Saturday 20th June - 350 Lots, First Lot 9.30am
 To Include 4 Vehicles
         Mercedes 300 SD LHD, EEG 286Y, Full MOT, 37803 Miles, In Superb Condition, Registered in UK 31/12/1982, Collected from Manufacturers in June 1981, from a local deceased estate.
Being sold without buyers premium

        MGB Roadster 1966, 1798cc, 01/08/66. Restoration project, with a vast array of parts, spares and accessories, from a local deceased estate. 15% buyers premium applies

        Morris Minor 1000, 19/07/1961, WAS 345,  black, 4 door, De-Luxe saloon, original receipt and warranty, 87375 miles. 15% buyers premium applies,         

VW Fox 55, 29/01/2010, FD59 DXZ, blue, 3 door hatchback, petrol, 7900 miles, 1198cc, MOT until 10/05/2016. From a local deceased estate. 15% buyers premium applies  

 All From Local Deceased Estates
Vehicles Being Sold At 9.30am
Followed By
 Top Of The Range Sony Stereo Equipment & 6 x 200w Speakers
  6 x Sony APM66ES MKII Speakers, 4 x Sony 55ES Power Amps, Sony DAT Player, Sony X55ES CD player & Others, Sony 1000ESD Amp, Sony 730ES Tuner, LCD TVs, Home Cinema System By Bose, The Aria Modular Hi-Fi Table Systems
  "Then Our Regular Weekly Sale"
 House Clearance Effects & Collectables, Furniture Old & New, China, Pottery, Glassware, Ceramics, Bygones/Vintage, Tools, Fishing Equipment, White Ware, Mirrors, Pictures, Ephemera, Other Old Car Parts & Accessories, Outdoor Effects.
 Viewing Friday 19th June 12 Noon - 4.00pm And From 8.00am Sale Day

1.         Mercedes 300 SD LHD, EEG 286Y, Full MOT, 37803 Miles, In Superb Condition, Registered in UK 31/12/1982, Collected from Manufacturers in June 1981, from a local deceased estate. Being sold without buyers premium

2.         MGB Roadster 1966, 1798cc, 01/08/66. Restoration project, with a vast array of parts, spares and accessories, from a local deceased estate. 15% buyers premium applies

3.         Morris Minor 1000, 19/07/1961, WAS 345,  black, 4 door, De-Luxe saloon, original receipt and warranty, 87375 miles. 15% buyers premium applies,

4.         VW Fox 55, 29/01/2010, FD59 DXZ, blue, 3 door hatchback, petrol, 7900 miles, 1198cc, MOT until 10/05/2016. From a local deceased estate. 15% buyers premium applies 

5.         Car towing dolly

6.         Quantity of car parts - part dashboard, light units, motor, chains, filters, wheel etc (Lots 6 & 7 are unrelated to the above vehicles)

7.         Quantity of car parts - door trims, window, steering wheel, lights, radios etc

8.         Dieseltune Smokemeter DX210

9.         Superb Sony Stereo Equipment on a modular hi-fi table system - comprising, 4 x Sony 55ES power amplifiers, Sony 1000ESD control amplifier, Sony X55ES CD player, Sony 730ES tuner, Sony Betamax VCR, Sony DAT 55ES player, Sony Laserdisc player, Philips 212 Turntable, 6 x Sony APM 66ES MKII speakers (1 speaker appears to be faulty), Sony Triniton TV, Sony SA-W90 sub woofer, side speakers and a Jamo center speaker. Please ask for a demonstration available.

10.       Hallmarked silver sugar sifter - 8" high

11.       Engraved hallmarked silver cigarette case and an old silver banded fork

12.       Quantity of hallmarked silver items - thimbles, fob, napkin ring, lockets, bangle, pill box etc

13.       Box of misc hallmarked silver items

14.       Silver charm bracelet with 15 charms

15.       Tiny 18ct white gold and gemstone star on silver chain

16.       2 Birmingham 1915 Hukin & Heath silver spoons, 2 pairs of silver sugar nips, silver candlestick and other silver pieces

