Saturday 15th June, Starting At 9.30am

3 Mobility Scooters

LandLex Broadway R/RS Mobilty Scooter With Canopy & Paperwork & 2 Victory Mobility Scooters, All In Excellent Order



Some 420 Lots, Collectables, Furniture Old & New Such As, Victoriana, Antique Card Table, Country House Dining Table & 6 Stickback Chairs,  Ercol Dining Room Suite, Dressers, Chests, Teak & G Plan Units, Gold, Silver, Costume Jewellery, Bygones/Vintage Lots, Books, Paintings, Mirrors, Outdoor Effects, Misc Lots, Kitchenware, White Ware, Stamp Albums & First Day Covers, Old OS Maps, Ephemera, Glassware, Modern Long Case & Other Clocks, Objets D'art, Art Deco. Clock Collet Lathe & Accessories, Brass Weights, LCD TV, Piano.

This Is One Of Our More Interesting Sales. With Something For Everyone Whether It Be Old Or New

Viewing Friday 14th June 12 Noon - 4.00pm & From 8.00am Morning Of Sale, At 123 Scudamore Road, Leicester, LE3 1UQ

1.         2 boxes of glassware

1A.      Landlex Broadway R/RS mobility scooter, with canopy, charger, key, in very good order Passed safty test

1B.      Victory mobility scooter, with charger and key in good order, Passed safety test

1C.      Victory mobility scooter, with charger and key in good order Passed safety test

2.         Hornsea vase, dressing table set and other porcelain

3.         Gilt pattern glassware and other cut glass

4.         1970s Russell Hobbs (Wedgwood) toaster, milk warmer and coffee pot

5.         Tray of mixed colourful glassware

6.         Quantity of red glass

7.         Tray of plated ware and a trench art ashtray

8.         2 boxed cutlery sets and a tray of plated ware

9.         Tray of Wedgwood, Doulton, other porcelain, 2 pottys and a Chinese vase A/F

10.       Oak cased mantel clock with key

11.       Fluted vaseline pink glass centre piece (part missing) and pair of ornate glass vases A/F

12.       Misc tray of plated ware, brass ware, glass etc

13.       Good quantity of porcelain and glassware - jugs, teapots, fruit bowls, decanters etc

14.       Bottle of Robbie Burns whiskey, bottle of Dimple whiskey and bottle of Irish Mist liqueur

15.       Large and small flagon of Limited Edition Lindisfarne Mead

16.       Bells Whiskey bell - Christmas 1990

17.       Set of 4 graduated Wade whiskey bells

18.       3 Royal Family related Wade whiskey bells

19.       Tray of various collector's beers and ales

20.       Approx 150 miniature bottles of spirits in various shapes and sizes - A superb collection

21.       Beswick miniature whiskey decanters - Loch Ness Monster, Eagle, Squirrel A/F, Bull and a Wade decanter

22.       American Mahogany 19th century cottage clock

23.       Copper ship's lamp - Port

24.       Views of Interest album and a quantity of black and white photographs

25.       Good quantity of various bone china cups and saucers

26.       Pair of square column metal candlesticks

27.       19th century walnut bone banded dome top glove box

28.       Pair of porcelain figures of a Boy and Girl, gilt and white with rose red cheeks, 19th century

29.       Tray of Wade, Delft and other ornaments

30.       Sylvac dog and 2 Beswick geese ornaments

31.       4 pieces of crested china - Jolly Good Luck, Monument, Lighthouse and 1 other

32.       Shelley butterfly pattern fruit bowl, Royal Winton fruit bowl, Portmeirion vase, 2 jugs and cottage   teapot

33.       Walnut cased Art Deco mantel clock

34.       Approx 50 pieces of crested china, various objects

35.       3 cut glass vases on a cut glass tray and a tray of good quality drinking glasses

