Saturday 6th February First Lot 9.30am
 350 Lots - House Clearance/Collectors Sale
 "Our Regular Weekly Sale"
Comprising - Furniture Old & New, Gold, Silver, Jewellery, Watches, Curios, Decorative Items, China, Pottery, Glass, Metals, Ephemera, Miscellanea, White Ware, Paintings, Mirrors, Books, Bygones/Vintage, Retro Toys & Games, Vinyl, CDs, Fishing Equipment, Sets Of Chairs, American Organ, Royal Doulton Figures, Nantgarw Porcelain Plate, Long Case Clock 
Viewing Friday 5th February 12 Noon - 4.00pm And From 8.00am Morning Of Sale

1.         1901 sovereign mounted in 9ct gold ring 13.5 grams

2.         Gents 9ct gold signet ring - 6.5 grams

3.         9ct gold belcher chain with T-bar, 19.9 grams

4.         Great War medal for 29124 Dvr. S.Winterton R.A., a hallmarked silver fob and a Canadian Mounties medallion

5.         9ct gold Waltham USA pocket watch - 86.7 grams gross

6.         18ct gold Albert chain with 2 x 9ct gold fobs - 32.8 grams gross

7.         2 mother of pearl stick pins

8.         Small box of mixed coins

9.         Small box of mixed coins

10.       Gold plated Octava High Grade 8 day pocket watch

11.       Miniature Eterna travel clock in hallmarked silver Art Deco case

12.       9ct gold chain (7.9 grams) with watch key attachment 

13.       9ct gold Albert chain (32.1 grams) with watch key attachment

14.       Very fine Victorian angel cameo brooch with gold mount in fitted leather case

15.       Ladies 18ct half hunter pocket watch

16.       Victorian silver mounted cameo brooch

17.       9ct gold bracelet with heart clasp - 18.6 grams

18.       Hallmarked silver and marcasite wasp brooch, silver and enamel butterfly and 2 bee brooches

19.       15ct gold, pearl and sapphire bar brooch, 9ct emerald and seed pearl bar brooch, post horn and fox head brooch and a 9ct T-bar brooch

20.       Jet brooch, garnet brooch and a hallmarked silver bar brooch set with a blue stone

21.       3 attractive necklaces, Delft brooch, ring and a coral necklace A/F

22.       Pair of gold on silver cufflinks in fitted case and one other pair

23.       Hallmarked silver Eustachian tube catheter by Meyer & Phelps of London and an Undine eye washing flask

24.       Hallmarked silver topped bottle, a silver top, 2 glass salts, silver plate cased baby spoon, set of 6 coffee spoons, silver threepences and a crown

25.       Hallmarked silver cigarette case and 3 napkin rings

26.       Hallmarked silver ID bracelet and bangle, silver thimble and a small quantity of silver teaspoons

27.       2 hallmarked silver picture frames and 2 silver plate picture frames

28.       2 hallmarked silver handled button hooks

29.       4 hallmarked silver tablespoons, 2 sugar nips and a teaspoon

30.       Engine turned hallmarked silver teapot stand with bakelite base and a matching napkin ring

31.       Pierced hallmarked silver bon bon dish

32.       Hallmarked silver handled cake slice

33.       Hallmarked silver lidded jar, silver rimmed jar, silver salt, shoe horn, bone button hook and a carved elephant

34.       9ct gold pendant, gold heart pendant on chain, silver brooch and ring etc

35.       Hallmarked silver cigarette case, cigarette holder and coin pendant

36.       2 small continental silver dishes and a silver plate tray

37.       9ct gold moon and star stick pin set with seed pearls and garnet, 10ct chain and a tie pin