17.       Fox tie pin and various pieces of scrap gold

18.       Large Victorian fob with yellow stone and 2 pairs of earrings A/F

19.       9ct and platinum ring and 2 others

19A.    18 carat Gold and Platinum 3 diamond ring

20.       Box of earrings

21.       Mother of pearl compact and beads

22.       Olive wood box of Rosaries and St Christophers

23.       Chinese plate of brooches

24.       Good quantity of badges

25.       2 Great War medals to Pte A T Costello Lancashire Fus., miniature photograph, silver badges etc

26.       Ornate jewel box and contents

27.       Inlaid walnut writing box of whistles, pocket watches, pocket knives and odds

28.       Good quantity of mixed wristwatches, lighters and cufflinks

29.       Quantity of fountain pens

30.       Box of mixed coins and tokens with a small quantity of pre 47 and a Page £10 banknote

31.       Good quantity of modern crowns etc

32.       1963 Leicester City v Manchester United Wembley programme and others

33.       2 boxes of costume jewellery

34.       Milbro repeater air pistol

35.       Tub of costume jewellery

36.       Tub of costume jewellery

37.       "Piano" jewel box of costume jewellery

38.       Longines stainless steel wristwatch and others, miniature wood plane, gauge, "hand" pipe etc

39.       Box of dolls and a box of mixed pots

40.       Crate of LPs and 78s

41.       Dare Devil Trik-Trak

42.       Box of miniature cottages and a display shelf of small china items

43.       3 boxes of linen, as new shirts, bags and toiletries

44.       Old games, model planes etc

45.       Old cased banjo

46.       Collector's plate depicting Nelson

47.       Modern 3 bottle tantalus

48.       Novelty Kawasaki motorbike telephone and a large repro onyx phone

49.       5 good model cars

50.       Reproduction Wyatt Earp .44 revolver and display mount

51.       Large ornamental Sword of Charlemagne, 3 repro Samurai swords, a sabre and an ornate cased dagger

52.       Finely bound copy of The Sphere 1919 and 4 other old books

53.       3 large boxes of pots, glass and household items

54.       Large quantity of LPs - Not Crate

55.       Box of old misc, coffee grinder, barometer and pewter tray etc

56.       Masons plates, vase, ornamental flowers etc

57.       Tray of crested china items

58.       Large glazed jug and an Oriental figure

59.       Quantity of glass animals and other glassware

60.       Quantity of silver plate items, tureen, wine bottle holder etc and a quantity of cutlery

61.       Attractive china tableware etc

62.       Small quantity of 1930s pottery

63.       Most attractive 3 piece tea set in the form of a Cottage

64.       2 trays of cut and other glassware, china plate, leaf dish etc

65.       Quantity of modern Denby tableware and an Old Hall stainless tea set

66.       Quantity of modern Royal Doulton Wild Cherry tableware

67.       Edwardian and other attractive china tableware

68.       Tray of green glass, ornaments, old photograph etc

69.       Small quantity of children's books, marbles and misc

70.       Copper kettle, Wedgwood style jardiniere and a painted glass vase

71.       Military photographs and modern war books

72.       Copy of Beattie's The Waldenses 1838 with engravings by Bartlett, half calf

73.       Louth, William. A Commentary Upon The Prophet Ezekiel, 1723 London, full calf

74.       Deed box of photographs and ephemera including 1963 Daily Mail reporting Kennedy's assassination

75.       Old suitcase of photographs and postcards

76.       Large Eagle Owl by Franklin Mint on wooden base

77.       Beswick Great Dane

78.       Victorian inkwell, cranberry sugar sifter, blue glass basket and a chrome cigarette box

79.       Quantity of corkscrews in silver plate bowl

80.       Rulers, old spirit levels and other small tools

81.       Box of fishing flies

82.       Cased clarinet

83.       Plaque depicting Madonna and child

84.       2 boxes of old collectables

85.       Meat plate, Beswick birds, Royal Crown Derby dishes etc

86.       Large silver plate tray standing on 4 feet, brass bugle, gong and jardiniere

87.       Small quantity of 5" 78 records, children's, from the Victorian age

88.       Old wicker basket, candlestick, humidor etc

89.       Attractive tea set, fruit sets and other tableware

90.       Box of misc ceramics etc

91.       Small quantity of glass animals and 2 paperweights

92.       2 attractive vases

93.       Tray of commemorative mugs, modern clock set, figures etc

94.       Large piggy bank and a Yorkshire Terrier figure

95.       Box of 45s

96.       Good quantity of mixed cutlery including sets

97.       Green glass lustre

98.       Box of fans

99.       Various cut glass vases etc and an art glass vase

100.    2 attractive china tea sets

101.    Good quality cut glass decanter and a ruby glass vase

102.    Tray of carved wooden boxes and 3 clocks

103.    Boxed sets of glasses, large glass paperweight and others

104.    Box of Aynsley and other china, glass etc

105.    Box of carnival and other glass

106.    Tray of commemorative ware, glass and china

107.    Old Primus stove, miners lamp, oil lamp etc

108.    Carved wood elephant box, elephant, native, mask and kukri A/F

109.    Three 1930s mantel clocks and one other

110.    Tray of attractive china etc

111.    Set of 3 brass flying ducks and a hanging glass shade

112.    2 Oriental silks, a Leicester map and 4 various prints

113.    Set of 3 black & white Welsh engravings and a view of Rockingham Castle

114.    Two 1930s sailing prints

115.    1930s gilt sunburst mirror, dome top mirror and one other

116.    Quantity of mirrors and prints

117.    Oriental charger

118.    Jack Russell watercolour, 2 framed prints and a gilt framed mirror

119.    Scarborough's Map of England and Wales showing railways and steamship lines 

120.    Sewing baskets, tins and boxes of sewing equipment accessories

121.    Nursery lamp, cherub candle holder, 2 Oriental figures, ornate box and jardiniere

122.    Large ornate Oriental style vase

123.    Blue glass Whitefriars (?) bottle vase with stopper

124.    Victorian taxidermy pair of wood pigeons in original domed glass display case

125.    2 old air rifles

126.    11 large bags of bubble wrap

127.    Losol ware jardiniere

128.    Royal Worcester Moments figurine - Friendship

129.    Royal Doulton Pretty Ladies Ella and a Coalport figure A/F

130.    Set of 6 Babycham glasses from the 1950s

131.    The Imperial Puppy of Satsuma by Franklin Mint and a horse figure

132.    2 colourful Quimper plates (one slight crack)