36.       Plated tray of colourful glassware

37.       Indian Tree pattern vase, planter and plate

38.       Tray of boxed plated spoons, forks etc and a box of loose plate cutlery

39.       Regent of London ornate brass edged dressing table set

40.       Tray of Wedgwood Jasper ware

41.       Late 19th century blue and white Wedgwood part dinner service

42.       Late 19th century blue and white part tea set and a Meakin part dinner service

43.       Large Denby fruit bowl, decorative Mason's tea caddy and quantity of various china ware

44.       4 porcelain wall mounted ducks, 1 A/F

45.       Plated purple colour boxed brush set

46.       Quantity of brass handled fire irons and dogs

47.       Tray of various collectables - carved figure, interesting brass banded horn etc

48.       Tray of cranberry glass and other colourful glass

49.       Black lace and bone purse, carved wooden dish and leather cased writing set

50.       Brass plated coal box with various brass, copper ware and a warming pan

51.       Suitcase of various hand tools and a hose pipe

52.       Box of glassware and a crate of tins, sewing boxes and dolls

53.       4 boxes of kitchenware, household, ornaments, china etc

54.       Box of linen and cotton, wicker laundry basket and 1 other

55.       Russell Hobbs teasmaid 

56.       Fire grate, footstool and sewing box

57.       2 boxes of cruise ship tableware

58.       Box of LPs and CDs

59.       Wooden shoe box, box of household effects and box of dolls

60.       Box of LPs

61.       2 boxes of dolls house furniture and effects

62.       2 boxes of china, kitchenware and box of books

63.       Quantity of old household effects, saucepans, pottys, breadbin etc

64.       Cased Singer sewing machine, 2 hall mirrors and 2 prints

65.       Pair of Hediao walnut kernels - carved to depict The 18 Lohan, Buddha's original followers

66.       Set of 18 Oriental coins, each depicting one of The 18 Lohan

67.       Oriental silver metal weight

68.       Oriental Jade pipe

69.       Jade bangle

70.       Set of 4 medals

71.       Small Oriental scroll

72.       Original Concertina book and Vintage story book

73.       Oriental pipe with the bowl in the form of a skull

74.       Old tin of white metal, costume jewellery and collectables

75.       Good quantity of silver tea and table spoons

76.       Plate of collectables, pocket watches etc

77.       Small basket of costume jewellery and boxed cufflinks

78.       Album of Warships, book on the Coronation of King George and Queen Elizabeth and a 1952       cricket trophy

79.       Large quantity of postcards - ships, boats, liners

80.       The Day of The Concorde, commemorative issue

81.       Tin of ship related coins and pin badges

82.       Box of costume jewellery

83.       Small book of autographs, sporting related 

84.       Ornate lady's pocket mirror - white metal edged with porcelain bird pattern back and polished stone             handle

85.       Box of collectables - fountain pens, badges etc

86.       Large tray of costume jewellery

87.       Small purse of medals and badges

88.       Box of cigarette lighters, Ronson etc

89.       Wooden handled 19th century corkscrew

90.       Box of collectables, trench art, silver plate picture frames etc

91.       Ornate mother of pearl box full of various collectables and a Dig For Victory booklet

92.       J. H. Co Toy Fire Engine with moveable figures, 1934

93.       Tray of gents and ladies wristwatches

94.       Pull handle, pair of dated brass bath taps 1923

94A.    Nizo Exposomat 8

95.       18ct gold diamond leaf pattern ring

96.       18ct gold diamond ring

97.       18ct gold diamond ring

98.       18ct gold diamond ring

99.       18ct gold diamond and sapphire ring

100.    Three 18ct gold diamond rings

101.    Tin of military medals, cap badges, buttons etc

102.    Pair of Staffordshire whippets

103.    Crate of DVDs and CDs and an Epson printer passed safety test

104.    5 crates of cruise ship porcelain tableware

105.    Hornsea coffee set, a box of Shire horses and a table lamp

106.    Suitcase and a box of household effects etc

107.    Box of Chinese ornaments and a box of Lilliput Lane style cottages and ornaments 

108.    2 boxes of ornaments, China dogs, planters etc

109.    5 prints of ruins and buildings, map of Leicester and a modern day sampler

