SATURDAY 11TH JANUARY 400 LOTS Starting At 9.30am

Antiques/Collectables Plus 80 Lots Of Musical Instruments Such As

Tanglewood, Epiphone, Gretsch, Hagstrom & Other Guitars,

Cello, 30 x  Accordions, 5 x Violins, Mandolins, 10 x Banjos, Kaster Piano, 

Yamaha Clavinova Piano, Roland Atelier AT70 Organ,

Wartime Medals, Long Case Clocks, Bureaux, Low Boys & Many Other Interesting Items, General Household Furniture & Effects, Pine Dresser & Chests, Stag 3pc Bedroom Suite. White Ware, 2 X Leather Chesterfield Sofas, Silver, 6 Pub Tables, Chairs, Postcards, Ephemera, Books, Mirrors, Victorian Mahogany 10 Drawer Pharmacist's Cabinet

"Something For Everyone Whether It Be Old Or New"

 Viewing Friday 10th January 12 Noon – 4.00pm & From 8.00am Sale Day


1.         19th century cello - very small amount of banding missing

2.         Hohner De-luxe accordion

3.         Mini zither

4.         George Formby banjo in case

5.         Dallas banjo

6.         Hagstrom acoustic guitar

7.         Hagstrom 12 string semi acoustic guitar

8.         Gretsch Sho-Bro acoustic guitar

9.         Antoria Jazzstar semi acoustic guitar

10.       Epiphone Lucille electric guitar

11.       Yairi acoustic guitar

12.       Bass guitar

13.       Tanglewood 12 string electric guitar

14.       Tanglewood Odyssey II acoustic guitar on stand

15.       Small Rockwood guitar amp passed safety test

16.       12 string acoustic guitar - A/F

17.       Small Crate guitar amp

18.       Remo The C.E. Special banjo, cased

19.       Great War medals 4-6259 Pte E. Gamble, North D. Fus and WW2, Stars and war medals D.            Gamble

20.       Great War medals 80935 Pte A. Pawley Durh-L-I 14573 Pte H.A. Pearson Linc Yeo

21.       Great War medals T-369861, Pte G.B. Jackson ASC 47186, Pte A. Roberts, Welsh R

22.       Great War medals 32126, Pte J.W. Wain Grenadier Guards and 4 other Great War medals

23.       Death Plaque - Philip Gerald Moore O'Reilly

24.       Postcard albums - Theatrical and Cinema stars

25.       Postcard albums, general and World War 2

26.       Eleca acoustic guitar

27.       Lark cased violin

28.       Nevada acoustic guitar in blue

29.       Cased French made violin

30.       Remo Weather King banjo

31.       Paloma cased mandolin

32.       The Rainbow Company purple cased violin

33.       Cased American trombone

34.       Acoustic guitar in case

35.       Lafleur cased large bore trumpet

36.       Old German zither in superb condition, cased

37.       Cased brass trumpet

38.       Cased clarinet

39.       Cased clarinet

40.       Lafleur cased cornet

41.       Brass trumpet in case

42.       Cased Melody Maker trumpet

43.       3 acoustic guitars

44.       Inwarpable hardwood banjo

45.       Mapex cased tom tom drum

46.       12 string mandolin

47.       Hohner Student 1 accordion

48.       Estrella cased accordion

49.       Steel bronze reeds accordion

50.       Geraldo piano accordion

51.       Alvari piano accordion

52.       Alvari piano accordion

53.       Pietro accordion in grey

54.       Pietro accordion in white

55.       Pietro accordion in red

56.       Santianelli 120 bass piano accordion

57.       Hohner Tango IM 60 bass piano accordion

58.       Hohner 300M 120 bass piano accordion in white

59.       Hohner Verdi 3 120 bass piano accordion

60.       Galotta 1909 120 bass piano accordion

61.       Delicia Amaldo 80 bass piano accordion

62.       Worldmaster 120 bass piano accordion

63.       Orfeo 120 bass piano accordion

64.       Stanelli 120 bass piano accordion

65.       Scandelli 120 bass piano accordion

66.       Crucianelli 80 bass black piano accordion

67.       Crucianelli 120 bass black piano accordion

68.       Crucianelli 96 bass red piano accordion

69.       Selmer Invicta Lugano 120 bass piano accordion in black and silver

70.       Selmer Invicta Lugano 120 bass piano accordion in black and gilt

71.       Paolo Soprani 120 bass piano accordion

72.       Scarlatti 48 bass black piano accordion

73.       Scarlatti 120 bass black piano accordion

74.       Banjo in case

75.       Geraldo 80 bass white piano accordion

76.       Aqua 120 bass piano accordion

