Saturday 28th June - Specialist Engineering Equipment, 9.30am

Followed By General Household Furniture & Effects, Collectables

This Sale Will Comprise The Complete Contents Of A Large Detached Property Including A Workshop/Tool Room. 

 The Estate Of The Late Peter Spenlove-Spenlove.

Being Removed To The Saleroom For Convenience Of Sale

You Tube Video Taken On The Day

Richmond Milling Machine, Drill Press, Donkey Saw, Compressor, Large Selection Of Various Tooling, Metal Stock, Brass, Aluminium, Copper & Brass Sheet, Grinders, Welders, Milling Vices, Lathe Chucks, Rotary Tables & Accessories, Morse Taper Colletts, Power & Hand Tools, Large Work bench, Band Saw, Large Tool Rack

L Reg Peugeot 405 Estate Taxed & Tested & Small Trailer

Myford Super 7 Lathe, Winfield Lathe, French Velosolex Motorized Bicycle, Antique Foot Operated Scroll Saw & Other Collectables

Clocks, Canon EOS 5, Other Cameras & Photographic Equipment, Pianola, Harpsichord, Ephemera, Vinyl, Books & Vintage Magazines, Modern Electricals, Hi-Fi Equipment, Large Wharfedale Speakers, Flat Screen TVs, Victorian Writing Desk, Art Deco Cabinet, Singer Sewing Machines, Printing Press & Equipment, 19th Century Mahogany Organ. Railway/Aviation Related Items, 100s of As New DVDs, Plus Much More

This Will Be One Of Our More Interesting Auctions – With Something For Everyone, Whether It Be Old & Or New

Keep Checking Back For Regular Updates Of What Promises To Be A Very Unique Auction 

Viewing Friday 27th June 12 Noon - 4.00pm & From 8.00am Saturday 28th

1.         Peugeot 405 GLD estate, 68,300 miles, L795 YBC, MOT until 5th August 2014, Taxed until 31st July 2014, 2 keys , very good runner.

2.         Small galvanised car trailer with metal rack within

3.         Motorised bicycle

4.         7 wooden trays (incomplete) of various English coins of The Realm

5.         First Day Covers, quantity of mixed coinage (Isle of Man etc), £1 notes and others

6.         Collection of mixed cigarette cards - loose and in albums

7.         Box of drawing instruments and nibs

8.         2 wooden boxes of odds

9.         Tub of various collectables

10.       Meccano gears outfit B and a sample box of old upholstery nails

11.       Quantity of motorcycle photographs and others

12.       Cased Hexagon Prazision drawing instruments

13.       Metal engine and tender

14.       Porcelain tray with lighters and odds

15.       5 old fountain pens

16.       Old railway seal and one other

17.       Small box of badges

18.       Pocketwatch, stopwatch and a Smiths Empire wristwatch

19.       Small quantity of fancy cutlery

20.       Small quantity of silver teaspoons and silver handled cutlery

21.       Regimental cap badges including Leicestershire, a photograph of a young serviceman and a model Spitfire made from a Penny

