Saturday 31st August, Starting At 9.30am.

Viewing Friday 30th August 10.00am - 4.00pm & From 8.00am Sale Day 

Location - 123 Scudamore Road, Leicester LE3 1UQ

 SPECIALIST VINYL RECORDS - Many Thousands, LPs, 45s, 12"

Catalogue Online With Photos Click Above

One Collection Consists Of :-

This is a rare opportunity to acquire some classic dance vinyl from the late 90’s to early 2000’s. This is a club DJ’s personal collection being sold covering music from deep house to techno. The DJ played at Venue’s such Club UK, Venue 44, MOS, Cream and Back 2 Basics to name a few. Some labels featured in the collection are Yoshitoshi, DeConstruction, Junior Boys Own, FFRR, Ovum and many independents aside. These feature artists such as Underworld, Xpress 2, Sasha, Deep Dish, Bedrock, Oliver Lieb, Junkie XL, Rabbit in the Moon and many others. Over 2000 in this collection alone.

Plus a collection of over 1100 45s from the 1960/70/80/90s from a retired DJ covering Disco, Pop, Party Classics, Heavy Rock, Northern Soul, Tamla Motown, Reggae, Many In Original Sleeves.

A further collection of over 300 45s from the 1960/70s, 1000 More Dance 12" & 700 78s, have just been submitted for this sale

The Rolling Stones Story, 12 X LPs & Photographs

Plus Many Others Including Classical, Also Beatles, Stones, Elvis, Hendrix, Queen etc.

 Bang & Olufsen BeoCentre Music System, Beovision MS6000 TV, HMV Record Players & Others

Followed By 150 Lots Of Collectables, Tools General Household Lots,White Goods, Furniture, Stoneware Garden Planters, Urns, Statues, 

Lot 156 Chinese porcelain gilt bottle vase, impressed with 6 character marks, Shown Below

1.         Bang & Olufsen Beocenter 9000 Integrated Music System, comprising tuner/amp, cassette deck, CD player. With Beovox RL Loudspeaker System - and all remotes

2.         Bang & Olufsen Beovision MS-6000 TV. No remote

3.         1960s Russian transistor radio

4.         HMV gramophone in crimson velvet lined case, supplied by White and Sentance, Melton

5.         12 x 78 records in sleeves and a quantity of un-sleeved 78s, HMV and Columbia etc, 12" and 10"

6.         The Rolling Stones Story - 12 album box set, with posters and info sheet

7.         Quantity of 100+ 45s - 1960s, UK and European

8.         Quantity of 100+ 45s - Mostly 80s pop etc

9.         Quantity of 200+ 45s - Majority loose, unsleeved

10.       Quantity of 80+ LPs - Including Thin Lizzy, Now 10, Beatles etc

11.       Quantity of 90+ LPs - 1970s, easy listening etc

12.       DJ Collection of 45s (400+), A-Z, 60s - 80s, plain sleeves - in wooden transit case

13.       DJ Collection of 45s (300+), A-Z, 60s - 70s, plain sleeves - in wooden transit case

14.       DJ Collection of 45s (200+), A-Z, 80s in sleeves - in wooden transit case

15.       Record case of vinyl, mostly classical (30+ LPs, 10 x 45s)

16.       Box of 80+ LPs - Mostly 80s, 70s and easy listening

17.       Quantity of 70+ mostly 12" records - 80s, including some limited edition picture discs

18.       Quantity of 90+ mostly 12" records - 80s, 90s, remixes etc

19.       Quantity of LPs (60+) - 70s, 80s, popular music

20.       Quantity of LPs - 60s, 70s, Carpenters, Abba, easy listening

21.       40+ LPs - 60s, 70s, including German Wunderlich, country & western, Elvis and other crooners

22.       40+ LPs - 60s, 70s, Shirley Bassey, Theme tunes, Elton John, Rogers & Hammerstein, some 80s

23.       60+ LPs - Phil Spector, Beach Boys, Elvis, Streisland, some 80s

24.       70+ LPs - 70s, 80s, including early "Nows", "Hits" and other compilations

