Saturday 18th January Starting At 9.30am

353 Lot House Clearance Sale - A Mixture of Old & New Effects, Furniture, Collectables, Tools, White Ware, Bygones/Vintage/Retro, Old Electrical Testing Equipment, Pine Doors, China, Pottery, Glassware, Mirrors, Pictures, Prints, Silver, Costume Jewellery.


Large industrial 19th century Hopes Patent No 279 Printing Press originally from King Edward College, Melton - with a cabinet full of printer's block drawers of original typeface


Petrol Go-Kart, Golfing Equipment Including Thousands Of Used Golf Balls

Modern Office Furniture & Office Seating

 Location - 123 Scudamore Road, Leicester, LE3 1UQ,Auctions Every Saturday Morning

1.         Large industrial 19th century Hopes Patent No 279 Printing Press originally from King            Edward College, Melton - with a cabinet full of printer's block drawers of original type            face

1A.      Petrol Go-Kart

2.         Vanity case of costume jewellery

3.         Quantity of English coinage

4.         Large quantity of GB farthings

5.         Quantity of English crowns and modern sets

6.         Quantity of Foreign coins

7.         Quantity of wristwatches

8.         2 hallmarked silver photo frames

9.         2 hallmarked silver sugar nips

10.       Lovely pair of silver plated grape scissors

11.       Set of 4 Georgian hallmarked silver mustard spoons with gilt bowls

12.       Set of 4 Georgian hallmarked silver salt spoons

13.       2 Georgian hallmarked silver mustard spoons

14.       1920s Ladies handbag watch

15.       2 Royal Crown Derby pin dishes

16.       2 Shelley blue and green ribbed vases

17.       Box of gold coloured and other costume jewellery

18.       Small quantity of silver jewellery

19.       7 Gents watches

20.       Gents stainless steel Accurist watch

21.       Small quantity of gold and other gold coloured jewellery

22.       Small tray of collectables and curios

23.       Zeiss Ikon cased camera

24.       Gold banded cased cigarette holder

25.       Plate of collectables - badges, metal, jewellery etc

26.       18ct ladies ring, Birmingham 1943

27.       Small quantity of collectable porcelain and glassware, including signed Wedgwood dish

28.       18 carat white gold white sapphire cluster ring

29.       Superb 18 carat white twisting gold diamond ring. Approx 0.4 carats, very good clarity. Sold    in a fabulous large wooden tortoise shell ring-box - No Buyers Premium