22.       Wondergram portable record player

23.       2 Beatles Parlophone tapes

24.       Old straw filled dog in poor repair

25.       Staffordshire figure - Sailor's Return

26.       3 commemorative mugs - Royal Worcester, Coalport etc

27.       5 framed reproduction posters for Wreck sale Auctions

28.       Gilt framed photograph of Her Majesty The Queen

29.       Gents of Leicester bakelite school clock and one other A/F

30.       J.Winterhalder of 21 Belvoir Street Leicester mahogany framed station clock

31.       Mahogany cased steeple clock

32.       American family clock in mahogany case

33.       Carved oak cased barometer

34.       Framed and coloured 19th century print The County Lawyer and 2 comical illustrated texts

35.       Signed David Weston print "Scotsman on the Coast", one other and a limited edition print of a Vulcan bomber

36.       Fine Padouk carved framed photograph and a prospect of St Michael's Mount   

37.       6 framed certificates

38.       2 angle poise lamps and a magnifier

39.       2 Union flags

40.       2 Premier brass cornets etc

41.       Small mahogany cased shelf clock and a barometer

42.       Old cherub cast iron doorstop and one other

43.       Inlaid sewing box, Drum ice bucket, old Thermos and wooden nesting curio

44.       Tray of old mixed glass, 2 shades and a marble ceiling shade

45.       Tray of mugs and picture plates

46.       Tray of old bottles in various sizes including cod bottles

47.       4 Victorian oil lamps, box of spare parts and 2 paraffin lamps

48.       2 boxes of postcards

49.       Box of engineering history and ephemera, trade catalogues etc

50.       Army and Navy Stores Catalogue 1935-36 A/F and various Mrs Beeton books in poor repair

51.       Sketchbooks, folding cloth backed map etc

52.       Old tool and trade catalogues catalogues etc 

53.       Various old motorcycle manufacturer's handbooks - Villiers, Sturmey Archer, "Sun" etc

54.       Small book trough of Baedeker's Guides and other books

55.       2 old AA books and a car badge

56.       Small box of interesting children's books

57.       First Edition of Milne's House At Pooh Corner (lacking dust jacket and cloth faded) and 3 other Pooh reprints

58.       5 works on Polar exploration, some A/F

59.       Franklin, John. Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea. 1829, 4 volumes, plates and maps. Complete. Bound in half calf - miniature edition

60.       Parry's Voyages 1828, 5 volumes with plates and map complete. Bound in half calf miniature edition

61.       Hall's Voyages and Travels 1832-33, 2nd series 3 volumes, 3rd series 3 volumes. Original half calf

61A.    Clark's Development of the English Traction Engine and 3 other large works on the steam plough etc

62.       Box of interesting books, some signed by authors and a work on Bells

63.       Box of books on Cornwall including Mining

64.       Various works on Terence Cuneo

65.       Books and ephemera on local interest

65A.    Reynolds, Michael. Engine Driving Life, Stirring Adventures & Incidents. 3rd edition 1894 with 3 illustrations

66.       Small Pumphreys tea chest of inks etc

67.       Tray of drawing instruments, magnifying glasses etc

68.       Wooden cased Eastman Kodak camera No 2 Model of 1896

69.       No 1A Kodak Junior camera

70.       Graflex camera with Kalart synchronised range finder

71.       Exakta Varex 2A Jhagee Dresden camera and one other

72.       4 boxed Corgi articulated lorries   

73.       2 trays of tableware, cruet, shells and odds

74.       Tray of collectables - cycle lamps, weights, brass etc

75.       Old bottles of beer, advertising ashtrays and misc

76.       Tray of interesting tools, torches, sign etc

77.       Old rotary dial telephone

78.       Quantity of brass and copperware with a pewter teapot

79.       Manacles and handcuffs, spring loaded scales and interesting odds

80.       Old tins, timer, desk calendar and misc

81.       Old canvas camera case, wooden case, box of accessories and a cased Polaroid camera

82.       Good box of old cameras and a boxed Polaroid

83.       Cine camera, SD cards and related items

84.       Box of old camera accessories

85.       Lenses and camera accessories

86.       Sony Handicam Pro with accessories and a Minidisc recording system

87.       Quantity of flash equipment, Metz and others

88.       Sony video camera and Canon EX1 video camera with accessories

89.       Plate camera and a brass Dallmeyer plate camera lens

90.       Quantity of camera equipment and related items 

91.       Large crate of Aviation magazines (Not crate)

92.       4 crates of Railway magazines (Not crates)

93.       2 crates of Model Engineer magazines - 2000s decade (Not crates)

94.       2 crates of Engineering in Miniature and Model Engineer 80s & 90s (Not crates)

95.       Crate of Model Engineer magazines 1940s (Not crates)

96.       Crate and a box of Model Engineer magazines 1960s and 70s (Not crate)

97.       2 crates of Model Engineer magazines 1920s and 30s (Not crates)