25.       Small quantity of LPs and 12"s - 80s, Simple Minds etc and 3 signed (Tony Richards, Graeme       Hewitt, Renee & Renato)

26.       Crate of 70+ records - mostly LPs and EPs, 80s

27.       Crate of classical and opera box sets and various other old LPs, 50s and 60s

28.       Crate of 50+ classical LPs and box sets

29.       Box of 60+ classical LPs and 3 box sets

30.       Box of classical vinyl - 13 box sets and 3 LPs

31.       Record box of 50+ 45s - 60s and 70s pop

32.       Record box of 50+ 45s - 50s and 60s

33.       Box of LPs - James Last, Abba etc and some tour programs

34.       The Beatles x 2 - The White Album and With The Beatles

35.       The Beatles x 3 - Let It Be, Abbey Road, The Beatles

36.       Wings Band On The Run, Wings Greatest Hits and John Lennon's Imagine

37.       The Rolling Stones x 3 - LP and 2 x 45s

38.       4 x LPs - Jimi Hendrix (2), Mungo Jerry and Pink Floyd

39.       Collection of 30+ 45s - T Rex, Monkees etc

40.       Collection of 45s (20)

41.       Collection of 20 old 45s - Dambusters, HMV, Columbia, London

42.       Bag of LPs - classical, 60s/70s pop

43.       40+ LPs - Elvis, Rod Stewart, Shadows etc and 2 Shadows tour programs

44.       Large box of LPs, 50+ - various titles

45.       23 interesting LPs - Beach Boys, Elton John, Johnny Cash, T Rex, Deep Purple, Kinks etc

46.       Box of 40+ classical LPs etc

47.       40+ 45s (80s) and 16 loose

48.       Various 78s (20+) - Parlophone, Embassy

49.       Quantity of interesting 70s, 80s LPs, including first "Now That's What I Call Music" etc 

50.       30+ LPs, 70s and 80s, Rod Stewart etc

51.       Bruce Springsteen box set, Pop Will Eat Itself colour disc, New Order, 12"s etc

52.       22 x 10" 78s - HMV, Parlophone, Columbia, Decca and 6 x 12" 78s

53.       40+ LPs - Johnny Mathis, Diana Ross, Barry White, Nat King Cole etc

54.       40+ LPs - soul, RnB, jazz etc etc

55.       50+ LPs - classical, old soundtracks etc

56.       50+ LPs - classical, old soundtracks etc

57.       Quantity of LPs - Cliff, ELO, Blondie, Bob Dylan, Roxie Music

58.       Quantity of LPs - Neil Diamond etc

59.       Quantity of LPs - Osmonds, Tom Jones, John Denver, Glen Campbell

60.       Quantity of LPs - Irish, Xmas, English, Childrens

61.       Quantity of LPs (80s) - U2, Eurythmics, Talking Heads, Police, Sinead O'Connor

62.       Quantity of LPs - Billy Joel, Prince (Batman), Hits etc and a small quantity of 90s

63.       A selection of Genesis and Phil Collins LPs

64.       Large quantity of 78s, 12" and 10"

65.       Large quantity of various vinyl - Box of LPs, 2 cases of LPs, loose LPs and a small box of 45s

66.       Queen - The Miracle. 1989 record shop promotion board

67.       87 x 1970s 45s

68.       79 x 1960s 45s

69.       Quantity of LPs - Elvis, Hendrix, 1970s etc. Approx 70

70.       Quantity of 45s - Elvis (5), Bowie, Queen, Tears For Fears, Frankie, Wham etc (32)

71.       Quantity of LPs - Talking Heads, Dire Straits, Rod Stewart, Meat Loaf, Tina Turner, 70s/80s (40+)

72.       Large quantity of LPs - various titles and artists, mostly 60s and 70s

73.       Box of LPs - various titles, list provided - Billy Joel, Musicals, Classical etc

74.       Case of LPs - Police, The Who, Blondie etc (20+) and 20 x 45s

75.       6 x 45s - Strawberry Fields, Can't Buy Me Love, I Wanna Be Your Man etc

