Saturday 18th February Starting at 9.30am

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            A Whole Range Of Quality Collectables Such As -

Clocks, Oriental Ceramics, Early Oil Paintings, Mirrors,

Objets D’Art, Silver, Glassware, Curios, Unusual Artefacts,

Large Georgian Bureau, Gentleman’s Triple Wardrobe, Art Nouveau Display Cabinet,

Viewing In The Saleroom As Normal -  Friday 17th February 12 Noon – 4.00pm

 And From 8.00am Morning of Sale

Autograph book with signatures by various Sporting Individuals & others, Cricket and         Football teams, from the 1920s/30s  - Don Bradman, Jack Hobbs, Wally Hammond, Douglas     Jardine, Herbert Sutcliffe, Dixie Dean, Alec James, Gordon Richards, George Bernard Shaw,     The Nawab of Pataudi, Sid Barnes, Gubby Allen plus many others. 

1.         Venetian glass orb

2.         Glass squirrel and apple paperweight

3.         Deco glass vase (with label)

4.         Yellow spot tall vase

5.         19th Century 2 handled glass vase

6.         Star glass, hand made

7.         Black striped vase

8.         6 blue and clear glass wine glasses

9.         German glass vase - embossed leaves

10.       Lucie Rie style green vase

11.       Heavy textured crystal glass vase

12.       Blue Parlane glass bowl

13.       Pair of green glass vases

14.       "Remember Me" ruby glass mug, 19th Century

15.       Venetian ruby glass bowl on integral base

16.       Chinese Jadeite seal

17.       3 small pieces of decorative glass (paperweight, vase and bowl)

18.       Red and clear glass Orchid vase

19.       10 cups, saucers and gilded spoons

20.       Speckled tall glass vase

21.       French large square base light green vase

22.       Plaster figure of a swaddled lady

23.       Marble statue on alabaster base

24.       Wooden Scandinavian cow bell

25.       Piece of blue John

26.       18th or 19th Century Delft 2 handled vase

27.       Chinese stoneware bowl

28.       Chinese Celadon dish

29.       Pair of Japanese Kutani vases A/F

30.       Cloissone bowl - possibly Late 18th Century

31.       Pair of Cloissone vases

32.       Old Chinese enamel lamp - Highly impressive

33.       Pair of important blue Cloisonne vases with covers on hardwood bases

34.       Oriental teapot - pewter overlaid

35.       Tall "Persian Design" continental vase

36.       Shaft and bowl - large

37.       Pair of Chinese hand painted enamel jars

38.       Good Chinese ginger jar

39.       Imari vase - 25cm high

40.       Kangxi vase - 23cm high a/f  ( fair size crack one base & one side, closer image can be provided on this and any other item in the sale, with pleasure)

41.       Kangxi vase - 18cm high 4 character mark to underside

42.       Kangxi vase - 14cm high, some damage as can be seen, 4 character mark

43.       Small quantity of Chinese tea bowls, sparrow beak jug etc A/F

44.       Pair of Imperial vases - 26cm high (1 A/F)

45.       Early 19th Century Chinese blue and white plates etc (4)

46.       2 Chinese and a Canton dishes

47.       Pair of Chinese ginger jars - 22cm high

48.       Chinese pink hardstone figure - 13cm high

49.       Oriental brass vase decorated in relief with cranes on a branch - 33cm high

50.       Pair of bronze cranes - 46cm high

51.       Pair of Chinese bronze vases - 35cm high

52.       Japanese ceremonial doll - overall height 71cm

53.       Cased figure of a Geisha - 56cm high

54.       Cased pair of Japanese dancers in full ceremonial dress - 37cm x 54cm

55.       Moghul dagger with onyx handle in the form of a Ram - later scabbard

56.       Japanese lacquered lunch box

57.       Papier mache lacquered page turner

58.       Amber glass scent bottle - 9cm high

59.       Enamel scent bottle - 8cm high

60.       Enamel scent bottle - 7cm high

61.       Unusual pottery scent bottle - 9cm high

62.       Red lacquer scent bottle - 9cm high

63.       Carved mask - 57cm

64.       3 tribal drums - varied ages and size

64A.    Large tribal mask

65.       Belgian Congo bone tusk carved with a crocodile in relief, bought back to England in the 1920's by              a railway worker