30.       Quantity of silver plated ware

31.       Plated biscuit barrel on ball and claw feet

32.       Tuscan china sandwich set

33.       3 cabinet plates - Spode and 2 others

34.       Silver plate fruit bowls, candlesticks etc and an ornate white metal napkin basket

35.       Wedgwood Mandarin pattern part dinner service

36.       Cut glass fruit bowl and 7 matching fruit dishes

37.       3 cut glass jugs

38.       Set of 7 cut glass whiskey tumblers and 6 cut glass brandy glasses

39.       Small tray of cut glass and set of 6 cut glass sundae dishes

40.       Cut glass biscuit barrel with plated handle and cover and a cut glass decanter

41.       Tray of cut and other glassware

42.       Set of 8 engraved cut glass goblets and a set of 6 cut glass wine glasses

43.       Cased Pentax camera and a cased Canon digital camera

44.       Box of Country Bird Collection sculptured ornaments

45.       Box of assorted ornaments and commemorative ware

46.       2 carved wooden figures and a carved African stone figure A/F

47.       2 cut glass decanters and a tray of glassware

48.       Box of silver plated cutlery

49.       Tray of Hornsea squirrel and rabbit ornaments

50.       Tray of bone china tea ware and commemorative ware

51.       3 skin and leather handbags

52.       4 old flat irons and a large wrought iron key

53.       Ornate Radfords floral pattern part tea service

54.       Box of misc collectables and curios

55.       Box of old bone china and ceramics

56.       Green handled stoneware rolling pin

57.       Victorian cast metal oil lamp with cranberry glass holder

58.       Victorian cast metal oil lamp with green glass holder and 1 other

59.       Vaseline glass light shade and 2 other engraved light shades

60.       Meccano aeroplane constructor

61.       2 Lladro figures - Daisa and Girl holding piglet

62.       Mason's fruit basket pattern fruit bowl

62A.    Pair of shells with butterfly decoration

63.       Tray of collectables, clocks, vases, ornaments, toast rack

64.       Tray of collectables, hip flasks, pewter tankard, trinkets

65.       Ceramic dish, 4 Royal Worcester egg coddlers, 2 dishes

66.       Tray of china mugs, vase, jug, tea pot

67.       Jaguar car boot light

68.       Tiffany style light shade

69.       Red firing button, with photograph of HMS Sheffield

70.       Second World War trio, Italy star, 39-45 star and war medal

71.       Large blue & white meat plate, Royal Worcester Holly Ribbons bowl and floral dish 

72.       Tub of collectables - Oriental cups & saucers, musical jug, teapot, 3 pieces of dark green glass,     camera

73.       Commemorative 3 piece tea service and cruet

74.       Part Wedgwood dinner service A/F 

75.       Fireman's helmet and 2 nozzles

76.       Sword bayonet

77.       Sword bayonet

78.       Sword bayonet

79.       Ornamental Eastern sword in scabbard  

80.       Oak writing box with inkwells

81.       *Skeleton bank

82.       *Smiling boy bank

83.       *Cast greyhound head

84.       *Land Rover bell

85.       *Sailboat bell

86.       *HMV dog and gramophone

87.       *Lady money bank

88.       *Cast white horse

89.       *Waving Michelin man

90.       *Phrenology head

91.       *12 piece spanner set

92.       *Digital testing meter

93.       *Cased lathe chisels

94.       *Right angle drill adaptor

95.       *850 cable ties

96.       *Table vice

97.       *2 folding tables

98.       *2 metre spirit level

99.       *142 piece cased tool kit

100.    *30 stall clips

101.    *20 metal stall clips

102.    *12 volt drum winch

103.    *Various tools

104.    *204 piece drill set

105.    *3 poly tarps

106.    *10m air hose and fittings

107.    *249 piece accessory kit

108.    *Stapler and staples

109.    *2 ton bottle jack

110.    *2 packs of vinyl gloves

111.    *9 piece long impact sockets

112.    *Telescopic ratchet loppers

113.    *Bolt croppers

114.    *2 packs of work gloves

115.    *Gear winch

116.    *Mini drill set

117.    *12 brass padlocks

118.    *10 brass padlocks

119.    *O-ring selection

120.    *Deluxe wood chisel set

121.    *Safety helmet

122.    *5 piece air kit

123.    *15" barrow wheel

124.    *2 x 13" wheels

125.    *Rolson 3 in 1 quick start

126.    *Knapsack sprayer

127.    *8 ratchet straps

128.    *Twin halogen floodlight

129.    *3 metre wash brush

130.    *4 x 48" clamps

131.    *Pair of blue clamps

132.    Large quantity of various size pine panels

133.    4 red wheeled Clarke platform trolleys

134.    Powabyke electric bike, sold as seen

135.    Very large quantity of used golf balls contained within a dustbin and a large Cobra bag, both         included

136.    Dustbin full of golf clubs, a large bag of clubs and 2 golf bags

137.    18 crates of golf club heads

138.    Circa 19th century 2 man saw, used in the Philippines war 1912 (stamped AMWD American War   Department)

139.    3 early saws

140.    2 boxes of mixed china and ornaments etc

141.    Mixed ceramics, Italian figure A/F

142.    2 boxes of misc items with a clockwork monkey

143.    Assorted paperweights and a vase

144.    Set of 3 brass pans and a bear money box