76.       22 x 45s in original sleeves - Solo John, Kenneth McKellar, Merry Widow, Musical Gems etc

77.       7 x 78s - Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Frank Sinatra etc

78.       34 assorted 45s - Ken Dodd, The Searchers, Adam Faith, Gene Pitney, Billy Fury etc

79.       4 Beatles albums - Rubber Soul, Help, With The Beatles, Beatles For Sale

80.       41 LPs - Helen Reddy, Neil Diamond, Band On The Run, John Lennon and others

81.       2 boxes classical box sets

82.       2 boxes of mixed vinyl LPs

83.       50 assorted Dance records. These lots of Dance vinyl are from a Club DJ's personal collection                 - From Deep House to Techno

84.       50 assorted Dance records

85.       50 assorted Dance records

86.       50 assorted Dance records

87.       50 assorted Dance records

88.       50 assorted Dance records

89.       50 assorted Dance records

90.       50 assorted Dance records

91.       50 assorted Dance records

92.       50 assorted Dance records

93.       50 assorted Dance records

94.       50 assorted Dance records

95.       50 assorted Dance records

96.       50 assorted Dance records

97.       50 assorted Dance records

98.       50 assorted Dance records

99.       50 assorted Dance records

100.    50 assorted Dance records

101.    50 assorted Dance records

102.    50 assorted Dance records

103.    50 assorted Dance records

104.    50 assorted Dance records

105.    50 assorted Dance records

106.    50 assorted Dance records

107.    50 assorted Dance records

108.    50 assorted Dance records

109.    50 assorted Dance records

110.    50 assorted Dance records

111.    50 assorted Dance records

112.    50 assorted Dance records

113.    50 assorted Dance records

114.    50 assorted Dance records

115.    50 assorted Dance records

116.    50 assorted Dance records

117.    50 assorted Dance records

118.    50 assorted Dance records

119.    50 assorted Dance records

120.    50 assorted Dance records

121.    50 assorted Dance records

122.    50 assorted Dance records

123.    81 assorted Dance records

124.    3 coloured 12" discs - Qattara, Moonchild, Soul Surfers

125.    2 x BPM slipmats and 5 record cases

126.    2 boxes of LPs - various, a broad range

127.    Quantity of LPs - 1980s, some 1970s, classical and a quantity of 78s

128.    Quantity of 45s - original sleeves, 70s and 80s

129.    Adam & The Ants AntRap, 45 picture disc

130.    Good quantity of 45s - original sleeves, mostly 50s/60s

131.    Box of 300+ 7" vinyl in original sleeves, mainly 1980s - A Good Selection

132.    100+ 12" dance records

133.    100+ 12" records

134.    100+ 12" records

135.    100+ 12" records

136.    100+ 12" records

137.    100+ 12" records

138.    2 boxes of music related books

139.    Album of 78s, including Frank Sinatra

140.    2 albums of 78s

141.    2 albums of 78s

142.    2 albums of 78s

143.    3 albums of 78s

144.    Winston Churchill - Memoirs and Speeches, Decca

145.    Small quantity of 45s - 1980s and 1990s

146.    Quantity of 45s (1980s) - 35+

147.    35+ sleeved 45s and quantity of loose - 1970s and 1980s

148.    40+ sleeved 45s and quantity of loose - 1970s

149.    40+ loose 45s

150.    150+ 45s - 1960s and 1970s

151.    Pye Black Box record player with German turntable

152.    Large selection of glass slides - scenery and houses

153.    The Edinburgh Stereoscopic Atlas of Anatomy in 5 boxed sections

154.    French gilt brass carriage clock

155.    Small Barbola mirror

156.    Chinese porcelain gilt bottle vase, impressed with 6 character marks  

157.    Pixie Phone Gama 54 boxed child's record player

158.    Mettoy part boxed cooking stove and quantity of Dolls House furniture

159.    Quantity of 1950s wool, sewing and jewellery sets in original boxes

160.    Child's nursing kit, dress and child's dress

161.    Child's floral tea service

162.    1950s board games in original boxes

163.    Child's metal toy washing machine in original box

164.    Selection of small toys including jigsaws, Clarinetta, puzzles etc in original boxes

165.    3 child's picture block sets in boxes

166.    Large box of LPs - various artists

