Saturday 15th August Starting At 9.30am

Collectors Sale - 310 LOTS (updated Friday 8.00am )

LOT 1 BMW R1200RT Motorbike, FD07 EFM, 19/07/2007, 12026 Miles, Silver/Black, 1 Owner, With Boxes, 2 Keys.
 LOT 2 Yamaha FJ1200 Motorbike, H421 FNR, 01/04/1991, 63683 Miles, Black/Blue, 3 Owners, MOT March 2016. 2 Keys
Both From A Local Deceased Estate
"Then Our Regular Weekly Sale"
Militaria, Ephemera, Collectors Items, Curios, Decorative Items, China, Pottery, Glassware, Porcelain, Miscellanea, Outside & Modern Effects, Furniture, Bygones/Vintage,Tools, Paintings, Clocks, Silver, Jewellery, Aviation & Motorbike Related Books & Prints, Shell Art, Camera & Stereo Equipment, Coins, Vinyl, Trunks, Retro Items, Scales, Old Street Sign, etc
Samick Grand Piano, Omega Gents Wristwatch
 Viewing Friday 14th August 12 Noon - 4.00pm And From 8.00am Morning Of Sale

1.         BMW R1200RT Motorbike, FD07EFM, 19/7/2007, 12026 miles, silver/black, 1 owner, 2 keys - with 2 panniers and back box - SORN

2.         Yamaha FJ1200 Motorbike, H421FNR, 01/04/1991, 63683 miles, black/blue, 3 owners, MOT March 2016, 2 keys - 1 pannier and 1 back box

2A.      Quantity of motorbike clothing - Gore Tex jacket, Gericke jacket, leather trousers, Swagman leather bag, Gloves, Waterproofs, Scarpa boots, bike covers

3.         Box of modern hardback motorbike books, motorbike magazines and DVDs

4.         3 motorbike models - super bike, custom classic and a BMW 1100RS

5.         6 motorbike models, bike lock, postcards and mug  

6.         Framed set of Golden Era motorbike collector's cards and a framed BSA advert

7.         Quantity of tin motorbike plaques, 3 pictures, a book and motorbike waterproofs

8.         Bose Wave radio system Passed Safety Test

9.         Small quantity of motorbike badges

10.       Tub of military belt buckles, German cigarette box, a belt and cloth badges etc

11.       Tub of ephemera, old German stamps, postcards etc and an Empire Baby "The Wonder" miniature boxed camera

12.       Small box of UK military badges, some silver

13.       9 German military theme rings, some silver

14.       Quantity of USA military badges (some silver), an unusual submarine badge and 2 Ypres bayonet badges

15.       Quantity of coins, German and British, some silver

16.       Tray of reproduction German military items

17.       Nice quantity of German military badges, medallions, stick pins etc

18.       Small box of German military badges - Flying Eagles, Army Assault etc, a Red Baron medallion, silver Kaiser brooch and Werner Molders 1941 medallion

19.       Quantity of USA medals including 2 Air Medals (1 boxed), US Achievement, Korean Defence medal, Distinguished Flying Cross, Africa Service etc

19A.    Great War pair of medals to 22037 A.Cpl. F Knight, West Riding Regiment & an REME glass mounted photograph with insignia  

20.       5 x 1914 Iron Crosses, one other medal, a Tombstone monument and a wooden plaque

21.       3 x 1939 Iron Crosses

22.       Great War Memories box (embossed Kreigs Erinnerungen 1914-15) inscribed "Wir Deutsche furchten Gott sonst nichts in der Weld" (We Germans fear God and nothing else in the World) containing a nice collection of German medals. Including Russian Winter campaign 1941/2, Austro Hungary "For God and Country 1914-18" and others

23.       2 commando daggers in sheaths with a book on the subject

24.       German dagger

25.       Butterfly knife, penknife and letter opener - all German military

26.       Amber coloured necklace  

27.       Blinker oxygen flow indicator, PDi meter, US Army Air Corps camera part, Ingersoll pocket watch and aluminum B17 plaque