38.       Carved jade bear holding a salmon

39.       Various compacts and a pair of bone china orchid earrings

40.       Cased set of 6 hallmarked silver coffee spoons

41.       Cased set of 6 hallmarked silver coffee spoons

42.       Swatch watches, ice and other watches, commemorative coins and foreign banknotes

43.       Wooden box of Victorian microscope slides, human and animal, with index

44.       Small tub of costume jewellery

45.       Small tub of silver and silver coloured jewellery

46.       Hallmarked silver bottle stopper, costume jewellery, pens and badges etc

47.       Box of mainly halfpennies

48.       Tub of lighters and 3 military cap badges

49.       Small box of mainly foreign coins and notes

50.       Blue tin of collectables - AA badge etc

51.       Box of assorted wristwatches etc

52.       Jewellery box of assorted costume jewellery

53.       Mahogany box containing fishing flies, costume jewellery, plated cutlery, manicure set etc

54.       RAF badges and 2 metal planes

55.       Conway Stewart fountain pen, boxed

56.       RAF flag and cap badge

57.       Hallmarked silver topped jar, 2 bracelets, 2 necklaces and a pair of earrings

58.       Small quantity of costume jewellery including Scottish bar brooch

59.       2 x 9ct gold bracelets, a neckchain and pair of earrings - 9.6 grams gross

60.       Small quantity of foreign coins

61.       Small tub of foreign coins

62.       Small quantity of silver threepences and other old coins

63.       Good quantity of old GB coins

64.       £2 coins, commemorative crowns and 3 x 10 shilling notes

65.       Carved oak sewing box and contents of postcards, pocket watch and cufflinks etc

66.       2 pairs of cased binoculars, old cameras and lenses etc

67.       Ladies bag, boots, bowler hat, ice skate blades, old baby shoes and misc

68.       2 copies of The Bystanders Fragments from France by Captain Bruce Bairnsfather

69.       Cased Draughtsman's set

70.       Boxed Stylophone with instruction manual

71.       Good decanter, vases, picture plates, Carlton ware dish etc

72.       Tin plate Mobo Toytoise

73.       Tin plate toy robot

74.       Metal Muffin The Mule puppet

75.       Barley twist candlesticks, wooden boxes, pipe rack and pipe, old paperweights etc

76.       Royal Albert Memory Lane tea set

77.       Nursery china, Royal Doulton dishes, commemorative mugs, large Royal Worcester egg coddler, Midwinter pie funnel and other china

78.       Small quantity of Royal Doulton tableware - The Coppice design

79.       Arthur Price mahogany canteen of Kings pattern silver plate cutlery and a 44 piece stainless steel cutlery set

80.       1950s Atomic magazine rack

81.       3 albums of Locomotive Philatelica and 2 First Day covers

82.       3 mirror backed fantasy figures

83.       old suitcase of postcards, old newspapers, magazines and ephemera

84.       Box of table linens

85.       Silver plate trays, tureens, samovar, dishes and ladle etc

86.       Hornsea storage jars, Losol ware tureen, other china, Halina camera and flash unit and 10 Royal Doulton Valentines collector's plates

