Saturday 15th August 325 Lots Starting At 9.30am
Militaria/Collectables/General Household Effects
The First 90 Lots Are Online. Lots 91 - 325 Next Week
Viewing Thursday 13th 12 Noon - 3.00pm & Friday 14th August 12 Noon - 4.00pm And From 8.30am Sale Day

Anyone Not Wanting To Attend Is Reminded That Absentee/Commission/Telephone* Bids Are Most Welcome

Face Coverings Must Be Worn. We Have A Social Distancing Programme In Place, Please Respect This And Adhere To The Signage On Premises. 

Lot 1 - 72 - A one owner collection of Militaria, we offer this as possibly containing copies/replicas. Please ask for extra photos or condition reports to satisfy yourselves as all sold as seen.

1.         German WWII style Teno pennant

2.         German WWII style RLB Air Raids pennant

3.         German WWII style Teno pennant

4.         German WWII style Party NSDAP pennant

5.         German WWII style SS car pennant

6.         German WWII style Battle Flag 5 x 3 ft

7.         German WWII style Party Flag 5 x 3 ft

8.         German WWII style Deutches Kreuz in gold, maker marked No 1 in fitted case

9.         German WWII style Deutches Kreuz in silver, maker marked No 1 in fitted case

10.       German WWII style Iron Cross 1st Class in fitted case

11.       German WWII style Iron Cross 2nd Class

12.       German WWII style Luftwaffe Pilots badge in box

13.       German WWII style Luftwaffe Observers badge in box

14.       German WWII style Luftwaffe Paratroopers clasp

15.       German WWII style Luftwaffe Herman Goring plaque

16.       German WWII style Luftwaffe Flak badge

17.       German WWII style Panzer Assault badge

18.       German WWII style Infantry Assault badge

19.       German WWII style General Assault badge

20.       German WWII style Blockage Breakers badge

21.       German WWII style Spanish Azul Division Volunteers on Russian Front

22.       German WWII style Minesweepers badge

23.       German WWII style Social Welfare & War Merit medal

24.       German Waffen SS Belt Buckle RZM Marked

25.       German WWII style Iron Cross Spange

26.       German WWII style General Assault badge "25" Engagement

27.       German WWII style SS Sports badge

28.       German WWII style U-Boat Close Combat

29.       German WWII style Luftwaffe Bomber Clasp in filled case

30.       German WWII style Luftschutz Air Raid Bravery Decoration

31.       German WWII style Ostvolk Eastern People 1st

32.       Withdrawn

33.       German WWII style Luftwaffe Sea Battle badge

34.       German WWII style Olympics Berlin 1936 Order

35.       German WWII style Mothers Cross in silver

36.       German WWII style Spanish Cross in bronze, cased

37.       German WWII style Red Cross armband

38.       Great War British sword bayonet

39.       Great War Bowie knife

40.       Vietnam war bayonet in scabbard 

41.       German WWII style Wehrmacht Belt Buckle

42.       Imperial German WWI Iron Cross 1st Class, cased

43.       Imperial German WWI Iron Cross 2nd Class, cased

44.       Imperial German WWI Tank badge, cased

45.       Imperial German WWI Red Cross Armband 1916

46.       British WWI Trench Whistle 1914 dated

47.       British Union of Fascists (Oswald Mosley) Blackshirts lapel badge

48.       British Union of Fascists (BUF) Blackshirts pennant

49.       British WWII SAS Beret badge

50.       ARP Armband

51.       2 x Free French WWII badges

52.       WWII Paratroopers Wings

53.       Chindit Far East patch

54.       2 x Combined OPS badges D-Day

55.       RAF Squadron Base Flag, Air Ministry 1940

56.       RAF Pilots Wings & badges

57.       RAF Winged Boot (for those who walked home after being shot down)

58.       RAF Goldfish Club badge (for those rescued at sea, plus AM marked dingy rescue whistle)

59.       RAF Bomber Command medal clasp, recently issued and with official slip

60.       RAF Medical Armband, AM 1940

61.       WLA Land Army Armband

62.       Turkish Ottoman Red Crescent Armband, Ottoman stamped

63.       RFC Pilots Wings

64.       German Armband Veterans

65.       German Armband Teno

66.       German WWII style Armband Teno

67.       German WWII style U Boat Ring with Anti England Inscription

68.       German WWII style Banner Eagle Top

69.       Withdrawn

70.       Withdrawn

71.       WWI Anti Zeppelin Aerial Flechette Dart, dropped on Zepps & Gunboats with burning magnesium to catch gas on fire

72.       WWI RFC Bristol Aircraft Factory MK II Flechette Dart for dropping on trenches & convoys

73.       Box of military badges

74.       1942 Naval surgeons kit

75.       6 military jackets

76.       D-Day 44 Gibson Girl radio bag

77.       WWII signal box with lamp

78.       WWII German backpack (named)

79.       WWII German water bottle

80.       WWII German tankers headset

81.       Leather cased German field glasses 'Schutzler 8 x 27'

82.       Box of military hats etc

83.       Mechanical model archer 'Robin Hood' (fires arrows at approximately 50 feet) - This item was made by a returning soldier of WWII who fought in France & Holland who pursued a career in mechanical engineering. 'The Archer' draws on many characteristics of sewing machine mechanics.

84.       Large 19th century French flag (Napoleonic)

85.       9ct gold wedding ring with receipt from 1953 Bravingtons, Pentonville, Kings Cross.

86.       Odd coinage, 'Hearts of Oak Benefit Society' token, cufflinks etc all in cigar box

87.       3 albums of assorted coinage

88.       Money bag of mostly sixpences and shillings

89.       Quantity of assorted coinage and banknotes

90.       Model 42 "Raw Edge" German helmet on stand

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