dance 12" records 

11.       Box of 80s Compilation LPs

12.       Box of 80s and 90s LPs and 12" records

13.       Box of mostly 80s LPs and 12" records - Pop and Rock

14.       Box of 80s LPs - Soul and Pop

15.       Box of 70s and 80s Rock LPs

16.       Box of 70s LPs - Easy Listening etc

17.       Box of 70s and 80s Soundtracks and Compilation LPs

18.       Box of 80s LPs - various artists

19.       Box of 70s LPs - Soul and Motown

20.       Box of LPs - Abba, Simon & Garfunkel, Eagles, Bee Gees etc

21.       Box of 60s and 70s LPs - Motown, Soul, Northen Soul etc

22.       Box of 60s and 70s LPs - Soul and Motown

23.       14 LPs - Buddy Holly, The Hollies, Cliff Richard, Elvis (Costello and Presley)

24.       16 LPs - Bob Marley, ELO, Supertramp, Fleetwood Mac

25.       9 LPs - Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson

26.       10 LPs - Eddie Kendricks and Smokey Robinson (some Tamla Motown)

27.       Collection of 18 Marvin Gaye LPs - (mostly Tamla Motown)

28.       8 Stevie Wonder LPs (some Tamla Motown)

29.       11 Four Tops LPs (mostly Tamla Motown)

30.       9 The Temptations LPs (mostly Tamla Motown) along with Anthology

31.       10 Gladys Knight & The Pips LPs (mostly Tamla Motown)

32.       14 Tamla Motown compilation LPs

33.       29 LPs - Diana Ross, The Supremes and Diana Ross & The Supremes (mostly Tamla Motown)

34.       17 mostly Tamla Motown LPs

35.       4 Jimmy Ruffin Tamla Motown LPs - Forever, I've Passed This Way Before, Ruff N Ready, The Jimmy         Ruffin Way

36.       7 Martha & the Vandellas LPs (4 Tamla Motown)

37.       11 LPs - The Spinners (Detroit and Motown) - some Tamla Motown

38.       10 various LPs - The San Remo Strings, That Motown Sound, Marvelettes, The Jerry Blavat TV Song           Storybook, The Monitors (some Tamla Motown)

39.       4 David Bowie LPs including Space Oddity, Ziggy Stardust, Diamond Dog

40.       7 LPs - Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Who, Rod Stewart etc

41.       6 John Lennon and Wings LPs

42.       6 The Beatles compilation LPs including 'Rarities' and 'Oldies'

43.       13 The Beatles LPs - some Non-UK issue

44.       Quantity of various limited Edition vinyl records - Beastie Boys, 3 Degrees, Status Quo, Queen etc, including              picture discs

45.       Crate of 45s - various titles

46.       Crate of 45s - various titles

47.       Wooden box of 45s - various titles

48.       Wooden box of 45s - various titles

49.       Crate of 45s - various titles

50.       Crate of 45s - various titles

51.       Crate of 45s - various titles

52.       Crate of 45s - various titles

53.       Box of 45s - various titles

54.       2 small cases of 45s - various titles

55.       Large case of 45s - various titles

56.       Large case of 45s - various titles

57.       Crate of 45s - various titles

58.       Crate of 45s - various titles

59.       Case of 45s - various titles

60.       Wooden box of 45s - various titles

61.       Small crate of 45s - various titles

62.       Box of 45s - various titles

63.       Crate of 45s - various titles

64.       Wooden box of 45s - various titles

65.       Bag of loose 45s - various titles

66.       6 The Beatles LPs - Abbey Road, Sgt Peppers, Help, Rubber Soul, White Album, Revolver (All Reissues)