87.       Cased horn handled fish servers

88.       Cased mother of pearl handled fruit knives, cased dessert set and a small quantity of plated cutlery

89.       Wedgwood Jasper ware biscuit barrel and vase, Beswick duck, Shorter dish etc

90.       Good quantity of blue and white china

91.       Trench art piece in the form of a peaked cap inscribed W.Wisher, 10th Sherwood Foresters

92.       Shell Art ashtray with French coin centrepiece

93.       The Guinness Year 1983 L.V.S. limited edition ceramic 3 handled cup

94.       Nantgarw porcelain plate of square scalloped form, slight hairline crack

95.       Dinky Toys Thunderbolt racing car with original box

96.       'The Super Chromonica' chromatic harmonica by Hohner in original box

97.       Very attractive porcelain plate depicting 2 rats seated beneath a tree

98.       Large album of postcards and a cigarette card album

99.       Small box of tea cards

100.    Cased 6 piece mother of pearl cutlery

101.    Mahogany cased 4 piece carving set with horn handles and ornate silver plate finials

102.    Painted wooden eggs and papier mache boxes

103.    Quantity of mixed pill boxes in enamel, metal and ceramic

104.    Large Beswick palm tree vase

105.    Lladro figure of a girl A/F and a Nao figure of a girl with violin

106.    Small amount of football ephemera, old tins and cigarette card album

107.    Commemorative mugs, deer lamps, miniature animals and odds

108.    1960s purple glass lemonade set

109.    Surveyor's tape and a large ruler

110.    Good box of photos and ephemera including Leicester items

111.    Quantity of mixed cutlery

112.    Pair of unusual purple carnival glass bowls standing on 3 feet

113.    Clarence china tea set decorated with dragons

114.    3 Treen pots with covers

115.    Clarice Cliff jug A/F, set of 3 graduated jugs, Goebels monk and a commemorative mug

116.    Quantity of glass finger plates

117.    2 turkey plates and a meat plate

118.    Border Fine Arts and other animal figures

119.    Poole flower holder, vases, glass, ceramic deer and plates

120.    2 cut glass decanters, wine glasses and tumblers

121.    Tray of attractive glass, Murano dish, slag glass vase etc

122.    Royal Crown derby plate and decorative china

123.    Tray of decorative china including 1960s vase

124.    Cut glass ship's decanter and 2 Waterford brandy glasses

125.    Crown Ducal and Chameleon ware vases and a jug

126.    Box of Aynsley and Wedgwood china items

127.    Box of Denby and Poole tableware

128.    Small Norwegian tea set, 1960s tureen and a Crown Ducal bowl and servers

129.    Box of stone tableware including Eastern bowl

130.    Basket of mixed ceramics

131.    G-plan nest of 3 tables

132.    Low oak cupboard with lift-up top

133.    Green, white and gilt German part dinner service

134.    29 piece Simpsons 'Stratford' dinner service

135.    Box of collectables - muff pistol, pens, cutlery, buttons etc

136.    Box of Blackberry phone cases

137.    Suitcase of mixed tools

138.    The Odyssey Press Edition (Hamburg, Paris, Bologna) Third Impression 1933 of Lady Chatterley's Lover

139.    Linen, mixed china and odds

140.    Crate of CDs

141.    3 boxes of tableware, brass and misc

142.    2 boxes of old children's toys and games

143.    Large transporter lorry, tin plate cars, lantern bulbs and a box of misc children's books and games

144.    Airfix models, old toys and misc items

145.    1950s motorcycle helmet with goggles, one other and a waterproof suit

146.    1920s speaker, workbox and drawers A/F

147.    2 early railway lamps, 2 cycle lamps and a vintage car horn

148.    Old paraffin heater and old bottles etc

149.    Small quantity of LPs etc

150.    Old radio in need of attention, a similar item and a curio

151.    Heathkit radio and a Grundig reel to reel tape recorder

152.    Tray of cutlery

153.    2 boxes of tools and odds

154.    Metal toolbox and a box of tools

155.    2 baskets of commemorative ware, Wade bells and ceramics etc

156.    3 storage jars, tableware, goblets and framed butterflies (3 boxes)