167.    Quantity of 78s and 45s

168.    60+ 78 records

169.    Quantity of LPs and 45s - 1960s and 70s

170.    Pair of Eames style Eiffel Bikini chairs

171.    Kid Kord Record Album containing 33 Nursery Rhymes

172.    Pioneer stacking system with speakers passed safety test

172A.  Large quantity of new boxed pub glasses

173.    Quantity of household effects - nursing chair, mirrors, drinking glasses etc

174.    Good quality 1960s suitcase

174A.  Early brass table clock decorated with cherubs and scrolls

175.    Quantity of modern suitcases, travel bags and portable seats

176.    Black & Decker lawnmower, golf bag and clubs, good quantity of garden tools

177.    2 modern architects prints and 1 other

178.    White Knight tumble dryer passed safety test

179.    Sovereign mini chest freezer passed safety test

180.    LEC fridge passed safety test

181.    Hoover Nextra washing machine passed safety test

182.    Hoover Nextra upright freezer passed safety test

183.    Candy Eclypsa washing machine passed safety test

184.    Electrolux Insight cooker passed safety test

185.    Magimix 4100 Auto blender with accessories and a toaster

186.    AC4000 printer, 2 paper shredders and a Roberts radio

187.    Reflecta projector, Ionic air purifier and a battery charger

188.    Basket of misc china and metalware

189.    Modern reproduction gramophone

190.    Old carpenter's toolbox and tools

191.    2 metal toolboxes and tools, a crate of tools and 2 cased socket sets

192.    Small mahogany chest of tools

193.    Large crate of fixings (crate not included) good quality vice, workmate, saw stool and extension cable

194.    Large box of electrical and household misc

195.    Good quantity of garden tools and a pine step ladder

196.    Oval bevel edged mirror

197.    Early angle poise wall lamp

197A.  Good quantity of ballroom dancing medals

198.    High quality pair of heavy metal sash cramps

199.    Black & Decker drill on stand

200.    Boxed as new Bosch 500A woodworking router passed safety test

201.    Computer monitor and modem

202.    Leather cased Emulation Ritual Masonic set

203.    JVC midi system passed safety test and an Aiwa cassette player

204.    6 good quality table lamps and 2 modern uplighters

205.    AEG cased electric drill and dill bits passed safety test

206.    Black & Decker garden shredder passed safety test and a Mini-mo electric mower

207.    Hoover shampoo polisher

208.    Large 3pc cream and gilt bedroom suite

209.    Philips hostess trolley

210.    Large old enamel flour bin

210A.  Superb oval brass bound wall mirror

211.    Good quantity of glass and stoneware

212.    Good quality unusual shaped glass bowl with green and orange edge

213.    3 potted fruit trees and a crate of plants

214.    Box of 45s

215.    Box of LPs

216.    Brass coalbox and metalware

217.    Framed matchbox picture, framed stamps and framed Only Fools And Horses banknotes

218.    Light oak blanket box on cabriole legs

219.    Long teak 1960s utility sideboard

220.    Box of ornaments and metalware

221.    Box of misc - cameras, swords, knives etc

222.    Bottle of 1975 Chateau La Gravette, 3 bottles of beer and 2 stoneware bottles

223.    Modern twin pedestal dining table and 6 chairs

224.    Teak drop leaf formica top dining table

225.    Electric towel rail, small ironing board, mirror and fold over table

226.    Wooden storage box, brass bike pumps, wooden light fittings and small bentwood chair

227.    19th century mahogany Pembroke table

228.    Circular teak 1960s dining table and 4 matching chairs  

229.    Good quantity of blue and white tableware, other china and a box of glassware

230.    Copper frying pan, warming pan and a large biscuit barrel

231.    Canon Oakley 4 ring gas cooker passed safety test

231A     Hotpoint Aquarius dish washer

231B     New World 4 ring electric cooker

231C    Modern kitchen unit and some pans 

232.    Zanussi Aquacycle washing machine passed safety test

233.    Deluxe fridge freezer passed safety test

234.    Small safe and a modern external wall light

235.    19th century cast iron and copper burner

236.    19th century cast iron fireplace (superb looking)