145.    Box of small carnival glass bowls and other glass

146.    Box of decorative china

147.    Box of mixed ceramics and a brass oil lamp

148.    Box of decorative tea ware and crested china

149.    Box of commemorative pots

150.    Glassware, box of pots and a Hunting teapot

151.    Quantity of games including old dominoes

152.    Quantity of bone china tableware decorated with roses

153.    Bakelite clock, others, butter knives and sundries

154.    Kenwood Chef passed safety test and attachments etc

155.    Odd tools and a blow lamp

156.    Bolex cine camera and tripod, Dawe meter and dial telephone

157.    Altmeter, wartime instruments, 2 Tilley lamps etc

158.    Large socket set and a basket of tools

159.    Testing meters, receiver, oscilloscope and similar items (not safety tested)

160.    DeLonghi dehumidifier

161.    Quantity of good mixed tools (not safety tested)

162.    Car ramps, pillar drill, pond pump and mixed tools

163.    Quantity of electrical misc (not safety tested)

164.    Turntable, Hart amp, radio/tapedeck and a CB radio (not safety tested)

165.    3 old wooden boxes, tools, hole punches etc

166.    Wooden tool cabinet

167.    Old wall clock

168.    Chinon camera, 3 lenses and a pair of binoculars

169.    Panasonic X16 digital zoom palmcorder

170.    Minolta 7000 camera and accessories

171.    Slate twin column shelf clock

172.    Minton tile and 5 others

173.    Royal Doulton character jug - Robin Hood

174.    Royal Doulton figure - My First Figurine

175.    Royal Doulton figure - The Milkmaid

176.    Kitchen misc and an infra red lamp

177.    Beswick Palomino horse

178.    Beswick chestnut horse

179.    A small Beswick chestnut horse

180.    Old fur jacket

181.    2 boxes of glass, chopping boards etc

182.    Seiko pyramid clock, various household items and a good box of kitchenware

183.    Pair of Bisque figures, cabbage plates, lamps etc

184.    Case and a box of linen

185.    Ottoman of linen and a box of white tableware, mats etc

186.    Good box of cutlery

187.    Large box of crockery etc

188.    4 boxes and a bag of kitchen and household items with a small rug

189.    Various telephones etc

190.    Box of mixed ceramics

191.    Stamp collection

192.    2 small suitcases

193.    Limited edition Corgi Shell lorry and van

194.    3 model vans and a railway related bus

195.    Corgi "60 Years of Transport"

196.    Philips 7" DVD player, mains, battery and accessories - as new

197.    Kenwood Chef and attachments passed safety test

198.    Golf bag and clubs

199.    Oak framed 1953 Coronation sampler and a framed Victorian sampler

200.    2 circular barometers

201.    Carved oak barometer

202.    Mahogany cased school clock - Smiths Enfield

203.    Framed silkscreen poster - The Ritz

204.    Framed silkscreen poster - Cannes

205.    Framed silkscreen poster - Hula Hoop, Nick Orsborn

206.    Framed silkscreen poster - Bouquet, Nick Orsborn

207.    2 Framed silkscreen posters - AtlanticBeach and Blue Shades

208.    Unframed engraving - The Ruins of Carthage 1846

209.    Framed oil, a lake scene embroidery and one other

210.    1930s cupboard end oak sideboard

211.    Teak presentation mirror

212.    Thakat dining table and 4 matching chairs, table lacking bolts

213.    Large mobile air con unit passed safety test

214.    Electric radiator passed safety test and 4 pairs of metal steps, folding chair

215.    2 old cased violins

216.    White 2 piece bedroom suite and a modern circular table

217.    1960s teak dressing table

218.    Modern hostess trolley passed safety test

219.    DeWalt power drill in case

220.    Cased Makita power drill and one other

221.    AEG 6kg washing machine passed safety test

222.    Matsui 950w microwave passed safety test

223.    Hitachi DAB midi system passed safety test and speakers

224.    Technika flatscreen TV on stand with DVD player passed safety tests and remotes

225.    Panasonic flatscreen TV on stand with DVD player, VCR passed safety tests and remotes

226.    Good quality double mattress

227.    Large angle poise lamp on stand passed safety test

228.    70 pairs of gloves, 21 bags and 50 pairs of shorts

229.    3 bags of assorted socks

230.    3 bags of assorted jumpers

231.    5 crates of fancy goods and trimmings

232.    2 crates of buttons and ribbon etc

233.    3 crates of clothing

234.    Bag and a box of curtains

235.    Modern Kenwood food processor - As New

236.    Old Bush transistor radio and a 1950s radio

237.    Teasmade, electric carving knife (not safety tested), 2 bags and a Poker game

238.    HP printer, paper shredder, crate of electricals, DVDs and VCRs (not safety tested)

239.    Sebo upright vacuum cleaner passed safety test

240.    Curved office table with pedestal

241.    2 wave office tables

242.    Modern shoe cupboard, white cupboard, dressing table mirror, 2 bamboo glass top tables and one              other

243.    2 kitchen stools

244.    Toaster, 2 irons, other kitchen electricals and a box of electrical misc (not safety tested)

245.    2 coal scuttles, a folding table, 2 packs of fluorescent tubes and car lights