28.       19th century ladies pocket watch on chain and a locket

29.       1980 proof half sovereign

30.       Large tub of many foreign coins, many nationalities, mostly modern currency

31.       Album of banknotes (mostly foreign, some GB, good condition) and a quantity of used foreign banknotes

32.       Tub of commemorative crowns and a tub of decimal coinage

33.       13 x GB proof coin sets

34.       16 x uncirculated coin collections

35.       Tub of uncirculated coin collections 

36.       Tub of mixed GB coins, tub of threepences, 3 x GB coin albums

37.       Festival of Britain 1951 coin set and 4 x Festival of Britain crowns

38.       Quantity of New Zealand coin sets

39.       6 x coin trays of good condition foreign coins

40.       3 x coin trays - Pre 47 silver threepences, Victorian and earlier copper, Farthings

41.       10 x £5 coins in good coin tray 

42.       Coin tray with good Pre 47 silver and copper plus silver Rupees etc

43.       2 good coin trays with crowns, halfcrowns (some very nice, blue tone), florins, shillings, sixpences, threepences - from George 6 to George 2

44.       Silver proof Silver Jubilee 1977 crown in box

45.       Quantity of mostly foreign coins

46.       5 pens and a cut-throat razor

47.       2 jewellery boxes of costume jewellery

48.       Hallmarked silver basket with pretty rose decoration - 189 grams

49.       Tray of glass scent bottles etc

50.       1930s vintage Imperial typewriter 

51.       Trench Art German plane

52.       Trench Art Great War German plane on wooden base stamped KB

53.       Trench Art Great War German plane with associated picture postcard

54.       2 small Trench Art Great War planes and a small wooden plane

55.       Trench Art lighter

56.       Trench Art spill holder with Nazi insignia

57.       Box of Trench Art pieces - cartridge cases, matchbox holder, 3 small planes etc

58.       Large heavy Trench Art ashtray - RASC 1944 with a Trench Art book

59.       Second World War 8" Altitude Correction Computer (for B-17) and an 8" True Air Speed Computer (B-17) both by G. Felsenthal, Chicago

60.       Audiotronic tape deck with microphone input & Dolby sound, 1980s 

61.       Album of Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart photographs and ephemera also many photographs of Second World War German aircraft etc

62.       Album of postcards and cigarette cards depicting German Great War aircraft and military portraits

63.       Album of scarce German military photographs and postcards, some with signatures

64.       1943 copy of Mein Kampf in German with dust jacket and 3 other wartime books on Hitler in German

65.       Second World War flask and a B-17 waist gun ammo box

66.       Pair of flying boots

66A.    Album containing US Army Air Corps photographs including B-17s flying over NYC and other military ephemera

67.       4 ornamental pistols

68.       A History of The 79th Armored Division, German biographies of Von Richtofen and other German Aces and German War and Flying booklets

69.       Bayonet

70.       Bayonet with German insignia

71.       Bayonet with German insignia

72.       2 boxes of books, mainly in German, on the Wars, Flying etc and a large military history volume

73.       .177 air rifle and one other A/F

74.       Samurai sword

75.       Late 1950/60s Omega gents wristwatch with stainless steel case  

76.       4 boxes of good modern books on Aircraft and Military and a box of related DVDs

77.       2 boxes of modern aircraft books, works on Hitler and Second War magazines

78.       Burke's Peerage, 107th edition, Scottish Clan Chiefs and Feudal Barons, 3 volumes

79.       Quantity of books on Churchill, politics, 3 volumes of Parliamentary Debates and various books on Harvard University

80.       History of The Great War in 10 volumes

81.       19th century carved mahogany Abraham & Co Opticians Liverpool stick barometer