98.       Crate of Model Engineer magazines 1970s (Not crate)

99.       Crate of early Model Engineer magazines and old related books, 1890s, 1900s etc (Not crate)

100.    Crate of various Model Engineer magazines - copies of which the Deceased of this estate had contributed to

101.    Box of 78s

102.    Large quantity of DVDs, mainly unused

103.    Large quantity of DVDs, mainly unused

104.    Ultrasonic cleaning tank, radio, misc electrical's, metal book ends

105.    3 pairs of gents shoes and 2 pairs of slippers - as new

106.    3 boxes of stationery, Walkmans, torches and misc

107.    Box of framed railway photographs, other pictures and a box of artist's materials

108.    Crate of Engineering in Miniature magazines (not crate)

109.    Norris projector, screen and 5 boxes of slides

110.    3 Gents jackets and a quantity of curtains

111.    Large orange cased Draper socket set and 2 others

112.    3 guillotines and a decimal box

113.    Quantity of kitchen items including cutlery

114.    Pocket LCD colour TV and a portable DVD player

115.    Box of misc items and box of light bulbs

116.    Iona food preparation system

117.    3 boxes of journals

118.    Painted case gramophone, 2 reel-to-reel recorders and some tapes

119.    Pair of Asco shop scales

120.    2 boxes of linen and as new Gents clothing

121.    3 boxes of kitchen and household items

122.    Large quantity of photographic paper, printer inks, paper shredder etc

123.    2 crates of light bulbs (Crates not included)

124.    CDs and 45s etc

125.    3 large boxes of pianola rolls

126.    Metal multi drawer filing cabinet and a Kalamazet binder

127.    Adana printing machine and large quantity of typeface

128.    Box of tools, micrometer etc

129.    Adana printing machine, typeface, inks and paper

130.    Various photographic equipment

131.    2 small cabinets of mini discs and 2 mini disc players

132.    Box of interesting ephemera

133.    Box of children's and other books

134.    Box of misc books

135.    Newspaper cuttings, maps and guides, rolls of drumskin etc

136.    Books on photography, wireless and printing etc

137.    3 sets of technical books

138.    Crate of dictionaries etc and a quantity of World Atlases (Crate not included)

139.    Crate of mixed books (Crate not included)

140.    Crate of engineering, mechanical and scientific books (Crate not included)

141.    Crate of books on canals, traction engines and buses etc (Crate not included)

142.    2 sets of books on the Great War and related topics (Crate not included)

143.    Box of books on cars, boats and machines etc

144.    Large quantity of books on railways (not crate)

144A.  Box of books on railways

145.    Box of books on antiques and collectables

146.    Facsimile of Ogilby's road maps, books on art and other subjects

147.    Modern Wonder magazines and Pall Mall magazines

148.    History of Machine Tools and a 3 volume work on Turning and Mechanical manipulation by Holtzapffel

149.    2 Baygen wind-up radios, torch, one other and quantity of headsets and microphones

150.    Floor standing angle poise lamp on wheels

151.    Surge protected extension block

152.    Pair of cased binoculars and 1 other pair

153.    Toshiba video recorder and a Sony Watchman

154.    Exakta camera in case

155.    Casio Exilim digital camera

156.    Canon EOS-5 SLR camera with EF 28-105 lens 

157.    Aiprek handheld video recorder and accessories, boxed

158.    Cased travelling microscope

159.    Casio  Exilim digital camera and accessories, boxed

160.    Konica Minolta digital camera and accessories, boxed

161.    Pair of Wharfedale speakers

162.    Wharfedale cabinet speaker and one other

163.    Pair of Heathkit cabinet speakers

164.    2 pairs of Ali stepladders, trolley, fire extinguisher and good selection of garden and other tools etc