110.    Box of picture plates and set of 4 picture plates in a frame

111.    4 boxes of ornaments, china and chalk face wall plaques

112.    Crate of garden ornaments

113.    Crate of demi johns and a measuring glass

114.    Wicker bin, wicker basket and a quantity of wool and knitting needles

115.    Box of glassware, china and ornaments

116.    Large red painted Safe - C. H. Whittingham & Co, Birmingham with keys

117.    Misc box of metalware, brass, copper etc

118.    Fold up garden chair and a golf bag and clubs

119.    Box of bicycle helmets, 2 boxes of household items and tray of glassware, china etc

120.    Box of old tins and a shoe box of modern toy cars

121.    2 boxes of household effects, computer gear, LPs etc

122.    Tray of bone china and glassware and a box of books

123.    2 porcelain rocking cockerels, misc stoneware and a folding table

124.    Jack plane and smoothing plane

125.    Marble mantel clock and a Metamec walnut mantel clock

126.    Tray of misc - glassware, binoculars, wooden money boxes etc

127.    Box of ornaments and china

128.    Tray of ornaments and paperweights

129.    Small tray of drinking glasses

130.    Crate of digital cameras and others

131.    Onyx telephone, modern stained glass light fitting, vases etc

132.    Modern watercolours, prints, photos

133.    Large quantity of thimbles and thimble racks

134.    Box of binoculars and cameras

135.    Box of plated ware

136.    Large quantity of Ordinance Survey maps - All relating to Derbyshire (and Yorks border), dating    from 1920s to 1970s, in 3 sizes, small, medium, large (small being 1920s)

137.    Camping stove, fold up chairs, tent, walking boots and airbed

138.    Large quantity of shipping memorabilia, pictures, photos etc

139.    Crate of shipping memorabilia, box of shipping related ashtrays, spoons, ornaments etc

140.    Crate with spotlight, paper shred mate etc and a large light fitting

141.    Small tray of picture plates, commemorative items and other china

142.    47 piece Royal Albert Old Country Roses tea service 

143.    4 boxes of bone china ornaments, modern kitchenware and planters

144.    3 boxes of hand tools

145.    Table skittles and Bagatelle game board

146.    Hanimex Rondette projector

147.    Progress vacuum cleaner and a Focus desk lamp

148.    Modern oak long cased clock with swan neck pediment

149.    1930s oak cased Enfield mantel clock

150.    1930s oak cased Enfield mantel clock

151.    Art Deco marble brass faced mantel clock with butterflies on roses either side

152.    1930s oak cased mantel clock

153.    1930s marble effect mantel clock

154.    Porcelain floral pattern tray with plated fretwork upstand on bun feet

155.    Boxed set of old billiard balls

156.    Quantity of coins and stamp collecting books

157.    Clock collet lathe, various accessories including 30 collets, drill taps, dies, 2 centre lathe         chucks, precision engineers vice etc

158.    4 brass boat style light fittings

159.    4 brass bell shaped weights

160.    2 clock cases, crate and a box of books on antiques and clock repairs

161.    Vienna style 19th century mahogany wall clock

162.    Oak acanthus leaf carved bevel edged wall mirror

163.    Framed pastel of Duke Ellington

164.    Pair of signed French oils on board

165.    Acctim modern style wall clock

166.    Ebony tray with white metal bat decorations and a Lotus tree with bird in centre

167.    Pair of Royal Doulton stoneware glazed vases - blue and green with white flowers

168.    Miner's lamp and carved stone wall plaque

169.    Mason's Silver Jubilee jug by Cyril Shingler

170.    Quantity of Royal Albert Old Country Roses

171.    Plated 3 piece tea set

172.    Cast iron water outlet dated 1894

173.    Pair of French prints by L. Boillydel

174.    Modern coloured sketch, street scene

175.    Pair of gilt framed London prints

176.    Old suitcase of Beatles 45s (and others) and ephemera

177.    Box of Ladybird children's books

178.    Modern watercolour of a village, duck pond and church view and a Norfolk watercolour by J.          Beckett (2)

179.    Quantity of bone china cups and saucers - green & white and blue & white

180.    Martin Sexton framed watercolour of a town street scene - Signed

181.    Pair of Fox Hunting prints - Cirencester and Pytchley

182.    8 stamp albums and stamps - consisting of 1930s A-Z of Countries, Modern British, Royal        Family, Channel Islands etc