77.       Boselli 120 bass piano accordion

78.       Indian custom made piano accordion

79.       Westfield black bass guitar in case

80.       Landola acoustic guitar

81.       Antorai banjo

82.       Scottish Regimental drum

83.       Slim green drum

84.       Small Shuttleworth old 8 string mandolin

85.       Cased trombone - Blessing Scholastic USA

86.       Box of misc instruments - trumpets, violins etc

87.       Hohner Student IV piano accordion

88.       Olewo German accordion

89.       Ludwig Antoria accordion

90.       Campbell and Co accordion

91.       Gloria German metal action accordion

92.       3 hat pins made from military buttons

93.       Old horn Scottish snuff box

94.       Ladies 9ct gold ring with large citrine stone

95.       Waltham gold plated Edwardian pocket watch

96.       Silver pendant on necklace

97.       Old brass carriage clock

98.       Small Victorian bible and a Victorian Treasury of Knowledge book

99.       Signed Leicester City FC commemorative Gary Lineker OBE booklet

100.    Queen Elizabeth ship launch programme and admission ticket, dated 1938

101.    Quantity of costume jewellery

102.    Pair of cased Victorian fish servers

103.    Elegant cased silver bracelet

104.    Japanese sword with built-in side knife

105.    Cased hallmarked silver spoon and fork

106.    Hallmarked silver Birmingham 1860 sauce boat

107.    Hallmarked silver 3 piece condiment set, slightly A/F

108.    2 Hallmarked silver top hair tidys and a silver top jar

109.    8 hallmarked silver or silver mounted pieces, mainly A/F

110.    Small quantity of plated cutlery etc

111.    Pandora bracelet with 22 charms

112.    Hallmarked silver top cut glass sugar sifter

113.    Silver plate spirit kettle

114.    19th century mahogany cased cutlery set

115.    Coromandel desk tidy

116.    Set of 4 blue painted weights

117.    Box of weights

118.    Allertons Toby jug

119.    Royal Doulton character jug - Sir Francis Drake

120.    Royal Doulton character jug - Falstaff

121.    Royal Doulton character jug - Happy John

122.    Royal Doulton character jug - Guardsman

123.    Royal Doulton character jug - Sherlock Holmes

124.    Royal Doulton Toby jug - Jolly Toby

125.    5 various Toby jugs

126.    Set of 3 graduated Ridgways meat plates

127.    Small quantity of pink and white Wood's tableware

128.    2 Meakins meat plates, 2 tureens and a ladle

129.    A colourful Bisque "Dandy" and a ceramic bonnet

130.    2 china tea sets, a tureen and a glass shade

131.    Representatives sample case of wind instrument mouth pieces

132.    Metronome

132A.  Kastner teak cased upright piano

133.    Roland Atelier AT-70 electric organ and stool

134.    Yamaha Clavinova electric organ and stool

135.    Encore Blaster electric guitar

136.    Marshall electric guitar amp

137.    Cruze electric lead guitar in case

138.    Earthfire Autumn Leaves acoustic guitar in case

139.    Eko acoustic guitar in case

140.    "The Wardour" accordion

140A.  Mayfield xylophone in wooden case 

141.    Gilt framed print of a Vickers Wellington bomber "Over The Fence" signed by artist John Rayson, Barnes Wallis and Mary Stopes-Roe 

142.    8 framed cigarette cards of birds

143.    Old framed photograph and a certificate of Belgrave Bowling Club, 1906

144.    Old framed photograph of Leicester Fire Brigade tournament

145.    Large oak framed photograph of a Victorian gentleman

146.    Oak framed Welsh certificate and a photograph of a horse & rider

147.    Gilt framed oil on canvas of a hound

148.    Framed oil - Study of a Dog's Head - possibly George Armfield 1839

149.    Maple framed coloured engraving - The Durham Ox, 1813

150.    Gilt framed print - Fairies Music by Arthur H Buckland

151.    Framed study of an Edwardian girl and dog

152.    Gilt framed oil landscape and a view of The Royal Albert Viaduct, Saltash

153.    7 various framed prints

154.    Charming coloured Victorian print of children with donkey and 3 other coloured prints

155.    Set of 3 large gilt framed botanical prints

156.    4 large gilt framed England cricketers portraits - Mike Brearley, Derek Randall, Bob Willis,       Alan Knott