246.    Bosch sander and an Elu grinder passed safety tests

247.    Workmate, heavy duty chain, red cased socket set etc

248.    Yellow cased theodolite

249.    Cased Singer sewing machine

250.    Cased Singer sewing machine

251.    3 x 2 drawer filing cabinets

252.    Quantity of large Ordinance Survey maps

253.    Fully furnished dolls house

254.    Purses, tools, hardware, screws etc

255.    2 tapestry firescreens and a desk lamp

256.    Modern oak double pedestal desk

257.    Carved oak court cupboard

258.    Mahogany Canterbury

259.    19th century high quality mahogany Architect's table, small size

260.    Large quantity of DVDs and some CDs

261.    Slim oak bookcase and a standard lamp passed safety test and shade

262.    Pair of tall hardwood shelf units

263.    Circular beech office table

264.    2 circular office tables

265.    Large circular beech office table

266.    2 mobile white boards

267.    2 slim vertical office cupboards

268.    *2 child's bikes

269.    Bound cabin trunk

270.    Qualcast Power Track electric lawnmower passed safety test

271.    Quantity of mahogany rudders, 3 life jackets and 2 life belts

272.    Inlaid mahogany mirror door wardrobe and an oak tallboy

273.    Magazine rack, cantilever sewing box, linen bin and contents

274.    Modern brass effect uplighter and a fan on stand passed safety tests

275.    Large brass coal box and 2 brass magazine racks

276.    Long teak sliding door bookcase

277.    Glazed mahogany bookcase on cabriole legs

278.    Grey metal 2 drawer filing cabinet and a multi drawer cabinet

279.    1960s G-Plan drop leaf table and 4 chairs

280.    1960s G-Plan tiled top coffee table

281.    1960s nest of 3 tables

282.    Teak wall mounted storage units by Beaver and Tapley

283.    Set of library steps

284.    Tapestry firescreen and 3 embroidered pictures

285.    6 assorted stools

286.    Quantity of Danish teak wall mounted storage units

287.    *2 boy's bikes

288.    *Zombie mountain bike

289.    *Townsend mountain bike

290.    *Raleigh Devotion mountain bike

291.    *Gent's grey Townsend bike

292.    Upholstered pine box

293.    Nest of 3 mahogany tables

294.    2 boxes of crockery, glass and linen

295.    2 boxes of china, vase, tankards and odds

296.    Complete cased Hitachi video camera passed safety test

297.    Large oval oak drop leaf dining table

298.    Long oak coffee table and 2 bar stools

299.    Teak extending dining table and 6 matching chairs

300.    Tile top nest of 3 tables

301.    Panasonic video camera passed safety test in canvas bag

302.    Steps, garden and other tools plus a box of tools

303.    Rectangular gilt framed bevel edge mirror

304.    Sleepeezee Regent King Size bed and headboard A/F

305.    Sleepeezee Luxor King Size bed and headboard

306.    Large light beech open bookcase

307.    White cheval mirror and modern glazed unit

308.    2 modern white shelf units

309.    Good quantity of Folio Society books including Set of Pepys, Churchill, Notable Trials and          Pevsner's Cathedrals of England

310.    Large modern teak wall unit and 1 smaller matching unit

311.    Crinoline lady firescreen, brass fender and a spark guard

312.    Oak framed print - Red Grouse and a Snipe and a modern pine framed mirror

313.    Good selection of kitchen pans

314.    Teak 1960s sliding door bookcase

315.    Light oak mirror back sideboard

316.    Dark mahogany sideboard with brass handles

317.    1960s teak sideboard

318.    Small oak drop leaf tea table

319.    Small oak 3 drawer side unit

320.    Oak barley twist leg pie crust top table

321.    Oak barley twist leg occasional table

322.    Oak record cabinet and occasional table

323.    Very large Edwardian mahogany dressing table with brass handles

324.    Mahogany Sutherland table

325.    Dark oak leaded glazed corner unit

326.    An early Parnall tumble dryer - Possibly one of his first manufactured (not safety tested)

327.    Mascot 42HP petrol lawnmower

328.    Box of good quality framed scenes of London, animals etc

329.    8 silver framed pen and ink drawings

330.    18th century oak bureau with later leaded glazed top

331.    Gilt framed mirror, pine framed mirror and a metal framed mirror

332.    *12 piece screwdriver set

333.    Pine framed 4 piece lounge suite (upstairs, ask to view)

334.    Large green leather reclining 3 piece lounge suite with footstool (upstairs, ask to view)

335.    Grey upholstered electric reclining chair Passed Safety Test (upstairs, ask to view)

336.    Good quantity of Royal Worcester tableware - some patterns being worn

337.    Large quantity of mixed modern books

338.    2 circular pink patterned rugs and 2 others

339.    Chair Knight gold upholstered electric reclining chair Passed Safety Test

340.    5 cream upholstered Ikea tub chairs

341.    10 beech framed maroon upholstered reception chairs   

342.    10 beech framed maroon upholstered reception chairs   

343.    Early 20th century elm office chair with green hide seat by Lamertons of Ealing

344.    Pair of oak carver chairs with tapestry seats

345.    Edwardian mahogany green upholstered drawing room chair

346.    Set of 4 oak dining chairs with retro patterned seats

347.    Bontempi child's electric organ and a Jones electric sewing machine

348.    3 piece bamboo conservatory suite

349.    Pink patterned draylon 3 piece suite

350.    Cream draylon 3 piece suite

352.    Large modern pine open bookcase

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