66A.    2 x Madonna 12” picture discs – La Isla Bonita and Who’s That Girl


66B.    2 x Kim Wilde shaped picture discs – Rage To Love and The Touch


67.       2 boxes of various LPs

68.       Box of LPs

69.       Box of LPs

70.       Box of annuals and 45s - some Elvis

71.       Numark M4 Three Channel Scratch Mixer in box

72.       Numark CD Mix 1 Professional Mixing Console in box

73.       ProSound 200 Professional Power Amplifier in box

74.       ProSound MMX-410 sound effects / equaliser mixer in box

75.       Double Citronic CL-12D cased record decks

76.       2 cases of lighting and gantry with control box

77.       V 1500 Turbo V Cooling cased cooling unit

78.       Technics Quartz direct drive turntable system SL-1210 Mk 2 in box

79.       Technics Quartz direct drive turntable system SL-1210 Mk 2

80.       Pair of Eminence Custom Sound speakers with Citronic stands

81.       Pair of Peavey Pro-15 speakers

82.       2 gents Casio watches

83.       Sekonda cased gents watch and 3 others

84.       Cased gents travelling set

85.       3 silver pocketwatches and a Hitler medal

86.       2 boxes of brassware and scales

87.       2 boxes of toys and misc

88.       Toolbox and contents

89.       Toolbox and contents, crate of tools, bolt cutters and 2 jacks

90.       Tub of tools, boxed planer, 2 cased tools etc

91.       Ercol light elm footstool

92.       Toilet, sink, tiles and related items

93.       Marvel, DC and other comics

94.       Dell laptop, Texas home computer and a box of CDs

95.       Cased canteen of silver plated cutlery

96.       Cantilever sewing box and contents

97.       Cantilever sewing box and contents

98.       Hanging metal cross with decorations from Estonia

99.       Glass 5 branch light fitting with amber droplets

100.    Large cut glass hallmarked silver rimmed bowl (London 1875)


100A.  Tall bronze effect nude statuette table lamp with large Tiffany style shade


100B.  2 x German Tank Corp badges (reproductions)


101.    A splendid Russian teapot

102.    6 miniature beer bottles and a Scout whistle

103.    Rotary gents stainless steel wristwatch

104.    3 various gents watches

105.    Wade animals, Poole vase etc on a lustre cake stand

106.    5 pieces of mother of pearl handled cutlery

107.    Early plate, china boots, posies, figures, scent bottle etc

108.    Large hallmarked silver serving spoon

109.    Box of various small metal signs

110.    Metal sign - Holt M86 Rochdale

111.    Metal box of brass weights and odds

112.    Wooden tray of Wade, glass and other animals

113.    Binoculars, whistles, various Scout belts and badges

114.    Chess pieces, paperweights and odds

115.    Tri-ang boxed Electric Model Railway

116.    Old album of 406 postcards

117.    Large boxed Royal Doulton horse and 4 others

118.    Boxed Caithness paperweight and 3 others

119.    Silver plate 3 piece tea service on tray and 2 trophies

120.    14 Hornsea and Withnersea rabbit flower holders

121.    Tray of dragons, cats and other ornaments

122.    Picture plates, cut glass bowls, vases, bottles and odds

123.    10 pieces of carnival glass

124.    Box of marble eggs

125.    Sylvac wall pocket and planter

126.    Poole vase, china dishes and plates etc

127.    5 pieces of old Wedgwood

128.    6 Royal Crown Derby Old Imari dinner plates, 6 dessert plates, cream jug, 3 cups and saucers

129.    Aynsley china part tea set and a Victorian set decorated with orange poppies

130.    Quantity of glass - lemonade set, cut glass jug, decanter, ruby glass etc

131.    Victorian blue & white part dinner service - Cairo

132.    Quantity of Delphine Spring Song tableware - 33 pieces

133.    31 pieces of Royal Doulton Cascade dinnerware

134.    16 pieces of Denby Blue Linen tableware

135.    Quantity of various figurines

136.    Part Grindley Cream Petal dinner service

137.    Boxed teapot and 3 trios - Brocade by the V & A

138.    31 pieces of Staffordshire Pagoda tableware

139.    Box of postcards and photographs - film stars and military

140.    Large basket with glass and other vases etc

141.    Wheeled wicker basket of misc - buddha, stoneware etc

142.    Brass measures, cigarette box, teapot and decorative tray etc

143.    1970s stone coffee set and various glass including heavy "candlestick" ornament

144.    6 piece of cottage ware

145.    Various pieces of blue & white Cornish ware

146.    3 attractive Melba ware dishes

147.    Various pieces of modern Oriental style china

148.    Box of model making accessories

149.    14 pieces of Royal Doulton Wild Cherry tableware and a box of Johnsons Madison tableware

