Saturday 30th January Starting At 9.30am

 "A Good Collection Of Militaria"

Followed By Collectables & House Clearance Effects, Antique Clocks.

 350 LOTS

 To Include - GB, German & American Uniforms, Medals, Badges, Books, Ephemera, Rare Wartime Photos/Booklets, Collectables, Flying Helmets, Caps, Bayonets, Insignia & Other Related Items From A Private Collection.  

Large Light Oak Ernest Gimson Table, Long Case Clocks, Good Quality Furniture, Collectables, China, Pottery, Glassware, Mirrors, Miscellanea, Large Cartwheel, Torchere, Tools, Mobility Scooter, Vinyl, Cigarette Cards, 2 Vintage Prams.

  Viewing Friday 29th January 12 Noon - 4.00pm And From 8.00am Morning Of Sale

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 Photos Of The Militaria Lots Can Be Viewed Now By Clicking The Link Below. 


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1.         USA khaki jacket with Army Sergeant First Class Rank cloth sleeve badges plus Army Air Force cloth badge - complete with all buttons and brass lapel badges

This Lot and all following similar items we believe to be original, current or obsolete, made to original specifications

2.         USA Army jacket with Army Air Force badge (some stitching loose)

3.         USA Officer's jacket with lapel and Air Force badges, all buttons and double medal ribbons with European Theatre of Operations Advanced Base World War 2 cloth insignia badge

4.         USA Officer's jacket with lapel and Air Force badges and Command Pilot metal badge, buttons and double medal ribbons

5.         USA Woman's Army Corp jacket and beret complete with Officer's badges, lapel insignia and 8th Army Air Force cloth insignia - Unusual and very interesting being a woman's jacket from the 'Mighty Eighth', most famous of all USAAF Forces

6.         Multi badged USA Forces jacket with Armoured Cavalry Officer's collar insignia

7.         USA khaki jacket with Sergeants stripes, Third Army cloth insignia and a Combat Infantry badge awarded to those who had distinguished themselves in combat

8.         USA 8th Army Air Force uniform complete with all badges including Senior Pilots badge

9.         USA Army Officer's shirt x 2 with 8th Army Air Force badges (long sleeve and short sleeve)

10.       USA khaki uniform - made for Sgt S. Elder, no badges

11.       Army blouson - no badges, size 42L

12.       USA Army dress uniform with buttons and no badges (trousers split)

13.       USA Air Force jacket in blue - Senior Pilot multi badged and buttoned with 4 metal ribbon

14.       Khaki Army Greatcoat 

15.       RAF jacket with wings and buttons

16.       RAF blouson

17.       RAF Squadron Leaders jacket with AFC ribbon

18.       RAF Greatcoat

19.       RAF Squadron Leaders uniform with Wings insignia

20.       RAF jacket - no badges

21.       2 USAF jackets with buttons - no badges

22.       2 RAF blue shirts with Squadron Leaders insignia

23.       RAF Flight Sergeants (No 1 dress) jacket

24.       RAF blue grey jacket

25.       RAF Officer's Mess jacket and a waistcoat

26.       7 pairs of military trousers

27.       4 misc shirts - Naval etc

28.       USA Air Force fleece lined Flying jacket

29.       Naval Greatcoat - no badges

30.       British Airways Captain's jacket

31.       British Airways Captain's jacket

32.       USA Air Force Stewardess outfit

33.       Reproduction German SS jacket

34.       Wehrmacht field grey jacket with Swastika armband

35.       12 mixed military caps - mainly GB and USA

36.       12 mixed military caps - mainly GB and USA

37.       Quantity of reproduction USA military buttons, badges, insignia and medals

38.       Quantity of reproduction USA military buttons, badges, insignia and medals

39.       Reproduction USA Purple Heart and DFC

40.       Quantity of military leather and other belts

41.       Box of badges, buttons and insignia

42.       Box of badges, buttons and insignia

43.       Box of cloth insignia and 2 repro medals

44.       Box of model aeroplanes

45.       Radio receiver, transmitter, earphones, cables etc

46.       Aircraft compass and a Mk IIIF Isothermal Calibrator

47.       AR-3000A Communications Receiver with related items and instruction manuals, magazines etc

48.       Sam Browne belt, holster etc

49.       Army, Navy and Air Force jumpers

50.       Various USA military 'Baseball' caps

51.       2 flying helmets A/F and 2 military helmets

52.       2 steel military helmets and 1 camo helmet

53.       4 USA military peaked caps 

54.       3 British peaked caps

55.       3 British peaked caps

56.       2 German peaked caps with Nazi badges

57.       2 Naval and 3 other peaked caps

58.       2 pairs of heavy duty black boots

59.       Large box of flying suits and misc clothing

60.       Wooden RAF plaque and a 7558th Air Base sign

61.       Box of rolled maps

62.       Box of 1970s Royal Air Force News and a box of misc papers and flying booklets

63.       2 boxes of modern military aviation books including 8th Air Force volumes