183.    Modern watercolour of a Country House, a town street scene and 3 other pictures including            Concorde

184.    Bordeaux modern wall clock

185.    Mahogany cased American wall clock

186.    Old teddy bear

187.    Large quantity of old wood planes

188.    Trailer's light board

189.    Fishing rods and weights

190.    Pair of modern garden gates

191.    Sketch of San Francisco by David Apple

192.    Pair of gilt framed miniature coloured engravings

193.    4 watercolours - still lifes, 1980s signed GA

194.    3 David Weston prints

195.    The Old Course St Andrews framed print

196.    Watercolours and prints of boating and rural scenes

197.    Pastel of a Norfolk windmill and a rural scene watercolour

198.    Quantity of prints - Lowry, Monet, Bergen and others

199.    Modern oil on board signed C.Stephenson Mole

200.    Woven picture of Mrs Teddy Bear

201.    Spy print of a Jockey, commemorative sampler, signed Sir Trevor Nunn photo and a boat print

202.    Framed engraving -  The Shepherds Chief Mourner

203.    Pair of Edwardian rural oval oak framed prints - By Placid Water and Shores of Windermere

204.    Oval oak framed Edwardian bevel edged mirror

205.    Dutch style wall clock - weight driven, with mounted brass figures of Faith, Hope and Charity

206.    Cunard print and a Lighthouse print

207.    Large oak carved picture of a Viking ship on a canvas background

208.    Small inlaid mahogany box of collectables

209.    Box of old cast toys, Dinkys etc

210.    Hotpoint First Edition washing machine passed safety test

211.    Sovereign fridge freezer passed safety test

212.    Creda mini tumble dryer passed safety test

213.    Folding walking aid

214.    Belling 2 ring mini cooker failed safety test

215.    2 microwaves - 750w and 700w passed safety tests

216.    Toshiba Regza flatscreen TV 32" with remote passed safety test

217.    Sony Bravia flatscreen TV 21" with remote passed safety test

218.    Bosch WFF-1201 washing machine passed safety test

219.    Bosch WOK-2001 top loading washer passed safety test

220.    Scandinova chest freezer passed safety test

221.    Small fridge passed safety test

222.    Hotpoint Future fridge passed safety test

223.    Zanussi fridge passed safety test

224.    Cannon gas cooker

225.    Mountfield Princess 34 lawn mower passed safety test

226.    McCulloch Mac 801e lawn mower passed safety test

227.    Large 4 drawer filing cabinet and 1 other

228.    4 assorted wall mirrors

229.    Indesit washing machine passed safety test

230.    Parkinson Cowan 4 ring gas cooker

231.    Modern nest of glass top tables

232.    Angle poise lamp passed safety test and an illuminated bird picture

233.    2 modern framed rural scene oil paintings and a warming pan

234.    LG microwave and an electric radiator passed safety tests

235.    Microwave, kettle, Multiquick and Alba midi system passed safety tests

236.    Fender amplifier passed safety test

237.    Calor gas heater and 3 gas bottles

238.    Electrolux upright cleaner passed safety test

239.    Hoover Turbo upright cleaner passed safety test

240.    Red garden vac passed safety test

241.    Light oak 3 drawer coffee table

242.    Oak 2 tier coffee table with moveable games board

243.    Ercol half moon coffee table

244.    Oak nest of tables, boxed sewing machine and small footstool

245.    Quantity of picnic baskets, linen baskets and a wicker pouffe

246.    2 crates of computer games and DVDs

247.    Oak kitchen table

248.    Mahogany Pembroke table

249.    19th century mahogany corner washstand

250.    Sony reel to reel player passed safety test

251.    Old digital scales and weights passed safety test

252.    Patterned hall rug

253.    A. H. Findley watercolour - Old Guildhall Courtyard 1944

254.    Blue and white part dinner service, Oriental vases etc

255.    Box of plated and other cutlery and old cast iron teapot 

256.    Circular G-Plan style 2 tier coffee table