65A.    Carved tusk lamp and a bone letter opener

66.       Remington Red Indian - 44cm high

67.       Limousin chrome art deco statuette - 37cm high

68.       Art Nouveau bronze dancer on alabaster base - 31cm high

69.       Metal horse statuette on alabaster base - 15cm high

70.       Singing bird with clock automaton - 17cm high

71.       3 Chinese white metal plaques

72.       Brass inlaid writing box

73.       Rosewood sewing box

74.       Brass bound walnut writing box - Plaque to top reads "Edward Allard" - no key

75.       George IV period dome top tea caddy (interior boxes complete), box wood stringing, brass       feet (rear two need attention)

76.       Georgian rosewood tea caddy

77.       Oak cash box with brass handle to top and brass sliding locks to side - reads "Royal Mint"

78.       Metal clerks box (interior has lift out tray with ink bottles)

79.       Metal box - 24" x 12" x 6" - brass label reads "Bilney & Co Outfitters, Portsea" and brass         plaque on lid reads "H.W.Hall, Surgeon R.N."

80.       Carved wood writing box

81.       A cased microscope - W.Watson and Sons London, fully fitted in carry box. Additional lenses etc   from F.Koristka, Milano

82.       Brass goblet inlaid with arts and crafts style stones (one tiny stone missing) 20cm high

83.       Arts and crafts decorated copper kettle stand on 4 legs, probably CotswoldSchool

84.       Late 18th Century French metal horseman

85.       Cold painted bronze style hunting lighter

86.       Long cased Meerschaum pipe - 39cm long

87.       Cased Meerschaum pipe, bowl in the form of a dragon, amber stem

88.       Cased Meerschaum pipe - claw holding ball

89.       Smaller version of Lot 88

90.       Small cased Meerschaum pipe - stem has carved figure of a horse

91.       Bronze and metal alter piece C1900 - 88cm high

92.       Pair of white metal harpies C1870 - 12cm high

93.       Mid 19th Century twist stem glass stick with interior sand decoration - 110cm long

94.       Early 19th Century Stourbridge glass walking stick - 72cm long

95.       Early 19th Century clear glass twisted horn - 103cm long

96.       Mid 19th Century Bristol Blue horn with white metal mount - 80cm long

97.       Mid 19th Century Bristol Blue rolling pin - 36cm long

98.       Early 19th Century coloured glass pestle or knop - 26cm long

99.       Early 19th Century twisted glass pestle or knop - 24cm long

100.    Early 19th Century Stourbridge glass linen smoother, matt finish to base - 14cm high

101.    Carnival glass bowl - Northwood USA Autumn acorns C1915

102.    Carnival glass bowl - Duggan USA Horses head C1912

103.    Carnival glass bowl - Fenton USA Vintage pattern C1912

104.    Near pair of marigold carnival glass vases

105.    Davisons C1920 reversed hob star bowl

106.    Davisons C1920 basket diamond and fleur de lys

107.    Mid 19th Century "Dump" paperweight

108.    Italian glass cat - 15cm high

109.    Clear glass plate commemorating 1949 Royal Visit to Australia and New Zealand (The Anzac Tour)             - 26cm circum