64.       Pilot's bag with aeronautical charts, altitude charts and Jepco Airway Manuals

65.       3 boxes of modern military aviation books

66.       3 boxes of aviation ephemera including six 1930s copies of Flying - The New Air Weekly

67.       Facsimile of the Log Book of Wing Commander Guy Gibson VC (50th Anniversary of The Dambusters Raid)

68.       Mauldin, Sgt Bill - This Damn Tree Leaks, a Collection of War Cartoons, Italy 1945 (rather worn)

69.       USA Stars and Stripes, silk aircraft hankie, odd postcards and other ephemera

70.       Pilot's canvas map bag, maps, log sheets, navigation and restricted ephemera

71.       Military catalogues and books on uniforms and insignias

72.       Jane's Encyclopaedia of Aviation and works on RAF helicopters and B-17 and B-29 Flying Fortresses

73.       3 boxes of various aviation magazines

74.       National Geographics, card index file and odds

75.       Books on airships, War In The Air and Jane's Aircraft 1919

76.       Aerial Wonders of Our Time - War In The Air, 1930s, fine blue and silver Art Deco cloth

77.       Rathbone, Lieut Chas - Her Majesty's Navy, 6 volumes, 19th century with fine coloured plates, cloth bound

78.       Field, Col Cyril - Britain's Sea Soldiers, A History of The Royal Marines, 3 volumes 1924

79.       Various books on steamships "Wonder Books" Household Cavalry odd volumes, cigarette cards etc 

80.       2 boxes of books on Railways, The Titanic etc

81.       Commando map case and badges

82.       German knife, Japanese printed cloth Kamikaze pilot's goggles etc and hat badges

83.       Various cloth military badges

84.       RAF buttons and badges (Great War period) and various Officer's badges etc

85.       Lusitania medal and leaflet

86.       Various military badges

87.       Napoleonic Prisoner of War bone dice and tumbler and a "Zeppelin" lighter 

88.       Silver ATS badge, one other and various badges

89.       Leicestershire Regiment swagger stick, old dirk and a colonies tin

90.       Miniature Great War trio and a soldier's gospel

91.       Great War pair plus LSGC to G.A. Beswick, Ordinary Seaman

92.       Great War trio to Spr. W.C. Russell, RE

93.       Great War medal to Trainee Seaman W. Frary, RNR

94.       Great War medal to Lieut L.C.H. Brown

95.       Irish General Service medal 1917 and an Irish Service medal 1939-46 in original boxes printed "With the Compliments Of The President Of Ireland"

96.       1935 Commemorative medallion struck in silver and the 1937 Commemorative medallion also struck in silver (a rare piece)

97.       2 old ten shilling notes

98.       Over 200 Pre 1947 and 1920 silver threepences

99.       Fountain pens, badge, bone cutlery etc

100.    Set of 8 hallmarked silver Georgian dessert spoons and a salt spoon

101.    18ct gold diamond and emerald cluster

102.    Tub of commemorative coins and a 1936 Belgium Hotel Guide

103.    Buttons and badges etc

104.    US trade dollar dated 1798 and a Hong Kong dollar dated 1867

105.    Great War belt stamped H.S.& C. Ltd 1915, an officer's sandwich box, 2 medals and a toy gun

106.    Handpainted silk fan

107.    9ct gold locket, 9ct gold and silver ring, micro mosaic brooch, vintage and costume jewellery