82.       Large framed American Civil War print by Don Troiani - Jackson Is With You

83.       Large framed American Civil War print by Don Troiani - Brandy Station Review

84.       Framed print of Venice and one other market scene

85.       Mid-20th century brass sextant by Stanley 

86.       Artist's paint box

87.       Wicker basket of wooden items

88.       A work on Cult Watches by Michael Balfour

89.       Cottage ware biscuit barrel and a 1950s dressing table set

90.       Modern Spanish dinner service

91.       Various pieces of Royal Worcester Evesham tableware and colourful pottery

92.       Brass bound mahogany writing box, interior A/F, a carnival glass dish and a comport

93.       Set of 1930s soup bowls on stands

94.       Quantity of cut glasses, jugs, rose bowl, fruit bowl etc

95.       Tray of china and Beswick horses

96.       Oak barometer, fish cutlery, silver plate tea ware etc

97.       Quantity of old collectables - bird ashtray, old microphone etc

98.       2 model Mercedes cars

99.       Postcard album and contents

100.    Stamp album and stamps

101.    Georgian mahogany Serpentine front cutlery box with rising lid & paterae, star & chequer banded 

102.    3 modern works on Noel Coward

103.    Various leather bound poetry and classics

104.    Victorian brass bound bible

105.    Wooden Sphinx

106.    Large gilt metal Tiger

107.    Royal Albert tea set - Tenderness

108.    8 Beswick birds and a Corgi

109.    Various Country Artist's birds

110.    12 Titanic collector's plates

111.    1892 German work on Mountaineering, German Guide books and maps etc

112.    2 books on the subject of 11 September 2001

113.    Set of 1960/70s shop keepers scales by Avery, complete with pan & weights  

114.    Aynsley dinner service - Banquet

115.    Pipe rack and pipes

116.    Box of decorative china tableware

117.    Box of decorative china tableware - thimbles etc

118.    Box of decorative china tableware - Delft box etc

119.    Small quantity of Royal Crown Derby including napkin rings

120.    2 china tea sets

121.    Tray of decorative china tableware

122.    Set of tableware decorated with poppies

123.    2 Edwardian china tea sets

124.    Early 20th century hallmarked silver bachelors 3pc tea set

125.    Oak tray with horse's head and glassware

126.    Various cameras

127.    4 boxes of cigarette cards

128.    Copper kettle, coal bucket and a meat plate

129.    4 porcelain historical soldier figures

130.    Bird and animal figures, porcelain goatherd etc

131.    Carnival bowl, Capo Dimonte figure, others, dogs and 2 ornate porcelain ornaments A/F

132.    Vienna wall clock

133.    Light oak wall clock

134.    Oak framed photograph of Lloyd George with facsimile signature

135.    Framed photograph of Sir Winston Churchill

136.    Framed photograph of The Titanic leaving Belfast

137.    Maple framed colour print of American Tea brands

138.    Mid-century vintage Noah’s Ark, complete with wooden animals, by Good-Wood 

139.    Two 1930s frameless mirrors

140.    2 framed photographs of US planes - one signed by the pilot

141.    Large framed limited edition print by Robert Taylor "Phantom Showtime" signed by the artist and 2 pilots

142.    Signed photograph of a German plane over The Alps and a print of German planes and pilots signed Gunter Rall and the artist

143.    A large Native mask

144.    Pair of charming 1920s gilt framed watercolours of children

145.    2 boxes of mixed linen, bags etc

146.    Quantity of Royal Albert Old Country Roses tea ware including teapot

147.    Box of misc china and glass

148.    Quantity of cutlery

149.    14 model cars in a small showcase

150.    2 boxes of mixed china and glass with a food processor

151.    Box of theatre books and programmes

152.    Old Street sign – “Tennyson Street” – possibly from Liverpool 

153.    2 boxes of toys

154.    2 boxes of glass, china, chess set etc

155.    2 large boxes of LPs, all with sleeves signed by the artists

156.    2 boxes of retro handbags and purses

157.    Small plastic retro Philips record player

158.    Steins, pair of vases, figure etc

159.    Small quantity of 1960s LPs

160.    Model cable car and racing game - as new

161.    3 boxed Corgi model aircraft

161A.  2 sets of limited edition American Civil War figures and 4 boxed sets of Oryon hand-painted model soldiers

162.    Various boxed model vehicles

163.    12 model fighter planes

164.    4 Oriental style vases and a Japanese figure group

165.    Box of figures

166.    Late 19th century/early 20th century French black slate 8 day mantel clock in the Architectural style, with striking movement  