257.    Quantity of walking sticks

258.    Set of 4 framed Egyptian papyrus scenes

259.    Pair of barley twist table lamps and an oak light fitting

260.    Tile cutter, saws, 3 boxes of tools

261.    19th century cast iron fireplace and surround

262.    Cased Graduate clarinet

263.    Small dark oak dresser

264.    Oak single door hall wardrobe

265.    Old meat safe, ironing board, airers, clothes horse etc

266.    Wooden trestle table and 2 suitcases 

267.    3 sectional modern bedroom unit

268.    4 modern art pictures and a box of teddies

269.    The Boss upright hoover passed safety test

270.    Doskosport gun case

271.    1950s painted cabinet and a formica top kitchen table of the same era

272.    Oak blanket box

273.    Victorian mahogany chest of drawers

274.    Late Victorian mahogany dressing chest

275.    1920s oak bureau bookcase

276.    Gramophone cabinet with electric record player

277.    Ercol dark oak dome top dresser

278.    Copper samovar and 2 oil lamps

279.    1930s oak side by side bureau

280.    Art Deco walnut case mantel clock

281.    Oak Arts & Crafts table, bamboo table, Sutherland table and modern pine cricket table

282.    Mahogany glass top coffee table

283.    Quantity of circular glazed garden planters

284.    Oak bed tray, mirror, tiled top coffee table and an electric oil lamp passed safety test

285.    Ercol buffet sideboard

286.    Edwardian dome top oak dresser

287.    2 boxes of picture frames and a box of lightshades

288.    Mahogany 19th century chest of drawers

289.    Victorian mahogany chest of drawers with half turned side columns

290.    Small dark stained dresser

291.    2 cast iron fenders and a copper plated fender

292.    Rosewood inlaid upright piano

293.    Dark oak Ercol dining room suite - buffet sideboard, drop leaf table and 4 stickback chairs

294.    Oak bobbin turned leg upholstered American rocking chair

295.    Box of books and box of LPs

296.    Quantity of garden tools, vac and modern fishing rods

297.    Late 19th century dark mahogany fold over top card table

298.    Brass tray top folding table

299.    3 boxes of books

300.    Teak flip top 2 tier tea trolley

301.    Suitcase of good quality linen and a 50s 2 tier tea trolley

302.    Well carved cabriole leg coffee table with onyx top

303.    Ottoman, wooden tray, footstool and stone sink

304.    Watercolour by Leicestershire artist C.J Thornton - Towards Arnesby

305.    Modern white mirrored double door wardrobe

306.    Painted pine blanket box

307.    Oak plant stand and boxed plated cutlery set (incomplete)  

308.    Old photograph of a man and horse, copper warming pan and an old vintage ironing board

309.    Oak wall unit on carved base 

310.    Teak wall unit, TV cabinet and small teak unit

311.    2 modern art pictures and 3 modern oil paintings

312.    Bakelite charger and Avometer

313.    Dark oak mantel clock and a mahogany jewellery box

314.    Coloured glass decanter and glasses

315.    Small dark mahogany bookcase and basket of porcelain cups and saucers

316.    Modern light oak dining table

317.    Modern bronze style 3 branch table lamp  

318.    Walnut cased Bush radio

319.    Oak cased sewing machine

320.    1960s walnut sliding glazed door bookcase with side door and linen bin

321.    Quantity of Oriental jugs

322.    1950s nest of tables, folding table and a magazine rack

323.    Large quantity of garden tools

324.    Fishing rods, carry case and golf bag

325.    Large modern triple door 4 drawer pine wardrobe

326.    Twin pedestal Country oak dining table and 6 chairs (2 carvers) - Superb quality

327.    Barley twist standard lamp

328.    Box of old wood planes

329.    Victorian mahogany button back ladies chair

330.    Circular modern dining table and 4 chairs

331.    Modern glazed mahogany dresser

332.    Dark mahogany corner cupboard

333.    Cast iron fold over top bed table, 2 tier inlaid console table and small occasional table