150.    13 piece Royal Doulton Morning Star coffee set

151.    Large blue & white Royal Crown Derby fruit bowl

152.    Doulton Lambeth jardiniere A/F

153.    1930s Royal Winton lustre biscuit barrel and matching butter dish

154.    11 various leaf dishes, butter dish and similar pieces

155.    Italian cat, Capodimonte tramp A/F, glass and china

156.    Brass and copper Samovar

157.    Oak filing box, other boxes, stool, toast rack and Chinese book

158.    Large gilt framed mirror

159.    Large gilt framed mirror

160.    1930s frameless mirror with metal decoration

161.    Oval mahogany framed bevel edged mirror

162.    Pine toolbox, card index box and one other

163.    Framed Vulcan Bomber print - Winter Service At Bruntingthorpe, B. Chapman 1995

164.    Unusual 1970s German brass wall clock and 2 Smiths clocks

165.    1930s frameless mirror

166.    Framed Oriental silk and 4 other Chinese pictures

167.    2 framed needlework pictures of galleons

168.    Large framed woolwork picture of cockerels, a dragon, blossom and an Egyptian print

169.    3 boxes of mixed glass, china and pots

170.    Box of prints and 2 boxes of 1970s tableware, lamps, vases and Royal Winton bowl A/F

171.    Case and a crate of boxes, chess pieces, hip flasks etc

172.    3 boxes of misc and cleaning materials

173.    Large wooden box of misc - brass pump, sundial top, lamp etc

174.    Box and 3 cases of ladies clothes and bags

175.    3 boxes of glass, ceramics and misc

176.    Box of misc, as-new twin phone and a paper shredder

177.    Set of tableware and a box of picture plates, tumblers, potty etc

178.    Crate and a bag of toiletries and household items

179.    2 boxes of misc

180.    2 Policeman's jackets, helmet and cap

181.    2 pairs of handcuffs

182.    Box of various alcohol

183.    Bayonet

184.    Crate of Star Wars memorabilia

185.    Model cars, Harry Potter book etc

186.    Old fitted picnic box

187.    12 place Sainsburys dinner / tea service

188.    Model cars, Scalextric track etc

189.    Box of china tableware - Booths etc

190.    Jardiniere, fruit bowl and odds

191.    2 china tea sets

192.    Copper planter, vases, lamps, elephants and dressing table set

193.    2 boxes of odds including Chokin china

194.    Galileo thermometer and a digital photograph frame

195.    2 old blow lamps, binoculars, brass magazine rack and stand

196.    Box of Denby, meat slicer, pressure cooker and pan

197.    3 boxes of pots, glass, 2 cameras and a booklet signed by Vera Lynn

198.    Suitcase, tin trunk and shopping trolley of books, household items and cutlery

199.    Copper vases, bed pan and odds

200.    Wet suit

201.    Box of 1930s dressing table sets

202.    Box of toiletries

203.    Ammo box of tools

204.    Bryan punch bag with rope

205.    Small green painted 2 door cupboard

206.    Small modern fire place with stone hearth

207.    Bosch fridge freezer

208.    Glass and chrome TV stand

209.    Ceramic and wooden elephants, wooden unit and rackets

210.    Large moving tool and a pair of sash clamps etc

211.    Old racing bike

212.    Hotpoint fridge freezer - as new

213.    Hotpoint 7kg A Class washing machine - as new

214.    Hotpoint Ultima 4 ring electric cooker - as new

215.    Hotpoint 4 drawer freezer

216.    Hotpoint fridge

217.    Ercol light elm 2 tier drop leaf tea trolley

218.    2 sack barrows, work ladder, pivot door and work top

219.    Modern cased inlaid upright piano by E. A. Selby, Leicester

220.    Barbola mirror

221.    2 x exhibition stands in fabric cases

222.    Very large brass plaque

223.    Azenda compressor 1.5 HP

224.    Elektra-Beckum Mig welder and cut off saw

225.    Metal workshop cupboard and wooden unit with drawers

226.    2 bags of modern costume jewellery

227.    2 multi drawer screw cabinets, clock, lamp and scales

228.    HP Office Jet Pro 8500

229.    Kettle, toaster, mixer, fish kettle etc (6)

230.    4 boxes of books

231.    Single door display cabinet

232.    Carpenter's tool box and contents

233.    Modern 6 drawer chest and 3 matching 3 drawer units

234.    Oak drawer leaf dining table