167.    Box of sporting books and a box of Observer books

168.    3 briefcases

169.    7 boxes of mixed books

170.    3 boxes of mixed tools

171.    Hunting Scenes by Cecil Aldin, first edition 1936

172.    2 dark blue Royal Doulton vases

173.    Specimen marble top depicting parrot and blossom in agates

174.    Sony video camera and 3 Praktica cameras with lenses and tripod

175.    3 cameras - Olympus, Mamiya SLR with lenses and a digital camera

176.    6 various cameras

177.    Rare pair of Great War German Kaiserliche Marine U-Boat Voightlander 7 x 50 binoculars, stamped "U 9"

178.    4 pairs of military binoculars

179.    Pilot's survival knife, an old air pistol and a Smith's 8 day vintage car clock

180.    Horn Skull cane and one other

181.    Oak smoker's cabinet and a mahogany shelf clock

182.    Shirley Bassey. Val Doonican, Sacha Distel LPs, all signed

183.    White figure of an eagle on marble plinth

184.    Royal Doulton figure - Lady Charmain

185.    Royal Doulton figure - Leading Lady

186.    Royal Doulton figure - Invitation

187.    Royal Doulton figure - Paisley Shawl

188.    Good size Beswick Jack Russell

189.    Small Lladro figure of a Scottie Dog and a Nao figure of Mother and Child

190.    2 retro radios and 2 1980s radio cassette players

191.    4 leather briefcases, an oak mantel clock and a file

192.    Cycle locks, pressure gauge, lamp and misc

193.    The Century Book of Gardening, 2 volumes  

194.    19th century heavy brass oil lamp

195.    Large pair of brass ecclesiastical candlesticks

196.    18" high brass jug with cover depicting Henry IV

197.    Heavy gilt framed oil of sailing ships and cliffs

198.    Set of 4 hand coloured Leicestershire hunting prints dated 1824 - Billesdon Coplow, Whissendine Pasture, Kettleby and Kirby Gate

199.    Large framed signed David Shepherd print - A Pride of Lions

200.    Ben Maile - pair of framed limited edition military prints entitled The Thin Red Line and A Time Of Glory, both signed by the artist