157.    Framed Victorian beach scene and a print of an old tennis match

158.    Small quantity of silver and white metal jewellery

159.    Hallmarked silver napkin, pair of gold earrings, small porcelain figure and a musical jewellery box

160.    Wooden money box of collectables

161.    1950s jewellery box and a quantity of costume jewellery

162.    Box of Gents watches

163.    Small box of interesting coins

164.    High quality winding brass corkscrew with walnut handle

165.    Miniature Petie camera and a cased Stylophot

166.    19th century mahogany pipe stand in the shape of a gate and a bakelite cigar holder

167.    Cased pair of Chinon binoculars 7x35

168.    Leicester Blitz souvenir booklet

169.    Tub of collectables, watches, model cars etc

170.    Small tin of costume jewellery

171.    Tub of Lesley and other model cars

172.    Box of old large lead farm animals

173.    Tin of farmyard figures and animals

174.    Box of lead and cast farmyard accessories

175.    World War 2 War Office maps of Germany

176.    Box of Magic Lantern glass slides of Grenoble, France

177.    Tin of old cigarette cards

178.    Album of Trade cards

179.    Album of Trade cards

180.    Box of cigarette cards

181.    Folder of Sporting programmes and autographs

182.    Box of ephemera and photographs

183.    Box of books and ephemera, some of local interest

184.    Box of cigarette card albums

185.    Box of porcelain thimbles - Beetles, Historic Houses etc

186.    Box of cigarette cards and First Day covers

187.    Folder of artwork for children's books

188.    Plans and photographs for a Foden V Team wagon

189.    World War 2 German Soldiers documents and maps with later war related ephemera

190.    The Royal Atlas of Modern Geography by Alexander Keith Johnston, Geographer to The Queen for              Scotland

191.    Tin of costume jewellery

192.    Studio art part coffee service

193.    Moorcroft vase - Flames of the Forest pattern

194.    1950s dressed doll

195.    Polished green stone egg on stand and a carved stone Chinese boat

196.    Doulton Bunnykins plate

197.    Porcelain parrot A/F

198.    Soil tester, Polaroid camera, postcards, leather case

199.    Mahogany writing box

200.    Oriental lacquer basket with cover

201.    Box of misc brass and metalware etc

202.    Pair of Walker & Hall embossed dwarf candlesticks

203.    Walker & Hall silver plate coffee pot with hinged dome top cover and scroll handle with a silver     plated chalice

204.    White metal cigarette case A/F

205.    Unusual glass and silver plated jam pot with hinged handle and cover

206.    Miner's lamp by Davis of Derby

207.    Studio art vase and bowl

208.    Jaguar service manual, 4 books on composers and writers and a small quantity of ephemera

209.    19th century mahogany cased Monopol in working order

210.    Tray of old glass drinking bottles

211.    Tray of old glass medicine bottles

212.    Box of misc plated ware, prints, brassware etc

213.    Box of good quality glassware

214.    3 boxed toy model cars

215.    Box of misc ceramics and china, Sylvac etc

216.    1950s black & white coffee service

217.    Hotel ware silver plated 5 piece tea & coffee service

218.    Good quality silver plated kettle on stand

219.    2 silver plated part tureens, silver plated plate and other plated ware

220.    Tray of modern porcelain and perfume

221.    Tray of misc ornaments, Shire horse, glassware etc

222.    Tray of Victorian Bisque figurines and other old ornaments

223.    Crate of vintage and other cameras

224.    Tray of ceramics and glassware and 3 old meat plates

225.    Box of plated ware and a set of brass kitchen scales and weights

226.    Canon SLR camera, zoom lens and flash in metal case

227.    Nikon and Zenith cameras and lenses in metal case

228.    Cased Willhiem canteen of cutlery

229.    Box of LPs

230.    4 boxes of kitchenware, box of household misc, box of glassware and a box of lamps etc