133.    3 Le Creuset pans

134.    Minolta and Pentax SLR cameras, lenses, cases and accessories

135.    Box of 33 Rock / Music DVDs

136.    Box of 50 film DVDs

137.    Griffin microscope (complete) and a box of prepared slides

138.    Quantity of Wade whimsies

139.    Attractive Phoenix china tea set and a crinoline lady coffee set

140.    Blue glass vase engraved with a Hummingbird

141.    Sobell stereo radiogram with turntable

142.    Crate of assorted old tins

143.    Crate of stainless steel pans and kitchenware

144.    Wicker baskets, child's peacock chair and small side table

145.    2 boxes of kitchenware, Pyrex dishes, Hornsea spice jars etc

146.    Box of china tableware, box of assorted glass and a box of misc

147.    3 boxes and a basket of misc pots, glass and china with a small suitcase

148.    2 boxes of household ceramics, pictures, wooden box, linen and books etc

149.    Large ceramic charger, one other and a box of ceramics and tablemats

150.    Ladies fur jacket

151.    Small box of old tins, metalware, wooden boxes and old small cupboard

152.    Brass and copper kettles, jugs, bellows etc

153.    Box and a crate of china, pottery and ornaments etc

154.    Crate and 2 boxes of pots, glassware and ornaments and a box set of 18 glasses

155.    2 boxes of household misc, glassware and pots

156.    Box of assorted vases and a box of china

157.    Box of CDs, DVDs and books

158.    Old suitcase containing large old family bible and other old books

159.    Suitcase of old sports equipment, stamps and misc odds

160.    Royal Worcester, Denby and Wade pottery etc and a crate of brassware

161.    Small suitcase of old indentures, photographs and ephemera

162.    Miniature toy figures, Shove Ha'penny board, Airfix model, cars and games etc 

163.    Large quantity of ladies bags, shoes, hosiery, hat box and hats, faux fur coat etc

164.    Various dolls and a teddy

165.    Enamel ware and retro kitchenware

166.    Crate and 2 boxes of vases, pottery, metalware, cutlery, pictures and ornaments etc

167.    Tools and toolboxes, B&D drill etc

168.    Small suitcase of collectables

169.    Glass light shades, vases, lamp and fairy figures etc

170.    Sony movie projector, Toei projector, Toei recorder, reels and a screen

171.    Bush Monarch portable record player

172.    Bell & Howell movie projector, Hi-Lite slide projector and one other

173.    Gaf 501 automatic slide projector and a Majestic reel to reel tape recorder

174.    2 fishing boxes and contents, keep nets, bag of rods etc

175.    Sylvac beetroot and apple sauce pots, storage jars and china tableware

176.    Box and a crate of china, copper, silver plate, Scrabble game etc

177.    2 crates of china, glassware, miniature spirits and ornaments etc

178.    Cowley Automatic level in case, UX Bomb Detector, Konica camera and lenses etc

179.    Greyline and Kodak cine projectors, rifle sight, 2 tri-ang power units etc

180.    Indesit 6kg tumble dryer Passed Safety Test

181.    Zanussi Jetsystem 1200 washing machine Passed Safety Test

182.    Haier dishwasher Passed Safety Test

183.    Hover mower and strimmer

184.    Invacare lightweight folding wheelchair

185.    Agricultural weighing scales

186.    Servis fridge in green Passed Safety Test

187.    Sony midi system and a Sharp microwave Passed Safety Test

188.    Hotpoint Aquarius 1200 washer dryer

189.    Hotpoint Future Frost Free fridge freezer Passed Safety Test