201.    Framed marine print by Kenneth Jepson

202.    Large pair of gilt and velvet framed French Romantic prints

203.    7 various framed old photographs - train, Relief of Dungaryan, boat etc

204.    8 highly coloured modern art prints in silver frames

205.    2 gilt framed scenes - gun dog and rural

206.    Lumbers of Leicester 1930s walnut cased 8 day longcase clock with chrome Art Deco numbers and pendulum

207.    Samick Baby Grand Piano

208.    Good example of a carved hall chair

209.    Slim oak cheval mirror

210.    Curved stone garden bench

211.    1950s angle poise desk lamp

212.    3 boxes of mixed tools - a good quantity

213.    Double extending metal ladder and stabilisers

214.    Tesco fridge freezer Passed Safety Test

215.    Small Iceking fridge freezer Passed Safety Test

216.    Zanussi double oven electric cooker with ceramic hob

217.    Asda microwave and a Russell Hobbs microwave - both as new

218.    Pacific microwave Passed Safety Test

219.    Bosch Maxx washing machine Passed Safety Test and a Hoover floor polisher

220.    Electric radiator, 3 other heaters, Deck music system, pizza oven and Sharp microwave Passed Safety Tests

221.    Samsung 40" HD ready flatscreen TV, 2 DVD players and VHS etc Passed Safety Test

222.    Garden chipper/shredder 1600w Passed Safety Test

223.    Tall Logik fridge freezer Passed Safety Test

224.    CDs, portable gas cooker, extension block, cool box, small table etc

225.    Panasonic midi system and 2 radios

226.    Pine dressing table

227.    Modern pine bookcase and 2 tier coffee table

228.    Carved oak gramophone cabinet

229.    Singer treadle sewing machine

230.    3 bundles of garden tools

231.    Large pair of decorated mirrors

232.    Leather bound case

233.    Glazed mahogany bookcase

234.    Gilt effect overmantel mirror and a pair of bamboo bookends

235.    Long 1960s teak sideboard

236.    Good quality light oak sideboard

237.    Teak coffee table, white wicker shelf and old stool

238.    Light oak unit

239.    5 tennis racquets, a bowler hat and 2 others

240.    Corby trouser press, 3 tier cake stand and 2 white metal racks

241.    Garden tools, drill stand and wire

242.    3 old wooden Guernsey tomato boxes and an occasional table

243.    Garrard 1980s music system in reproduction cabinet

244.    Modern pine kitchen table

245.    Samsung flatscreen TV on 3 tier black glass stand Passed Safety Test

246.    V-Fit portable mini bike and a Singer electric sewing machine

247.    Cantilever tool box, 3 way ladder, 4 step ladders, work mate, relaxer chair

248.    2 boxes and a bin of household electricals, kitchenware, 2 tier glass stand

249.    Oak cased wind-up gramophone

250.    Eastern style carved stool

251.    5 boxes of cutlery, china, ornaments and misc

252.    Panasonic receiver, subwoofer, speakers

253.    3 socket sets

254.    Chrome 1960s hat stand and a brass effect lantern on stand

255.    Oak sideboard converted to a music cabinet with Thorens turntable, Sansui separates and Mordaunt Short speakers with stands

256.    Oak sideboard and a single wardrobe

257.    Oak 3 piece bedroom suite

258.    Ceramic stick stand

259.    Presto Multi Purpose Dining-Lounge Table by Sensinwood Ltd Liverpool

260.    1960s teak 3 piece bedroom suite with copper handles (dressing table in need of attention)

261.    Red formica top 1960s drop leaf kitchen table

262.    Next of 3 tables, Singer cased sewing machine, small step ladder and a bathroom cabinet

263.    Slim oak drop leaf table, one other, stand and tapestry firescreen

264.    Large brass effect cabin trunk

265.    Large cabin trunk

266.    Old picnic box and 2 large wicker baskets

267.    Small brass top table, 3 gilt clocks, wicker linen bin, wine table and candlestick

268.    5 boxes of LPs

269.    Oak draw leaf table

270.    Oak barley twist draw leaf table - a good solid example

271.    Large bound slice of tree trunk - carved 'World War One 1914-18'

272.    Tools, light shades, jelly mould, mask, door handles and misc

273.    Mahogany gate leg table

274.    Quantity of old tools including sweeps rods etc

275.    Old cabin trunk with Canadian Pacific labels

276.    5 Shepherd's crooks and a walking stick

277.    2 music stands, a microphone stand and a tambourine

278.    Oak dressing chest

279.    2 Roberts radios, one other and a Squire amp

280.    Aynsley bowl, glass, odd china and 3 clocks

281.    Box of china, glass, 45s etc and a wicker picnic set

282.    Box of tools, odds, bundle of walking sticks, 2 mirrors and a picture

283.    Quantity of games

284.    2 boxes of kitchen and household items

285.    Small box of DVDs

286.    2 boxes of kitchen and household items

287.    As new albums, frames, paints, misc, PSX steering wheel, Canon DVD camcorder etc

288.    Elnet electric sewing machine and a Singer electric sewing machine

289.    Dragon 32 Family Computer, printers and accessories

290.    Trolley jack, old jacks, axle stand and various tools

291.    Framed prints, odd china, glass and misc (3 boxes)

292.    3 boxes of mixed glass, ornaments, cameras etc and a box of cutlery

293.    3 boxes of mixed china and glass

294.    Pair of Victorian carved mahogany button back armchairs and one other

295.    Tan leather 3 seater button back Chesterfield settee

296.    Pair of tan leather button back library chairs - some wear to arms

297.    Modern pale green leather swivel chair with electric back massager and footstool

298.    Pair of Edwardian dining chairs and one other

299.    3 Ercol stickback chairs

300.    Set of 4 modern pine farmhouse style chairs

301.    Set of modern pine farmhouse style chairs

302.    Pair of 1960s melamine and chrome kitchen chairs

303.    Wing fireside chair

304.    Set of 4 oak dining chairs

305.    Carboy, fish poacher and a Hoover Aqua 15 


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If you cannot attend a sale in person you can leave a commission, or “absentee” bid with a member of staff.


Payment terms at Churchgate Auctions are as per the requirements of the individual sale (please contact us for further details).

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