165.    Good quantity of high speed model makers tungsten carbide drill bits

166.    Quantity of tungsten carbide drill tips

167.    Myford Super 7 lathe with screw cutting facility and accessories (3 Phase)

168.    Marlow milling machine 240v

169.    Alba No 1 horizontal milling machine 240v

170.    Richmond 3 phase milling machine

171.    Air compressor 230v 150PSI

172.    Startrite sander on stand 230v

173.    Sanders industrial metal cutting band saw 230v and a box of blades

174.    Fobco half inch capacity floor standing drill

175.    Antique foot operated scroll saw

176.    Winfield metal lathe with accessories

177.    Corona high speed precision bench drill

178.    Osaki pillar drill

179.    16" wood turning model making lathe

180.    Hotpoint spinner and Black & Decker workmate

181.    Super De Luxe folding bicycle

182.    Large metal trunk

183.    Good quantity of assorted sheet metal - brass, copper etc

184.    Swivel shelving stand

185.    2 Roberts DAB radios

186.    Technics hi-fi components with speakers

187.    Toshiba 24" TV

188.    LG 42" TV and LG blu-ray player

189.    Toshiba white 24" LCD TV in box and one other

190.    Velox Fifteen glazing machine

191.    Adjustable lamps and illuminated magnifiers x 5

192.    4 vintage radios

193.    6 vintage radios

194.    1950s kitchen utility cabinet

195.    DVD recorder, DVD combo, minidisc player and 2 others

196.    DVD recorder, DVD combo, minidisc player and 3 others

197.    Mahogany chest of 2 + 3 drawers

198.    Long oar, 2 more pairs of oars and a farmyard fork 

199.    Very large quantity of misc electricals, such as - turntables, video cameras, mini TVs, radios etc

200.    1920s oak sideboard

201.    Formica top 1950s kitchen sideboard

202.    Guillotine and sundry items

203.    Stained oak bureau

204.    Veneered single door glazed display cabinet 

205.    Metal box of files and 4 boxes of misc

206.    Avo meter Model 7

207.    Turntable machine vice and 2 chucks

208.    3 sided slotted angle plate and a lathe attachment

209.    Small sliding table, slotted angle plate and others

210.    4 dolly castors

211.    Transware single phase to 3 phase converter

212.    250kg hoist (cable jammed) and Black & Decker power planer

213.    Bench machine, slips, gauges and other measuring devices

214.    Boring tool and bits and set of high speed twist drills

215.    5 ton machine jack and 2 others

216.    Vice mounted shears, large tap wrench and 3 adjustable wrenches

217.    10" rotary table and magnetic chuck

218.    2 axis sliding vice and a plate mounted chuck

219.    Sliding and rotating table with one other

220.    Engineer's wooden tool chest and contents

221.    Lathe attachments and a large pulley wheel

222.    6 sheets of acrylic and 3 others

223.    2 boxes of fixings, nails and screws etc

224.    2 boxes and a crate of wires and cables (Not crate)

225.    Kilner jars, step stools and 3 boxes of misc

226.    3 boxes of assorted machine attachments

227.    3 boxes of assorted tools and handles

228.    4 metal drawers of tools and clamps etc

229.    Large machine vice and small sliding table

230.    3 electric motors etc

231.    Blue crate of power tools and 2 electric drills (not crate)

232.    Drum kit accessories 

233.    Valve radio cabinet A/F

234.    Large quantity of sanding discs, sandpaper and polishing wheels (not crate)

235.    3 boxes and a bag of misc household items and a microphone on stand

236.    Red rotating bench vice (Record 75)

237.    Large quantity of mainly brass stock and a copper tank

238.    Good quantity of modelling tools, electric level etc

239.    Quantity of air lines and tools

240.    Cutting tools, milling tools and hand tools

241.    Half ton chain block, metal box of clamps and a cast iron fire surround

242.    Large quantity of milling bits and collets

243.    Quantity of testing equipment and an old toaster

244.    Sony compact disc recorder and a Sony editing suite

245.    Sony Hi-8 recorder, Hama stereo mixer and Teac graphic equaliser

246.    Henry vacuum and an industrial vacuum

247.    Twin pedestal desk

248.    Crate of engineering books (not crate)

249.    Electric 2 ring hob, retro Hoover vacuum, Leak amp and others

250.    Crate of springs and coils, 2 old fire extinguishers, red tool box etc

251.    2 metal boxes of drill bits and milling tools

252.    Metal tool chest and contents and a wooden chest and contents

253.    2 bench vices

253A.  3 metal boxes of G clamps etc

254.    Large quantity of taps, drills and pulleys

255.    Elliott ammeter, piano tuner and a power converter

256.    Daewoo combo, Panasonic DVD and an LG HDMi DVD

257.    Panasonic minidisc and CD micro system

258.    Sharp minidisc and CD micro system

259.    Sony DAB MP3 component system

260.    Wooden cased sewing machine with one other and a suitcase

261.    Oak drawer leaf table

262.    Sony 3 disc changer mini system with extra speakers and turntable 

263.    Pioneer turner timer unit, Epson printer and 2 HP photo printers

264.    Large quantity of misc nuts, bolts, screws and fixings etc

265.    2 x Panasonic VHS, Sony colour correcter, Sony twin CD and a cassette deck