110.    As Lot 109, but Blue - 26cm circum

111.    Art Deco table clock - Horizontal movement with Swimming Fish denoting seconds,   spherical hours

112.    Small decanter, hallmarked silver rim, London 1912 - 19cm high

113.    Crown Ducal Charlotte Rhead charger, signed - 32cm diam

114.    Crown Ducal Charlotte Rhead charger, signed - 32cm diam

115.    Royal Doulton jardiniere - 19cm high 23cm wide

116.    Fine pair of Royal Doulton vases - 23cm high

117.    Royal Doulton figurine "Emma" HN3208 - 11cm high

118.    Royal Doulton figure "Buttercup" HN2399 - 19cm high

119.    Doulton Harvest jug - 18cm high

120.    Doulton Harvest jug, traditional pattern (very slight chip) - 17cm high

121.    Grainger & Co, Worcester, reticulated 2 handled vase - 18cm high

122.    Royal Worcester early 20th Century vase - 6cm high

123.    Pair of Keeling & Co Losol Ware Bourbon pattern lidded vases - 33cm high

124.    Set of 6 early Carlton Ware decorative plates - 22cm diam

125.    Set of 6 Cauldron Ltd bird plates - 22cm diam

126.    Collection of 24 crested ware cheese dishes

127.    Solian ware wall pocket in the form of a dove and one other which is undecorated

128.    2 Sylvac wall pockets

129.    Radford and 3 other wall pockets

130.    Burleigh ware wall pocket - Indian Chief

131.    Art Deco Red Indian Chief pastille burner

132.    Late 19th Century Staffordshire cottage pastille burner

133.    3 Staffordshire cottage pastille burners

134.    3 Staffordshire cottage pastille burners

135.    A fine Limoges jardiniere standing on 3 legs

136.    Royal Doulton figurine "Ballet Shoes" HN3434

137.    Royal Doulton character jug "Simon The Cellarer"

138.    Royal Doulton character jug "Beefeater"

139.    Royal Doulton character jug "John Barley Corn"

140.    Goebel robin, impressed mark 1968

141.    3 crested china pieces - George V and Queen Mary

142.    A wine flask issued by Emu Australian Wines made by Crown Ducal to commemorate the        1937 Coronation - 20cm high

143.    Art Deco "Jack In The Pulpit" vaseline and red glass vase - 31cm high

144.    Walnut cased "Banjo" barometer

145.    Railway clock (Fusee movement) - A.Morris, Leicester

146.    Gustav Becker, Freiburg, oak cased 8 day shelf clock. Chime silent, silvered arch dial striking on 5               rods

147.    Mahogany case with boxwood stringing 8 day striking English movement shelf clock retailed by    Pearce & Son Leicester. Silvered arch dial

148.    20th Century English walnut cased mantel clock by Elliott

149.    Late 19th Century walnut cased mantel clock, Junghans movement

150.    Hamburg American Clock company walnut cased mantel clock, 14 day movement, late 19th         Century

151.    Vienna style wall clock - Art Nouveau whiplash pattern on dial with bi-metallic pendulum

152.    Hallmarked silver front bedside clock with modern movement

153.    Set of 6 cased cockerel finial cocktail sticks, hallmarked silver Sheffield 1929, James Dixon & Sons

154.    Continental silver (stamped .800) chased compact with inset stone

154A.  West End Watch Company wristwatch (lacking strap) Sillidar model, C1920, subsidiary second     hand

155.    White £5 note, dated 18 March 1947, K.O.Peppiatt

156.    Percival Spencer Beale 1950 issue £1 and 10/- notes

157.    Jasper Quintus Hollom 1963 issue £1 and 10/- notes

158.    Jasper Quintus Hollom 1963 issue 10/- note, almost uncirculated

159.    J.O.Page blue £5 note, almost uncirculated

160.    Personal printed postcard, written and signed by TERENCE CUNEO, printed with his name      and address

161.    Quantity of Dandy and Beano's in the Comic Library series

162.    The Works of George Elliot - Cabinet edition in green cloth, 20 volumes

163.    The Works of Thackery in 13 volumes. London 1902, bound in half green Morocco Gilt by          Hatchards, spines faded to a pleasant tan

164.    2 metal and jewelled bound Jewish Holy Scriptures, 1979

165.    Autograph book with signatures by various Sporting Individuals & others, Cricket and               Football teams, from the 1920s/30s  - Don Bradman, Jack Hobbs, Wally Hammond, Douglas   Jardine, Herbert Sutcliffe, Dixie Dean, Alec James, Gordon Richards, George Bernard              Shaw, The Nawab of Pataudi, Sid Barnes, Gubby Allen plus many others.

166.    Don Bradman - Flicker book. On drive, off drive

167.    "Wanderer" stamp album containing a good selection of worldwide stamps, 19th/20th Century

168.    Morse Code booklet, Hitler Novelty Joke booklet and one other & a poem

169.    A good oleograph advertising "Meckumfat" poultry food - 19" x 14"

170.    Another good oleograph advertising "Kositos" cooked horse food - 19" x 14"

171.    As Lot 170, but Framed

172.    "Beechy Head" - a watercolour signed Fred Miller. This is probably Frederick Miller, marine painter,              exhibited 1880-1892

173.    An original signed coloured etching of Amalfi by F.Marriott, copyright to Alfred Bell & Co            London 1st May 1922 with label reverse to The Abbey Gallery London. This is Frederick               Marriott, studied Royal College of Art, Headmaster Goldsmiths College of Art 1895-1925

174.    An original etching of The Brescau, Martigues, signed F.Marriott, copyrighted 1st May 1920 - all     other details as above

175.    An original etching of Edinburgh, John Knox's House. Signed F.Marriott. Copyright 1st December                 1923. All other details as above