231.    Box of kitchen misc and small box of CDs and DVDs

232.    5 boxes and a crate of books - Crate not included

233.    2 boxes of glass and ornaments

234.    Box of large sockets

235.    Box of glassware, box of kitchen electricals and a box of other kitchenware

236.    Box of ornaments

237.    Box of household misc and a box of pictures

238.    2 boxes of balsa woods with concorde plans

239.    4 ladies handbags

240.    Billiard balls and scoring rack

241.    Box of misc - old tambourines, clock etc

242.    Box of lighting and lamps

243.    Small quantity of tools

244.    Morlands lamb skin ladies coat

245.    Large mirror with gilt and mirrored edging

246.    Large silver shield mounted on mahogany frame - Schools swimming champion

247.    Small pine box

248.    Copper mounted sign - J. Austin Bayes M.P.S

249.    Georgian mahogany toilet mirror

250.    19th century mahogany table clock

251.    Oak cased Columbia gramophone

252.    Mahogany coal scuttle

253.    Small pine box with metal banding

254.    Victorian mahogany 10 drawer pharmacist's cabinet

255.    Modern lady figure lamp

256.    2 bottled tantalus

257.    Treacle glaze jug with greyhound handle

258.    Beswick Sarah Gamp teapot

259.    Italian World War 2 military helmet

260.    Highly coloured glass dish on stand

261.    1930s oak cased wall clock

262.    19th century mahogany wall clock by James Porter of Sheffield

263.    Pair of cranberry glass lustres

264.    1930s bevel edged mirror

265.    Large colourful glass bowl, ceramic jug and bowl, ceramic blue and white 2 drawer ornament

266.    Eddystone radio, tuner and 13.8 unitex power supply

267.    The War In Pictures 6 book set

268.    Large quantity of 45s

269.    Oriental jewellery box

270.    Colourful Eastern rug

271.    Large mahogany glazed double door display cabinet with drawers below

272.    18th century mahogany bureau with fully fitted interior and later bookcase top