108.    Small quantity of filigree and other jewellery

109.    Small quantity of costume jewellery

110.    Wartime tin opener and penknife/cutlery set

111.    Good quantity of old penknives

112.    Clay pipe, other pipes and lighters etc

113.    Various ball point pens and scraper cutters

114.    Superbly fashioned Military inkstand

115.    RAF cap and lapel badges

116.    Hallmarked silver pocket watch

117.    The Climax Trip Action Patent full hunter pocket watch by H Samuel, Manchester

118.    Hallmarked silver pocket watch A/F

119.    Very good quantity of costume jewellery, cased necklace and brooch set and a wristwatch

120.    3 military hats and a 1938 shell dressing

121.    Early Victorian trivet and a set of Victorian kitchen scales

122.    Large metal eagle, old keys, ornaments, Art Deco glass bottle etc

123.    Philippe Starck Alessi orange squeezer

124.    Rare football autograph album from the 1950s with many original signatures

125.    2 x World War 2 helmets, English and German

126.    2 camouflage outfits, 1 with Royal Marine Commando badges 

127.    Quantity of unframed and numbered limited edition prints, 'The Dukes' in Helmand Province Afghanistan by Chris Palmer 2010

128.    Small box of books on ships and shipping

129.    Boxed Hornby Railways electric train set

130.    Retro Smith's kitchen timer, boxed remote control car, Corgi car transporter etc

131.    Early 20th century Law Notes and Justice of the Peace papers etc

132.    Large suitcase of old photographs

133.    6 advertising posters for the War Effort and one Harper's Bazaar 1941

134.    Pair of oak framed Victorian photographs and a pair of oak framed Highland scenes

135.    6 framed prints (or pen drawings?) of local views by Olwen Hughes

136.    Austrian ceramic stick jar / vase

137.    Royal Albert Old Country Roses telephone

138.    Gent & Co of Leicester wall mounted oak telephone system from Overstrand Hall Convalescent Home

139.    Gent & Co oak based telephone

140.    Ornate cast iron hole punch and an embossing stamp

141.    Carved stone figure with hallmarked silver plaque commemorating the completion of Overstrand Hall 1935 together with Dr Nelson's Improved Inhaler