235.    Royal Albert floral tea set

236.    Royal Stafford floral tea set

237.    Record cabinet, Goodmans vertical stereo system and speakers

238.    Dyson DC25 upright cleaner with manual

239.    Bissell steam + sweep hard floor cleaner and Hoover 1800w cleaner

240.    1960s Teak sideboard

241.    Oval extending dining table and 4 matching chairs

242.    Modern hall stand

243.    Oval gilt framed mirror, barometer and coal box

244.    2 pairs of oak X framed chairs

245.    Victorian inlaid mahogany chest of 3+2 drawers

246.    Victorian mahogany chest of 3+2 drawers

247.    Victorian mahogany chest of 3+2 drawers

248.    Edwardian chest of 6 drawers

249.    3 large gilt framed pictures - hunting and rural scenes

250.    Hard top for a M4/5 Spitfire, chrome bumper and a grey soft top

251.    Garden chairs, tools, push mower etc

252.    Faux fur jacket and 4 others

253.    Wooden crate and 5 brass lights

254.    Tall boy

255.    Ercol light elm bureau

256.    Ergo ironing board

257.    Modern dressing table, chest and storage box

258.    Teak sideboard lacking drawer

259.    Pair of CD cabinets and CD's

260.    Pair of dining chairs with shaped back

261.    Victorian dressing table mirror

262.    Walnut and mahogany side table A/F

263.    Oak draw leaf dining table with cross stretcher and barley twist legs 

264.    Set of 4 oak dining chairs

265.    Eumig P8 projector and screen

266.    Delta Blue 8 string mandolin in Stagg case

267.    Framus bass guitar

268.    Glass and chrome coffee table and nest of 3 tables

269.    Plated tray, coffee set, scales and jugs etc

270.    Black travelling trunk - RN Hospital

271.    5 large lockable deed boxes

272.    Large purple light shade, carboy, umbrella stand, Portmeirion tureen and a stool

273.    Marmet pram

274.    1920s walnut dressing table

275.    Oak cheval mirror

276.    Merlin enhanced vision viewing aid

277.    Modern mahogany illuminated book case

278.    Large brass incense burner, candle holder and shade

279.    Mahogany nest of 3 tables on tapered legs

280.    Mahogany tripod leg wine table

281.    Mahogany bedside unit standing on 4 legs with glass knobs

282.    2 video cameras, Praktica camera with lens

283.    Cased singer sewing machine

284.    2 cases and a crate of silk scarves, gloves, handbags and linen

285.    Mahogany 2 tier tea trolley with drawers

286.    Mahogany 2 tier side table on cabriole legs

287.    Philips docking music system and DAB radio with manuals

288.    Chinon slide projector, Agfa colour 50 and hifi stereo headphones

289.    5 pieces of coloured art glass

290.    Victorian mahogany carved single glazed door display cabinet on 4 legs

291.    Carved oak linen fold cupboard

292.    Pair of matching 3 drawer units

293.    G-Plan wall unit and computer workstation

294.    Vax air multi cyclone upright cleaner

295.    Small oak refectory table

296.    Folding wheel chair and 2 walking aids

297.    2 large oak open bookcases

298.    Oak leaded glazed side unit with shelves

299.    1950s table and pouffe

300.    Small stained pine open bookcase

301.    Set of 4 oak dining chairs

302.    Mahogany mirrored door wardrobe

303.    Metal workshop cabinet with 9 drawers

304.    Clarke 3/4 pillar drill press

305.    3 boxes of CD's and DVD's

306.    2 large pub signs " The Blacksmiths Arms"

307.    Large pub sign "The Australian Arms"

308.    Wooden pub sign A/F

 309.    2 metal 4dr filing cabinets

 310.    2 metal 4dr filing cabinets

 311.    2 metal 2dr filing cabinets

 312.    Small multi drawer index cabinet

 313.    3 x single pedestal office desks

 314.    Double locker (only 1 key)

 315.    White office table and a tall step ladder

 316.    2 oak open bookcases      

 317.    Pair of reception chairs

 318.    3 x blue operators chairs

 319.    6 x charcoal operators chairs

 320.    Pair of oak barley twist dining chairs 


321.    5 black document boxes

322.    Dunlop sports travel cover, electric hotpot with barbecue grill, box of CDs and DVDs, box of tools, radio





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