273.    Blue crate of decanters and vases

274.    2 dial telephones and a large German vase

275.    Small oak side table with drawer

276.    Modern brass faced longcase clock

277.    Framed limited edition Terence Cuneo railway print and a limited edition horse print

278.    Tasco 22EB telescope and tripod

279.    Folding wheelchair and a walking aid

280.    Wooden bellboy sign

281.    Square oak table on tapered legs

282.    Green petrol rotary lawnmower

283.    Electric rotary lawnmower and a strimmer

284.    Folding wheelchair and a walking aid

285.    Indesit fridge and Electra compact tumble dryer passed safety tests

286.    Green Belling electric double oven cooker

287.    Automatic washing machine passed safety test

288.    Samsung microwave passed safety test

289.    Beko A-Class fridge freezer passed safety test

290.    Indesit electric cooker

291.    Upright vacuum cleaner, an airer and a 2 bar electric fire passed safety test

292.    Pair of Wharfdale and pair of Kef speakers

293.    2 large flatscreen TVs passed safety tests

294.    Karaoke machine passed safety test, speakers, amp passed safety test and subwoofer

295.    Cast iron fireplace

296.    Small 19th century mahogany chiffonier

297.    1981 Guinness calendar, odd books and linen

298.    Domena steam press table

299.    Modern Z-bed

300.    Aldis slide projector, viewer, oil lamp and one other

301.    Red dial telephone, aluminum pan and 2 car lamps

302.    2 early Kenwood Chefs with attachments

303.    Chopper bike advert, T-shirts, old toys and Roberts radio (lacking lead)

304.    Box of misc, box of linen and a case of LPs

305.    Cased video camera, CD player, toaster and kettle

306.    Small oak drop leaf table

307.    1950s pink and red 3 branch light fitting

308.    2 black ash shelf units and a folding screen

309.    3 modern pieces of blue office furniture

310.    Modern glazed pine bookcase cupboard

311.    Small modern pine sideboard

312.    Green shade desk lamp, pair of flower lamps and a jug & bowl

313.    Framed shipping scene, river scene and Langley's map of Leicester

314.    Oval mirror, military badges print and old watercolour

315.    Set of wicker furniture - chest, mirror, pair of bedside units and table and one other mirror

316.    Dressing table mirror and 3 other mirrors

317.    Carved oak 2 piece bedroom suite

318.    Superb Stag 3 piece bedroom suite, headboards and stool

319.    Quality modern 3 piece bedroom suite

320.    Modern teak 6 drawer chest, bookcase, drop leaf table and stool

321.    2 tea trolleys, open oak bookcase, coffee table, towel rail and stand

322.    Fan on stand, green framed mirror and 2 prints

323.    Cream octagonal G-Plan extending dining table and 6 chairs

324.    Modern pink chest of drawers

325.    Small modern maroon bedside cupboard

326.    Modern CD rack, roller boots and pads

327.    Large modern grey glass fronted sideboard

328.    Tray of collectables, bugle, crumb tidy etc

329.    Aiwa midi system

330.    Unusual Egyptian style table lamp and a pair of brown leather table lamps

331.    Pair of converted torcheres

332.    Triangular glazed display cabinet

333.    3 square top cast iron base pub tables

334.    3 square top cast iron base pub tables

335.    Oval painted framed mirror

336.    Pair of oval framed heavily decorated with mother of pearl bird plaques

337.    3 Oriental plaques with shell onlay

338.    Oak case 30 hour brass face longcase clock by John Wilks

339.    Decorated barrel with chessboard top

340.    Box of metalware

341.    Cream painted pine blanket box

342.    Stained pine blanket box

343.    Light green painted bureau and matching wardrobe  

344.    Traditional patterned carpet

345.    Pair of pine pot cupboards

346.    Large solid teak 2 tier coffee table

347.    1930s oak drawer leaf dining table and 4 chairs

348.    Cream patterned rug, red rug and one other

349.    2 copper coal scuttles

350.    Old wicker laundry basket

351.    Triangular carved oak table with swivel top

352.    18th century oak 3 drawer lowboy on tapered legs

353.    18th century oak 3 drawer lowboy on pad feet

354.    Carved hardwood Oriental plant stand with marble top A/F

355.    Mahogany wind-out dining table on bulbous legs

356.    Mahogany wind-out dining table on turned legs

357.    6 prints, standard lamp, carboy and 2 vases

358.    Quantity of Great War books

359.    Crate of Haynes car manuals  

360.    Pair of Avery platform scales

361.    Pair of Avery potato scales

362.    3 wooden easels and a card table

363.    2 leather bags, cased cine camera and an old angle poise lamp

364.    Large pine coffee table

365.    Piano stool, brollies, 3 wine racks, quantity of CDs and a box of LPs

366.    Magazine rack, 4 stools and 3 bamboo units

367.    Pair of modern plant stands

368.    Large mahogany corner cupboard, glass A/F

369.    Bound travelling trunk

370.    19th century mahogany chest of drawers A/F

371.    Large 19th century chest of 3 plus 2 drawers

372.    Quantity of Wedgwood and other dinner ware, tea sets etc

373.    Box of ceramics, china figures, marble dish etc

374.    Carved Oriental nest of 2 tables

375.    Mahogany wind-out table

376.    Large carved oak double glazed door display cabinet from the 1920s

377.    Oak bureau and lamp lantern on stand

378.    Box of misc electricals, video camera etc

379.    Heavy oak drop leaf table

380.    Oval framed mirror, cantilever sewing box, bread bin, snooker cues, games etc

381.    Denon turntable and Gerrard turntable

382.    Clarke Start Charge 120 passed safety test, box of misc and an electric saw

383.    Black leather designer retro armchair

384.    Large gilt framed print - Watersmeet and 1 other

385.    Double divan bed and mattress

386.    Ladies leather coat and a Gents jacket

387.    Light brown leather button back 2 seater settee

388.    Light brown leather button back 2 seater settee

389.    Beige upholstered electric recliner chair passed safety test

390.    Modern designer white vinyl chrome framed chaise longue

391.    Ash Captains chair 

392.    6 Victorian mahogany balloon back chairs

393.    Small elm armchair

394.    Edwardian bedroom chair

395.    Pair of oak highback dining chairs, hay fork and maslin pan

396.    Set of 4 oak highback dining chairs

397.    13 pub chairs

398.    4 barstools and 2 others 






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