157.    Picnic basket of decorative plates

158.    Aircraft compass, a Mk 111F isothermal calibrator and a telescope

159.    5 ornamental daggers and a truncheon

160.    Webley air pistol and pellets

161.    2 boxes of misc including sewing kit, binoculars, radios and odds

162.    3 boxes of tableware, glassware, ornaments and misc

163.    Kettle, toaster, fan and 5 die-cast vehicles

164.    Cricket boots, old lamp, cameras, darts and fishing kit etc

165.    Case of LPs with a quantity of children's and other books

166.    Box of Rupert and other annuals

167.    4 boxes of children's old toys, games and books

168.    2 boxes of mixed books

169.    Quantity of misc - plates, jugs, goblets and a leather briefcase

170.    LPs, decanters and misc

171.    2 oak mantel clocks

172.    2 cased cutlery sets and a drawing instrument set

173.    Silver banded walking stick and a wicker picnic set

174.    Large vase, Royalty books and a tray of misc ornaments and china

175.    Burberry raincoat

176.    Flying Scotsman electric train set

177.    11 LPs by The Who

178.    2 wicker baskets of wine etc

179.    Box of Minolta and Canon cameras and lenses

180.    Minolta camera, lens, flash etc in Minolta bag

181.    Metal case of cameras and accessories

182.    2 crates of classical CDs

183.    Box of 66 LPs - 1970s rock

184.    Box of 72 LPs - 1970s rock

185.    Box of 79 LPs - 1970s and 80s rock

186.    Bag of LPs - 70s and 80s Alt/punk/indie

187.    Crate of 50 LPs - 60s and 70s

188.    2 boxes of mixed books

189.    Wooden box of tools

190.    Metal figure of a cat and dog in 18th century dress

191.    Framed Green Day Platinum disc with faded signatures

192.    Brass kettle, warming pan, chestnut roaster and a box of souvenir teaspoons

193.    4 gilt Cherub wall shelves

194.    Barbola mirror in nice condition

195.    Small oak writing slope and a metal covered cigarette box

196.    Brass blow lamp and 2 small miners lamp

197.    Large pair of cased binoculars

198.    Classical spelter figure

199.    Example of a plaster death mask

200.    Silver plate epergne and 2 copper kettles

201.    Woven linen bin and a box of ceramics and glass

202.    Whitefriars amber glass vase

203.    Poole vase

204.    1930s Phoenix coffee set - in good condition

205.    Royal Doulton figure - Rebecca

206.    Royal Doulton figure - Hannah

207.    Royal Doulton figure - Loretta

208.    Royal Doulton figure - Southern Belle

209.    Royal Doulton figure x 3 - Silver Anniversary, Virgo and Tin Anniversary

210.    Royal Doulton figure - Soiree

211.    Royal Doulton figure - Kirsty

212.    Royal Doulton figure - Grace

213.    Gilt framed coloured photograph of a young boy and an oval gilt framed mirror

214.    Oak and brass hall brush set

215.    2 framed watercolour street scenes

216.    Set of 3 oval studies of young girls and an oak framed wedding photograph

217.    Box of 78s and LPs - Elvis etc

218.    Inlaid mahogany shelf clock

219.    2 electrical testers and an old box

220.    Wooden cased violin

221.    Old portable typewriter and a GEC radio

222.    Small quantity of Wedgwood tea ware and an Oriental tea set

223.    Box of 45s

224.    2 oak framed mirrors, a card table and a washboard

225.    7 cream framed Victorian prints

226.    Pair of large black framed coloured prints of gardens and a restoration print

227.    Large Georgian oak mule chest

228.    Gilt tripod classical style lamp

229.    Oak barley twist barometer

230.    Gilt framed watercolour by S. J. Batchelder - Sailing At Horning Old Hall

231.    Typewriter, padded box, TV unit and 2 boxes of Christmas decorations

232.    Saffe cylinder cleaner

233.    Electrolux fridge passed safety test

234.    2 microwaves  passed safety tests

235.    Bosch Classixx fridge freezer  passed safety test

236.    Dimplex log effect electric fire in cream surround

237.    Technika 19" LCD TV with DVD player and remotes passed safety tests

238.    Super Ser calor gas heater and bottle

239.    4 burner gas cooker passed safety test (ignition only)