176.    Original etching of Carcasonne signed F. Marriott, copyright 1st July 1923. All details as above

177.    Signed print by M.C.Robinson. This is Mabel Robinson who studied Lambeth School of Art, sold   together with a small watercolour Alpine Scene by Austin Smith 1917

178.    Six 19th Century hand coloured engravings of Welsh landmarks

179.    18th Century silkwork picture of a Thatcher with his dog, shows some slight distress to top right.    Overall 23" x 16"

180.    Heavy gilt framed oil on board, pastoral scene. Indistinctly signed Slerusurs (?). Overall 38" x 30"

181.    Signed watercolour by Nesta Warren of the dog "Dan" described on verso. Painted at the lodge     Ludlow 1934. 16" x 18"

182.    Signed oil on canvas "Lady Be Good" by Olive Whitmore. 18" x 20"

183.    Mid 19th Century oil on canvas depicting two children in a pastoral scene. 24" x 29"

184.    Oil on canvas of a young girl in a woodland setting, in the style of Joshua Reynolds. 25" x 30"

185.    Signed oil on canvas by J.Smeeton,1855 depicting a dog and cat in kitchen scene. 31" x 26"

186.    Signed oil on canvas by J.Smeeton dated 1868 of a boy and his dog. 33" x 38"

187.    Fine oil on canvas attributed to J.Smeeton of a Snarling terrier exiting a barrel. 38" x 34"

188.    19th Century oil on canvas of crop harvesting. 38" x 33"

189.    19th Century oil on canvas of a startled cat with fish being approached by a dog. 24" x 20"

190.    19th C oil on canvas depicting two young girls counting time on a dandelion clock. 26" x 31"

191.    Early 19th Century oil on canvas of a young cattle drover and his dog walking in a highland      setting. 32" x 25"

192.    Victorian oil on canvas of a young woman mourning her dead songbird set amidst highland          scenery. 42" x 33"

193.    Victorian oil on board of a young boy being taken away by a policeman for stealing a turnip while                 her sister pleads. 26" x 31"

194.    Early 19th Century oil on canvas of a young woman holding a bunch of grapes (possibly South     European) 19" x 24"

195.    Early 19th Century oil on board of a young man in  festive dress. 10.5" x 12"

196.    Mid 19th Century oil on canvas showing Christ blessing bread and wine at The Last Supper. 19" x                23"

197.    Early 19th Century oil on canvas of the Preacher and Choir at chapel (possibly American)

198.    19th Century oil on canvas in circular mount of a garlanded young woman holding grapes. 13" diam

199.    Victorian oil on canvas in circular mount of a chapel in a shaded lane. 17" diam

200.    4 watercolours by Joseph Clayton Clarke "Kyd" of Dickensian style characters, each signed "Kyd",                each 9" x 12"

201.    Fine watercolour of a fallen birds nest lying amidst a cluster of flowers, signed and dated                E.A.Wilson 1911. 19" x 16"

202.    Early gilt framed print of Burne-Jones's "King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid". 12" x 18"

203.    Mid 20th Century abstract watercolour on board, signed and dated Mos Miodalain. 19.5" x 16"

204.    Mid 19th Century oil on canvas showing a young boy and girl with baby sister trying to retrieve their              kite from 3 bully boys. 27" x 19"

205.    Fine Mid 19th Century oil on board depicting an old blind man in a churchyard, his finger resting on             a grave post. 20" x 26"

206.    19th Century oil on canvas of a young woman looking aside as she returns jewellery to a former lover. 13" x 18"

207.    19th Century oil on canvas, apparently depicting a young girl and her brother waiting to travel, her                face stern, he sleeping with his head on her shoulder. 32" x 37.5"

208.    Victorian oil on board showing a young farm labourer having eaten his lunch lying asleep in a       cornfield. 18" x 14.5"

209.    School of Caravaggio oil on 3 panels depicting Christ blessing bread sitting with 2 disciples    ( Ivorine Museum type label)

210.    19th Century oil on canvas - Vixen with cubs. 31" x 26"

211.    Print by leading German artist Thomas Gosebruch, commissioned by "The Event Works". His        interpretation of the philosophy of Lao Tse. 17" x 13"

212.    "Passages of Time" An interesting oil on board by Hendrik Lek. Dated 1974, 16" x 14"