237.    3pc 1960s teak bedroom suite

238.    Box and a crate of CDs

239.    1920s 2 tone coloured flower shaped bevel edged mirror

240.    HP printer and a box of keyboards 

241.    Large stoneware flagon

242.    Box of good quality kitchenware and a box of quilted garment hangers

243.    1960s cased Remington typewriter

244.    Kershaw Model 250 strip projector and screen

245.    Box of plated and other metalware

246.    Oak mantel clock and 2 other clocks

247.    2 boxed Coalport picture plates and 1 other

248.    Tray of boxed, plated and steel cutlery

249.    Tray of brass and glassware

250.    Cabinet cased Singer Magic 34 sewing machine

251.    Teak wall unit with sliding glass doors and a small dark wood unit

252.    Suitcase of interesting ephemera

253.    1960s teak coffee table with pull out slides  

254.    Small well-carved Old Charm oak corner cupboard

255.    Well-carved Old Charm oak open bookcase with drawers

256.    1950s teak dining table and 4 chairs

257.    1960s teak buffet sideboard

258.    2 small 60s tables and a small 70s kitchen table

259.    Pair of modern bedside units, white & gilt chest of drawers and a dressing table stool

260.    Ornate cream and gilt kidney shaped dressing table with 3 sectional mirrors

261.    2 modern gilt and marble effect coffee tables

262.    Teak drop seat piano stool

263.    1950s walnut bureau on ball and claw feet

264.    Raleigh Zest mountain bike

265.    Raleigh Genesis mountain bike

266.    Large steel framed market stall in section format

267.    Samsung 26" flatscreen TV, DVD and a VHS

268.    Pine blanket chest on castors

269.    Large 19th century pine blanket box on bracket feet

270.    Retro style teak 3 piece wall unit

271.    Brown leather saddle

272.    Oak rustic shaped coffee table

273.    19th century pine chest with porcelain handles

274.    Mahogany piano stool, oak bedside unit and a barley twist oak standard lamp

275.    Very old water pail A/F

276.    Good modern dark wood corner cupboard

277.    Box of electrical items, radio, toaster etc

278.    Braun Multipractic food processor and attachments

279.    Logik microwave and a Rival slow cooker

280.    Teak 2 drawer unit, large step ladder, bathroom cabinet, wine rack, 2 drawer unit and folding bed table

281.    3 crates of board and computer games

282.    Painted pine table

283.    Liquorice All-Sorts storage jar and 3 other hand-painted storage jars

284.    Autumn Leaves pattern coffee set and a quantity of other chinaware

285.    Good brown and floral pattern 3 piece suite

286.    Parker Knoll dark green 2 seater sofa and matching armchair, sold subject to fire safety regulations

287.    Cabriole leg nursing chair and 1970s elbow chair

288.    Mahogany Edwardian 3 piece suite

289.    6 assorted white plastic garden chairs

290.    Pair of teak and black vinyl dining chairs

291.    Late Victorian mahogany Bergere balloon back rocking chair in superb condition,

292.    Tray of books, computer games, modern ornaments

293.    Pair of square Garden Wall design stonework planters

294.    Pair of circular Wall Flower design stonework planters

295.    Tree stump design stonework garden bench

296.    Squirrel design stonework garden bench

297.    Stonework bird bath

298.    Pair of square Garden Wall design stonework planters

299.    Pair of circular Wall Flower design stonework planters

300.    Pair of stonework mushroom pedestals

301.    Triangular Cherub stonework wall pocket

302.    Pair of large decorative two handled stonework planters

303.    Stonework Lion’s head wall hanging

304.    Pair of leaf design stonework planters

305.    Stonework tree stump bird bath

306.    Stonework Rose design bird bath

307.    3 stonework Cherub garden ornaments

308.    Pair of floral decorated stonework planters

309.    Pair of oval stonework planters

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