142.    Adjustable oak tabletop lectern with brass shaft

143.    4 various collection boxes and an oak box

144.    Large claret jug

145.    1950s Pedigree Toys black dolly

146.    The Tower of London jug by Royal Doulton - Number 65 of 500

147.    Pair of Victorian period ceramic fighting cocks

148.    Coalport Ladies of Fashion figure - Davina

149.    Nao figures - Girl with ragdoll and one other

150.    Very attractive midnight blue Beswick vase decorated with palm trees

151.    Oriental figures, cat ornament, glitter lava lamp and glasses etc

152.    2 good boxes of brass and copper ware

153.    Gilt framed Classical relief plaque

154.    Gilt framed tapestry picture and 3 other gilt framed pictures

155.    Small box of CDs - many unopened

156.    Mahogany Napoleon Hat mantel clock and one other

157.    Concertmate electronic keyboard

158.    Heat and massage cushion and a Canon Selphy printer

159.    Large Continental decorative gilded metal Bordello floor lamp (marble centre shelf missing)

160.    Oak linen fold bureau

161.    Blue tray of old Enid Blyton Noddy books

162.    World Sports magazines from the 1960s and a folder of body builder magazines

163.    Good quantity of sporting collector's cards - 2 small boxes

164.    Basket of brushes, brush sets, leather goods etc

165.    Large folder of Civil Defence handbooks and pamphlets

166.    Quantity of old diaries, miniature books and an autograph book

167.    8 assorted clocks and an embroidered dressing table set

168.    Large family bible A/F and 3 other religious books

169.    Hair clippers, scissors, cut throat razors etc

170.    Cased dessert knives, souvenir teaspoons and a quantity of plated cutlery etc

171.    4 Commemorative Royal Coronation books

172.    Onyx box, Wedgwood items, Royal Worcester dish, Delft figure, porcelain and trinket boxes

173.    Box of pottery and china including Royal Worcester egg coddlers

174.    Cut glass bowls and a vase - 7 pieces

175.    Coloured glass vases etc and 2 paperweights

176.    Good quantity of Denby Greenwheat tableware

177.    2 good cut glass decanters, set of 6 wine glasses and 5 whisky tumblers

178.    Poole pottery lamp, planter, ashtray and dishes etc

179.    Burleigh Ware jug "The Runaway Marriage", Radford handpainted jug, one other and a Rumtopf

180.    Crown Devon Cocker Spaniel wall plaque in excellent condition

181.    Crown Devon Alsation wall plaque - Modiste of Wolf Glen

182.    Webb-Corbett cut glass decanter, 5 full sets of matching glasses and a few odds

183.    Ships bell on bracket - Covesea 1909

184.    Large bell - Strathgyle Aberdeen 1928

185.    Pair of heavy ornate lion figures

186.    Original lead fire insurance plaque 1824

187.    Bronze Panda on a branch with marble base

188.    Art Deco figure of a Lady holding a ball

189.    Wooden case of sporting medallions

190.    Royal Copenhagen figure of a girl with her doll

191.    Royal Doulton Images figure God Bless You and one other

192.    3 Goebels figures - boy with violin, girl with geese and girl on fence

193.    5 assorted Goebels figures - all A/F

194.    Tray of cut glassware and 3 vases

195.    Royal Worcester and Aynsley china, other china, colourful glassware, Govancraft bowl and a copper kettle

196.    Large blue ceramic urn

197.    2 Russian military caps, one other and an ATC beret

198.    Novelty money bank

199.    Tray of Royal Doulton Frost Pine tableware

200.    Quantity of Royal Doulton Eastbrook tableware

201.    Art Deco style 3 piece silver plate tea set on an ornate oval plated tray

202.    Teak Lazy Susan and an unusual 2 tier teak cake/display stand

203.    Silver plate tray and cruet, glassware, stainless dishes and candle holders, vintage Christmas decorations and a clock etc

204.    Royal Albert Lavender Rose plates, Royal Stafford tea set and a Royal Adderley coffee set

205.    Ortlieb waterproof bike panniers, boxed Doulton dinnerware, radio and kitchenware

206.    Royal Doulton blue and floral toilet set

207.    Large quantity of cigarette cards and some albums

208.    4 cigarette card albums

209.    Large blue and white ceramic bowl and 5 framed prints of Victorian ladies

210.    Box of plated ware and glassware

211.    2 boxes of children's books and annuals

212.    Quantity of Image Comics - Gen-Thirteen, Freak Force etc

213.    Oak footstool, a small box of brassware including a railway lamp with an oval mirror and 3 pictures

214.    Royal Worcester hors d'oeuvres dish, Beswick celery dish, Sylvac onion pot and other china, ceramics

215.    Box and a bag of mixed books, box of LPs and a box of 45s

216.    Large crate of mainly classical LPs

217.    5 cases and a large box of LPs

218.    Box of DVDs

219.    Box of Marvel and DC comics

220.    Quantity of LPs

221.    Blue crate of 45s

222.    Books and posters on The Beatles

223.    Vintage car mechanics magazines, books and ephemera - 2 crates

224.    1930s frameless bevel edged mirror and one other

225.    Mahogany cased Singer sewing machine

226.    The British Thomson-Houston Co Ltd cine camera, once housed in and acquired from Doncaster cinema

227.    Stepladder, Workmate, strimmer, hedge trimmer and garden tools

228.    Regulator clock with domed top and carved flame mahogany decoration - 6'11" tall

229.    Oak Longcase twin-weight 8 day clock by Stanyer, Nantwich

230.    Under counter freezer

231.    Ryobi power saw and a circular saw

232.    Free Rider Mayfair mobility scooter

233.    Bosch Classixx condenser tumble dryer

234.    Vintage water boiler

235.    Tea trolley, wrought iron plant trough and a wrought iron decorative wall hanging

236.    Mobility walker with storage seat

237.    Folding wheelchair

238.    Electrolux Velocity Pet Lover 1800w upright vacuum cleaner

239.    Ercol oval oak drop leaf low table

240.    Ercol oval oak drop leaf low table

241.    Ercol oval oak drop leaf low table

242.    Rectangular oak coffee table with under tier

243.    Jones hand sewing machine, Combat vest and a protective suit

244.    Acoustic guitar in vinyl carry case and a black bag of film posters

245.    Modern pine illuminated display unit with double glass doors and 2 drawers - no shelves

246.    4 gents Italian faux leather jackets

247.    2 ladies Italian faux leather jackets, one gents jacket and a faux suede bomber jacket