190.    Ornate 1930s frameless mirror with scalloped edge and etched flower design and a 12 sided frameless mirror

191.    Two 1930s frameless mirrors

192.    Copper scuttle and pot, brass companion set, 2 tier stand, fireguard and stool

193.    Drop leaf formica top kitchen table

194.    As new boxed Canon Pixma iP2600 printer and a boxed convector heater

195.    Pioneer separates and speakers, ghetto blaster, portable power point and a mini TV

196.    Miniature chest of 3 drawers, old tool box and a slim glazed display case

197.    Brass coal scuttle, copper jug and bowl and a small crate of plated ware

198.    President 31 day clock and 5 other clocks

199.    Wolf Sapphire 18v battery powered hedge and edge trimmer

200.    Sony turntable, car stereo, wireless headphones and a DAB radio passed safety test

201.    Black glass 3 tier TV stand and 2 CD players

202.    Horse brasses, candlesticks, horse plaque, stone flagon, picture clock etc

203.    Kenwood food mixer, hand blender, mini chopper etc

204.    Medion laptop (Windows 7) in carry case with accessories

205.    M. O. D. ammunition box and an old fuel can

206.    Royal Brierley rose bowl, green glass jar, large vases etc and a large dog figure 

207.    Aiwa mini system, lamps and a footspa

208.    Small quantity of DVDs, shipping magazines and a box of books

209.    Good quantity of LPs

210.    Philips 42" Matchline FlatTV, FlatTV receiver, Philips DVD recorder, 2 others, VCR, in a Home Cinema Sound (by Bose) cabinet

211.    Teak buffet sideboard

211A.  Phillips 32" LCD TV with remote and manuals 

212.    2 tier plant stand, washboard and a wicker linen bin

213.    Wooden 12 drawer cabinet

214.    Modern mahogany corner unit with dentile cornice

215.    Oak barley twist 3 tier tea trolley and a pink woven bedside cabinet

216.    Garden croquet set, picnic basket, chrome towel rail and a Fire drill triangle

217.    1920s oak side by side bureau

218.    1920s oak side by side bureau

219.    Encore electric guitar and a Classico acoustic guitar

220.    Table lamp, coloured hanging glass shades and others etc

221.    Small light oak 3 drawer bedside unit

222.    Tin travel trunk A/F

223.    Good quantity of fishing equipment - rods, nets, reels, boxes etc

224.    As new Hammock

225.    Beelee waterfall tap, brass door fittings, scales etc

226.    Planter, large blue dish, fisherman figure and other ceramics

227.    Crate of old children's annuals and books

228.    2 blue crates of Viz and Whizzer comics

229.    2 old leather bound books and 4 others

230.    Modern fold over top table

231.    Large pine double door wardrobe

232.    Yellow formica drop leaf table, footstool, tea trolley and drop front unit

233.    Large red patterned carpet

234.    Stylish 1960s 6 drawer chest with brass handles

235.    Old painted pine cabinet

236.    Victorian mahogany mirror door wardrobe - cornice A/F

237.    Art Deco Eavestaff mini piano and stool

238.    Good quantity of assorted rugs

239.    Ornate brass framed oval mirror and a 1930s frameless mirror

240.    Gilt framed circular mirror and an Art Deco mirror

241.    Walnut piecrust top coffee table on ball and claw feet

242.    1960s teak tile top coffee table, rose picture and a suitcase

243.    Pink Lloyd Loom Lusty ottoman and a lamp shade and stool within

244.    3 wooden stepladders, projector screen, warming pans, roof rack and wicker basket etc