266.    Metal legged flip top drawing table

267.    Philips valve radio A/F

268.    Half moon table, coffee table, table lamp and globe

269.    Piano stool and an inlaid carved occasional table

270.    Oak sewing box on legs

271.    2 metal drawer index units

272.    Box of LPs

273.    Wooden stool, two display cabinets and one other

274.    Electric tile cutter and a blue toolbox with contents

275.    Large quantity of photography and developing equipment

276.    Wolf grinder and polisher

277.    Open front bookcase and pine display case A/F

278.    Tilt top table, one other small table, metal chair, milk rack and stool with toucan top

279.    Leaded glazed corner cupboard, matching 2 door cupboard and one other

280.    Quarter size slate bed snooker table will balls and scoreboard

281.    Large quantity of brass, copper, steel, lead and aluminium (not crates)

282.    Large quantity of screws, rivets and fixings etc

283.    Arc welder with mask

284.    2 blow lamps, vice and a gas bottle

285.    10 foot long heavy metal workshop table

286.    3 red swivel top retro stools and a 1960s operators chair

287.    Long pine stool, stool and brass top table

288.    4 stools and 1 other

289.    Baby Burco boiler, quantity of hand tools etc

290.    Wood plane, brace, spirit level and smoothing plane

291.    Motorised pulley system and one other

292.    10 containers of nuts, bolts and engineering misc (Crate not included)

293.    7 boxes of taps, dies and reamers

294.    Large quantity of high speed drill bits and hacksaw blades

295.    3 metal containers of milling machine accessories

296.    2 boxes of milling bits, tool holders and tool posts

297.    16 metal boxes of engineering components and accessories etc 

298.    10 trays of milling bits, reamers and cutters etc

299.    5 metal containers of milling bits, reamers and cutters etc

300.    22 metal boxes of engineering items

301.    Black & Decker 6" bench grinder

302.    2 boxes of lathe chucks and inserts

303.    2 boxes of new and used cutters

304.    2 boxes of threaded and taper mount chucks

305.    2 boxes of profile cutters and saw blades

306.    3 boxes of tool post cutter holders

307.    7 assorted tripods, plus others

308.    Table saw on frame and one other

309.    Bench mounted hand press

310.    Metal framed multi wooden drawer tool unit and contents

311.    12 brass items including pumps, blow lamps, oil cans etc 

312.    2 enamel containers and a funnel

313.    Large quantity of lin bins (some with contents) and old film reel cans containing screws etc

314.    Crate of steel bars (Not crate)

315.    Crate of mixed brass and copper etc (Not crate)

316.    Quantity of steel bars and off-cuts

317.    Crate of aluminum off-cuts etc (Not crate)

318.    Crate of aluminum plates and stainless steel bars (Not crate)

319.    Book press

320.    4 drawer chest and a 3 drawer chest

321.    Chest of 2 + 2 drawers and a matching tallboy

322.    Blue painted wooden shelf

323.    3 high back mahogany dining chairs

324.    Cream painted 9 drawer chest and a cabinet

325.    13 assorted boxes of tools and engineering accessories

326.    3 electric towel radiators and a porthole

327.    John Broadwood & Sons piano

328.    Weymann & Son Pianola

329.    Ornate mirror backed organ manufactured by Karn for Jackson of Leicester

330.    Rotary machine vice, machine vice and small box of misc

331.    Small rotary vice, small machine vice and one other

332.    Rotary chuck

333.    2 small machine vices and attachments

334.    Wooden farmyard scales

335.    Wood and metal railway bench

336.    Wood and metal railway bench

337.    1960s green swivel tub chair

338.    Large green floral wing back chair

339.    Cast iron sign, roadside lamps, bellows, picture, other misc items

340.    Quantity of wooden planks (behind trailer)

341.    Single divan bed and a single bed with mattress and metal frame

342.    Unusual twisted walking stick, one other and a wooden crate

343.    Good quality lilac 3pc lounge suite 

344.    Cream leather 3pc lounge suite 



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