248.    Pine double glass door wall mounted cupboard and a modern pine corner unit

249.    2 wooden stepladders, old scythe and garden tools

250.    Carved mahogany window table on triple dragon legs

251.    Square oak partners desk

252.    Kettle, canvas wardrobe, steam mop and a JML Go Chef

253.    5 light beech office tables

254.    Acoustic guitar and a Jim Reed guitar case

255.    JML halogen cooker

256.    IBM portable personal computer with manuals

257.    Tray of Denby and other mugs

258.    Modern inlaid mahogany glass top table in the form of a stack of books

259.    Samsung digi microwave

260.    Pair of Stanley toolboxes

261.    Clarke cased duo saw

262.    Pioneer and Aiwa subwoofer, DVD player and a Yamaha stereo receiver with remote

263.    Stitchmaster cased sewing machine

264.    ProLine fridge freezer

265.    4 ring electric cooker - oven door A/F

266.    Toshiba LCD TV

267.    Imperial Bluebird manual typewriter in leather case

268.    Wooden tray, Wharfedale speakers, scales and lamp etc

269.    Large box of plated ware

270.    2 radios, projector and a Stellaphone

271.    Box of metalware including a wind chime

272.    Box of pictures and frames, lockable wooden box and a pot cupboard

273.    Pair of The Hubsan X4

274.    Beatles LP, prints, placemats and a walking stick

275.    Panasonic music centre, various speakers on stands and a mini subwoofer

276.    Modern pine TV cabinet, 2 pine side tables

277.    Large Cartwheel

278.    Vintage pushchair

279.    Box of military clothing, boots and flags etc

280.    Ernest Gimson workshop light oak boardroom table - 8' x 3'4", in superb condition

281.    2 walking aids, folding table

282.    Dark grey corner computer work station

283.    Black glass computer desk

284.    Tansad vintage pram/pushchair

285.    Side table, clothes horse, box of vintage woodworking tools & garen tools, spirit level 

286.    Flame mahogany single door wardrobe

287.    5 piece walnut bedroom suite

288.    Revertable oak folding table

289.    3 gents jackets

290.    Oak triple sliding door bookcase

291.    Dark oak leaded glazed bookcase, lacking shelves

292.    Oak trestle table and an open bookcase

293.    Cricket bag and 3 pairs of golf shoes

294.    Oval mahogany wind-out dining table

295.    Imperial and Olivetti manual typewriters

296.    Kenwood, Technics and Sony separates together with a Tensai turntable

297.    Singer sewing machine A/F, watering cans, barbed wire etc and a quantity of garden tools

298.    Box of blow lamps, child's chair, workbox and firescreen

299.    3 cases of 78s and a box of railway sound recordings

300.    Oak drop leaf dining table

301.    Modern oval mahogany drinks table on 4 legs with brass claw feet

302.    Bentwood hat and coat stand

303.    Small oak side table and a stool

304.    Carved mahogany coat rack

305.    Shoe last, occasional table, ironing board and an airer

306.    Yukka plant, large framed mirror map and a bevel edged wall mirror

307.    3 small pine units

308.    Pine tripod table with circular top and a pine bedside unit

309.    Mahogany Canterbury and an occasional table

310.    Quantity of fishing rods and some pictures, prints

311.    Oak sideboard

312.    Bisley cream and brown 4 drawer filing cabinet

313.    Stained pine chest of 2 over 3 drawers

314.    Large oval oak gate leg dining table

315.    Pine drop leaf table, lacking drawer

316.    Small oak 2 tier drop leaf side table with bobbin legs

317.    Small oak corner cupboard with key

318.    Oval inlaid mahogany twin pedestal coffee table with glass top

319.    19th century chest of 3 + 2 drawers on bracket feet

320.    2 old record players

321.    Small oak 3 drawer chest and an oak 2 door cupboard

322.    Carved oak wardrobe with fitted interior

323.    Oak barley twist 3 piece bedroom suite with mirror door wardrobe

324.    Cane Moses crib on stand

325.    Pair of 1930s Art Deco style green and gold armchairs

326.    Cream and green 1930s 3 piece suite and 2 1930s brown armchairs

327.    Peugeot Premier racing bike

328.    Bamboo 3 piece conservatory suite and table

329.    Modern pine open bookcase with drawer below

330.    Modern wardrobe and a 3 drawer chest

331.    Modern pine blanket box

332.    Brightly painted child's chest of 3 drawers

333.    Raleigh Elswick ladies bike

334.    Raleigh gents bike

335.    2 single oak wardrobes

336.    Mat Larsson Swedish sheepskin and canvas coat

337.    Pair of gilt framed watercolours - street scene and an inn, Ernest George 1885

338.    Pine dresser, tall with 2 large drawers and open base

339.    Electric radiator, toolbox and contents

340.    Oak 2 drawer unit

341.    Cased fishing equipment

342.    Modern upholstered chaise longue

343.    Black executive high back computer chair

344.    Black with red piping computer chair

345.    Milk chocolate upholstered armchair

346.    Teal 3 seater sofa

347.    Cream leather 2 seater sofa

348.    20 stacking reception chairs

349.    Set of 4 Edwardian dining chairs and one other

350.    Grey metal single bed frames with 2 mattresses, modern oak effect low unit 

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