240.    Frigidaire freezer  passed safety test

241.    Hoover Optima 6kg washing machine  passed safety test

242.    Technika 26" LCD TV passed safety test

243.    4 tier glass stand

244.    Hotpoint Iced Diamond fridge freezer  passed safety test

245.    Panasonic upright cleaner, a halogen heater passed safety tests and a walking aid

246.    Pine twin weight long case 8 day clock with painted face

247.    Small glazed oak bookcase

248.    Edwardian inlaid mahogany 2 piece bedroom suite with bed ends

249.    1960s style teak and chrome standard lamp passed safety test

250.    Heavy oak mirror back sideboard - lacking centre door

251.    Brass coal scuttle and companion set, oak stool etc

252.    Painted 1950s kitchen cabinet

253.    Marble top washstand

254.    Large silver framed bevel edge mirror (by entrance)

255.    Oak and metal bound dome top trunk

256.    Oak baker's table on tapered legs and a slipper box

257.    Panasonic Viera 32" LCD TV  passed safety test with remote and manual

258.    Brass top folding table

259.    Indian brass plaque

260.    Bosch table top dishwasher

261.    Princess reel to reel player

262.    Parkside angle grinder and a circular saw

263.    4 stone garden ornaments and an old bike

264.    Heavy duty 25.4cc petrol strimmer

265.    Cased Paslode Impulse gun  passed safety test

266.    Cased tile cutter, makita drill passed safety test and a jigsaw

267.    Bosch 12v drill cased  passed safety test

268.    Technics Amp, turner, CD player passed safety tests and speakers

269.    Quantity of mixed tools

270.    Desktop computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse passed safety tests and Samsung printer

271.    Log effect bird bath

272.    Technics stacking system and speakers

273.    Wooden cased sewing machine

274.    Good quantity of fishing kit - baskets, rods, tackle box etc

275.    Oak bureau and a 1960s cocktail cabinet

276.    Pair of oak single sleigh beds

277.    Oak tallboy

278.    Aiwa midi system  passed safety test with speakers in cabinet

279.    American organ

280.    Oak fall front cupboard

281.    Glazed mahogany bookcase

282.    Edwardian octagonal table

283.    Stone oriental figures, pagoda and garden ornament set

284.    Oak lectern

285.    Camel stool and a tribal art piece

286.    Oak buffet sideboard with pull-out fold over top

287.    Mahogany 6 drawer sideboard

288.    Hohner accordion

289.    Light oak hall stand

290.    Torchere, sewing box and a drop leaf tea trolley

291.    Good quality modern beech 3 piece bedroom suite

292.    4 framed views of castles, 4 country scenes and a set of 4 hunting prints

293.    Modern pine dresser and an oak bedside table

294.    Modern pine 4 drawer chest

295.    Pair of white 4 drawer chests and one other

296.    Beaded oak framed mirror, small stool, firescreen frame and a half moon table

297.    1970s teak dressing table and a modern drop leaf table

298.    1980s sideboard with 2 doors and 3 drawers in stained crimson colour

299.    Flymo hedgetrimmer, halogen heater and floor fan

300.    Dual turntable

301.    6 boxes of military books

302.    Nest of 3 tables and 2 teak chairs with green vinyl seats

303.    Mahogany standard lamp and a small table with carved top 

304.    Oak book trough and letter rack, German plaque dated 1941, Leicester ACF photograph and an ashtray on stand

305.    Case of Noddy and other books

306.    Oak sideboard

307.    Oak barley twist gate leg table and an oak nest of 3 tables

308.    1970s long teak sideboard

309.    Mobility bath seat and a linen bin with contents of walking sticks etc

310.    Radio cassette, mains transistor and a basket of headphones etc

311.    Glass top coffee table and a quantity of modern books

312.    Modern 4 drawer and 3 drawer chests

313.    Small oak 2 piece bedroom suite

314.    2 jug and bowl sets

315.    Acoustic guitar in case

316.    Teak extending dining table and 4 matching chairs

317.    Twin pedestal glass top coffee table

318.    Pine double bed frame and a metal single bed frame

319.    Modern circular pine table and 4 chairs

320.    Box of LPs and a box of 45s

321.    Ercol oval oak drop leaf low table A/F

322.    Small 1950s china cabinet and a wicker 2 tier side table with glass top

323.    19th century mahogany fold over top games table

324.    Beech and grey metal draw leaf dining table

325.    Beech sideboard with glass fronted doors

326.    Walnut cocktail cabinet

327.    Set of 4 oak wheelback dining chairs

328.    Teak effect wardrobe

329.    Glazed pine dresser top and 2 pine wall shelves

330.    1970s nest of 3 tables and a pair of white 3 drawer chests

331.    Small pine sideboard

332.    1970s teak room divider and a small bookcase

333.    Cabinet sewing machine

334.    G Plan light oak 3 piece bedroom suite

335.    Oak 3 piece bedroom suite

336.    Pair of large chimney pots

337.    Toolbox and crate of tools

338.    2 old chimney pots

339.    Mahogany dining room suite  - comprising, sideboard, draw leaf table, 4 chairs

340.    Bamboo conservatory chair and a highback wing armchair

341.    Teal 3 seater sofa

342.    Dark floral patterned 3 piece suite with footstool

343.    Set of 4 oak highback dining chairs

344.    Set of 4 oak dining chairs

345.    Pair of wicker chairs

346.    Set of 8 oak upholstered seat dining chairs including 2 carvers

347.    Set of 6 mahogany dining chairs including 2 carvers

348.    Set of 4 oak rush seated ladder back chairs

349.    Set of 4 modern mahogany dining chairs

350.    Set of 4 chairs and one other 

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Additional Information


Each sale we conduct can be viewed during an on-site preview normally on the previous day of the sale and on the actual morning of the sale. Alternatively, details of selected items will appear on this website.


If you cannot attend a sale in person you can leave a commission, or “absentee” bid with a member of staff.


Payment terms at Churchgate Auctions are as per the requirements of the individual sale (please contact us for further details).

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