213.    "Birdsong 1916" Oil on board depicting a soldier amidst the confusion of war, signed and dated    D.Greenwood '96

214.    Miniature circular watercolour of Blondin, famous for crossing NiagraFalls on a tightrope, 3"          diameter, and another miniature watercolour in stylish Art Nouveau pewter frame

215.    Chinese bronze lidded jar, lacking handle, cast mark to foot. 20cm

216.    Pair of carved wood painted lion dogs, probably 19th Century Chinese 26cm high, and another    good Oriental painted carving 18cm high

217.    Fine Oriental carving of a man seated on a water buffalo. 19cm high

218.    Pair of 18th Century provincial Chinese blue and white plates, 26cm, and a small vase (some       damage)

219.    Finely decorated Japanese lacquered lidded jar in its original signed box (probably Meiji period) 7cm x 4cm

220.    Set of 5 Japanese decorated lacquered platters of square form in original signed box, 13cm square

221.    Boxed lacquered coffee set, made for the European market C1920, each with different floral         decoration on gold ground in original box

222.    3 finely carved Japanese cigarette holders, Meiji period, each 15cm long (some damage) and a   later amber style carving and another, face made up of naked bodies

223.    Pair of Arts & Crafts candlesticks. Copper, brass and wood, possibly Benham and Froud in the      style of Christopher Dresser. 21cm

224.    Fine Hugh Wallace Arts & Crafts charger in copper and white metal. 38cm diameter

225.    Rare small fluted silver beaker by Georg Jensen designed and signed by Sigvaard Bernadotte.     With import hallmarks. 5cm high

226.    An impressive cast bronze inkwell stand designed by John Leighton and produced by Henry         Elkington for The Great Exhibition of 1851 - Appeared as a plaque on the cover of The Arts Journal         Catalogue. 23cm diameter

227.    Well decorated early 19th Century bottle vase, moulded and hand painted with floral panels on a                 gilt ground, possibly Paris Porcelain. 19cm

228.    Rare Austrian seccesion models of stylised ponies by Eduard Klablena for Keramos, Vienna. Both               approx 10cm

229.    Good hand painted bowl C1920, by Hans Kahler, Denmark. 11cm

230.    White "Pollo 1" vase by Tapio Wirkalla for Rosenthal

231.    Studio pottery "Winged vase" by Colin Pearson, celadon style glaze with double mark added by the             artist after production. 14cm. (Small chip to rim)

232.    Studio pottery by Richard Batterham, ash glaze with central band and arrow decoration. 18cm

233.    Studio pottery vase stoneware with highly textured surface by Denise Wren, Oxshott Pottery

234.    Good example of Leach Pottery, St Ives jug with overall tenmoku glaze. 19cm

235.    Fine studio pottery ginger jar and lid with resist decoration by David Eeles. 22cm

236.    The Heraldry of Crests with numerous illustrations of family crests, published Henry Washbourn   Edinburgh 1829 and The Genealogical Handbook of English History, published Longmans 3rd   edition

237.    Advertising: 4 shop display boards C1930, advertising Guest Keen and Nettlefolds (GKN) cotter    pins, screws etc

238.    Advertising: 1960s Johnny Walker bar advertising figure. 40cm

239.    Fine carved alabaster bowl, early flask and a sung glaze lidded jar (3)

240.    Pair of large Kutani vases, 20th Century. 43cm - A/F

241.    Fine large Kutani vase, well decorated on gilt ground, 20th Century. 43cm

242.    Pair of Oriental ginger jars

243.    2 Scottish silver mounted salad servers

244.    Silver Art Nouveau photo frame, Birmingham hallmark

244A.  Hallmarked silver ring stand

245.    3 miniature Oriental ivory carvings

246.    Pair of Victorian Negretti and Zambra adjusted binoculars in leather case (lacking lid)

247.    Collection of Oriental mother of pearl betting chips

248.    Late 19th Century card case, mother of pearl diamond pattern, with silver insert to lid. 10cm   x 8cm

249.    4 silver and enamel fobs, all of cricketing interest

250.    4 silver and enamel fobs, all of cricketing interest

251.    4 silver and enamel fobs, all of cricketing interest

252.    4 silver and enamel fobs, all of cricketing interest

253.    3 framed coloured Moule maps from Barclays English Dictionary C1840 - Durham, Norfolk and   Rutlandshire

254.    Framed hand coloured map by E.Bowen - The Road From Alchurch To Sharnford, from Britannica               Depicta C1720