245.    Edwardian maroon upholstered 3 seat sofa

246.    Raleigh Rave mountain bike

247.    Oval teak extending dining table and 6 matching chairs

248.    Gilt framed picture, 1960s green woven tub chair and a sewing box

249.    Large 2 tier teak tea trolley, ewbank, fire guard and small step ladder 

250.    Mahogany 2 tier window table

251.    Lateral thigh trainer

252.    Shirehorse and cart, model ship and model car

253.    Quantity of motoring brochures - list in box

254.    Box of Wedgwood, plates, bag of old invoices and an Airfix Lancaster

255.    2 boxes of vases, jugs, flower holder, umbrella, jar and planter

256.    Garden lights and a mitre saw

257.    Tray of commemorative ware and jugs etc

258.    2 Ashton Drake porcelain dolls

259.    Box of 11 pottery bears

260.    Kalika Bear - Raspberry

261.    Kalika Bear - Storm

262.    Bonnie Bear - Sammy

263.    1930s oak mantel clock

264.    1930s oak mantel clock

265.    Napoleon hat mantel clock

266.    Napoleon hat mantel clock

267.    Annette Funcello collectable bear

268.    Cambrian mohair bear - Winnie

269.    Large handmade brown bear

270.    Good quantity of souvenir teaspoons

271.    Pal Junior camera, Kodak Brownie camera and a titanium picture

272.    4 large Victorian meat plates

273.    4 door metal index cabinet

274.    5 old suitcases and a floral trunk

275.    Box of glass, pots, clock etc

276.    2 boxes of stainless steel pans, kitchenware etc and a bread maker

277.    Circular 2 tier teak coffee table with glass top

278.    Circular glass top teak coffee table with centre storage by Nathan Furniture

279.    Painted dressing table mirror, dining chair, folding table and a brass magazine rack

280.    Hermes 3000 portable typewriter

281.    Mahogany cased Vickers sewing machine

282.    1970s white and teak effect buffet sideboard

283.    Tea trolley, 1960s shaped coffee table and a nest of 3 tables

284.    Large Oriental vase decorated with carp on bentwood stand

285.    Mahogany cantilever sewing box and contents, artist's easel and a walking stick

286.    Singer treadle base with oak top

287.    Oak fall front bureau with fitted interior

288.    Small 2 tier formica top table, coffee table, leather pouffe and a pink lamp

289.    Oak pot cupboard and a copper firescreen

290.    1970s teak fall front unit, 4 drawer chest, bedside cupboard

291.    Olivetti Dora typewriter in wooden case

292.    1940s veneered 4 piece bedroom suite

293.    1950s orange vinyl bench stool and a blue painted stool

294.    5 various framed pictures and prints

295.    6 highly ornate carved upholstered dining chairs (one A/F)

296.    Set of 4 light beech dining chairs

297.    Pair of green low wing back armchairs

298.    Pair of green low wing back armchairs

299.    Pair of green low wing back armchairs

300.    Blue woven bedroom chair and gold wicker nursing chair

301.    Pair of brown faux leather chairs and 2 oak dining chairs

302.    Hardwood garden bench

303.    2 black and chrome bar stools with a chrome and glass shelf unit

304.    Pair of darkwood high stools and one other

305.    1920s green painted folding chair

306.    2 single memory foam mini mattresses

307.    Napoleon hat mantel clock, mahogany and marble rise and fall wine table, 2 small footstools

308.    Ensign standard enlarger, portable enlarger, small quantity of colour slides

309.    Pair of hardwood garden steamer chairs 

No Sale Saturday 27th June

Saturday 4th July - 350 Lots


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Payment terms at Churchgate Auctions are as per the requirements of the individual sale (please contact us for further details).

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