334.    2 porcelain figures - Boy & Girl and Dancing Couple

335.    Oak framed bevel edged mirror

336.    2 brown leather saddles

337.    Teak nest of 3 glass top tables

338.    Oak blanket box

339.    Mahogany Campaign trunk

340.    Teak chest of drawers

341.    2 boxes of old tins - sweets and biscuits

342.    Box of spray guns and hoses

343.    Large brown and cream patterned rug, modern plant stand and teak bedside unit

344.    Pair of mahogany and walnut corner tables

345.    Pair of small mahogany side tables

346.    Modern pine kitchen table and matching pine bench seats

347.    Oak Country style side table with drop leaf sides

348.    Old pine kitchen table

349.    2 crates of CDs

350.    Modern pine corner cupboard

351.    Karcher pressure washer passed safety test

352.    Large copper cauldron

353.    1950s china cabinet

354.    Mirror, wine rack, folding chair, what-not, easels, coat hook

355.    Open oak and pine bookcase, old Hoover Junior and bevel edged wall mirror

356.    RaleighAlaska mountain bike

357.    Angle grinder, Quartz heater, bag of linen, roof rack and metal supports

358.    2 Hayterette garden petrol lawn mowers 

359.    2 old petrol cans and a socket set

360.    4 boxes of tools and garden sun seats

361.    Box of Scalectrix and a skateboard 

362.    Stone planter in bloom

363.    Mahogany mirrored sideboard top and a mahogany headboard A/F

364.    Modern oil on canvas - boating scene

365.    Old scales and quantity of weights

366.    Box of leather off-cuts and an old saddle

367.    1950s coffee table and 2 1950s pouffes

368.    1920s record cabinet and a pine box

369.    Quantity of old spot lights and wheel trims etc

370.    Fishing box and cased fishing umbrella

371.    3 x block and tackle

372.    Large steel vice and 2 boxes of tools

373.    Large model boat

374.    Angle poise lamp and old electric fan

375.    Jay-Be fold up bed

376.    Modern slim pine chest of drawers

377.    Modern pine washstand with drawer

378.    Metal bathroom rack with glass shelves

379.    Metal tool box and tools

380.    Large 2 tier dark oak coffee table on bun feet

381.    Mahogany piano stool with pull-down front

382.    19th century mahogany turned leg piano stool

383.    Oak blanket box

384.    Crane cross trainer

385.    Box of old hand saws

386.    Stone tree stump effect bird bath

387.    2 acoustic guitars

388.    Small 2 drawer oak bureau

389.    Oak 3 door china cabinet

390.    Quantity of pictures and prints - rural scenes etc

391.    Box of model train carriages and accessories

392.    4 boxes and a basket of household misc

393.    Golf bag and clubs and a badminton kit

394.    Modern double black metal bed frame

395.    Victorian painted metal and brass double bed frame

396.    3 boxes of hand tools

397.    2 metal tool boxes and tools and a crate and tub of tools

398.    3 boxes of ornaments etc and a Rotary trimmer

399.    Box of children's Ladybird books and others and a box of dolls and teddies etc

400.    Boxed duvet and a large quantity of linen and seat covers etc

401.    Quantity of small old wooden boxes and a Brownie camera

402.    Boots Compact 150 slide projector and screen

403.    Large green and floral high quality carpet

404.    Good quality cream and blue hall rug

405.    Cream and black modern easy chair

406.    1930s leather 3 piece suite

407.    Wing back gold coloured easy chair

408.    Lloyd Loom style commode chair

409.    Ash and elm rocking chair and 2 wicker bedroom chairs

410.    Pair of modern light elm Ercol dining chairs 

411.    Oak framed nursing chair

412.    1930s leather back elbow chair

413.    1940s wing back easy chair

414.    Set of 6 yew and ash kitchen chairs

415.    Quantity of modern hardback books

416.    Edwardian mahogany well-carved dining chair

417.    Mahogany fan back nursing chair and 2 other chairs 


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