255.    Framed hand coloured map of Nottinghamshire by Thomas Kitchen C1750

256.    Framed hand coloured miniature map of Rutlandshire by John Speede, possibly 1627

257.    American tenor saxophone - Buescher Aristocrat, made in ElkhartIndiana, with original case

258.    Banjolele - Label reads "The Whirle", by Windsor, Birmingham

259.    Pair of Wehrmacht sentry Overboots C1942

260.    Double sided enamel advertising sign, "White May" and "Royal Standard" - BP Oils

261.    Double sided enamel advertising sign for Beach's Jams - "Purest and Best"

262.    Green Burmantofts jardiniere on stand, C1912

263.    6 framed watercolours of birds - Avocet, Knot, Oyster Catcher etc (Birds of The Norfolk           Broads) by A.H.Patterson - the well regarded Norfolk Broad photographer

264.    7 framed studies of Exotic birds executed in feathers on watercolour background C1920 or earlier

265.    Early Educational flash cards, 1950s, hand painted on board

266.    3 foot high garden "Folly" encrusted with shards of broken crockery, porcelain and marbles   etc. C1900

267.    Fine gilt framed oil on canvas of a lions head bearing the monogram "V.W." 11" x 14"

268.    Early 20th Century washing machine, oak and zinc with cast iron fittings

269.    Oak tambour top twin pedestal desk C1910

270.    Victorian bookcase bureau standing on high cabriole legs, inlaid fully fitted interior

271.    Late 19th Century pad foot spiral Acanthus leaf column torchere

272.    Oak side table with single drawer. Ivorine label inside reads "Howard & Sons, Berners Street,       London". 39"w x 24"d x 29"h

273.    19th Century ebonised and gilt Credenza. Side doors with Putti in gilt surround. 6'w x 17"d x    44"h. This piece breaks down to facilitate easy transportation

274.    19th Century mahogany chest of 3 graduated drawers

275.    Nest of 3 brass and glass tables, C1920s

276.    Arts & Crafts mirrored display cabinet coloured leaded glass doors. 33"w x 62"h

277.    Gentlemans wardrobe, mahogany, long drawer and 2 shorter drawers under a decorated curved cupboard door. A lovely piece of Edwardian furniture. 6'8"h, 4'w, max depth 24"

278.    Superb late 19th Century inlaid mahogany triple wardrobe. 6'9"h, 6'5"w, 24" depth

279.    Pair of 19th Century cart horse shafts

280.    Medieval scene wall hanging - highlighted in gilt thread

281.    Pair of 20th Century art pottery vases with running glaze over sang de bouef

282.    Chinese bronze bowl standing on 3 feet with inverted rim. 45cm diameter

283.    19 th century Japanese bronze bowl decorated with embossed birds on branches.

284.    Japanese ivory box the lid decorated with monkeys. probably Meiji period.

285.    19th Century Chinese blue and white table screen. 4 character mark to base - some damage as can be seen on the illustration.

286.    Bronze huntsman with hounds, signed P.J.Mene

287.    Early 20th century WMF figure of a brewer monk with barrel. 13 cms.

288.    Art Nouveau bronze inkstand, probably German.

289.    Continental brass box with hinged lid decorated with enamel plaque of a young woman.


                Large early 20th century plated Walker & Hall coffee pot . 30 cms, and a small cast metal box with               brass fittings.

291.    Large figure of a young woman partly disrobed, covered in a jade coloured glaze. 51 cms.

292.    Japanese cloisonne baluster vase on carved wooden stand. 44 cms.

293.    Terracotta figure in the form of a Greek goddess, covered with bronze coloured glaze probably by                Adam Dworski.

294.    Table lamp with cast iron base , decorated with 3 chained dogs, with brass reeded column. 54 cms.

295.    Empire style inkstand with gilt fittings. Probably late 19th century French. Height 20 cms max.

296.    19th Century Native American leather pommel with stitchwork detail, 55 cms, and a carved wooden            bowl and lid , probably West African.

297.    Fine 19 th century oval gilt framed hall mirror.

298.    Fine Georgian mahogany bureau on ogee bracket feet, with fully fitted interior and an associated                 glazed bookcase.

299.    Oil on canvas possibly by H L Bosworth, of cattle in highland scenery. 4' 1" by 2' 9".

300.    19th Century tortoiseshell card case 10 cm x 8 cm.



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