Saturday 28th April Starting At 9.30am 364 Lots 

 "House Clearance/Collectors Sale"

Lot 1 Kawasaki Tengai 650 Motorbike. Lot 2 Geo 8 Mobility Scooter. Lot 3 Baby Grand Piano

Our Regular Weekly Sale - Comprising, Jewellery, Silver, Gold, Collectables, Moorcroft, China, Glass, Metals, Ephemera, Books, Lladro, Doulton Figures, Bygones/Vintage, Miscellanea, White Ware, Tools, Outdoor Effects, Furniture Old & New, Retro Items, Leather Chairs, 2 x Salon Chairs etc

All From Local Estates. Further Updates Daily

Viewing Friday 27th April 12 Noon - 4.00pm And From 8.00am Sale Day

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 1.         Kawasaki 650 Tengai modified motorbike with paperwork and a ramp

2.         Geo 8 mobility scooter, chargers, cover and keys

3.         Baby Grand Piano by Gors & Kallmann

4.         Jerusalem Christian issue silver Dirham coin

5.         1913 Sovereign

6.         Pair of 9ct gold cufflinks

7.         Pair of 9ct gold cufflinks

8.         Gents 9ct gold ring with stone

9.         9ct gold earrings, ring with stone, one cufflink and a brooch stamped 750 387V

10.       Small quantity of scrap gold and silver with a hallmarked silver bracelet

11.       Pair of 9ct gold earrings and 2 other pairs

12.       9ct gold brooch with mounted cameo

13.       Victorian 9ct gold brooch with stone

14.       9ct gold locket on 9ct gold chain

15.       9ct gold pendant with coloured stone on chain

16.       9ct gold earrings and pendant set with coloured stones

17.       Silver ring with stones and a gold ring with coloured stone (stamp worn)

18.       Ladies 9ct gold ring with stones

19.       Ladies 9ct gold ring with cubic zirconia

20.       18ct gold ring with stones

21.       Victorian 9ct gold ring with coloured stone

22.       Basket pearl pendant on 9ct gold chain

23.       2 oval hallmarked silver napkin rings

24.       Pendant on silver chain, 3 pairs of earrings and a sterling silver ring with coloured stones

25.       3 silver brooches (one silver mount)

26.       4 silver brooches - enamel bird, horseshoe, flowers and musical notes

27.       Hat pins in ebony hat pin holder adorned with hallmarked silver 'Hat Pins'

28.       3 hallmarked silver bracelets

29.       Silver rings and chains etc

30.       Hallmarked silver pocketwatch

31.       Hallmarked silver sauce boat

32.       Hallmarked silver patch pot, hallmarked silver topped scent bottle, silver pierced dish and white metal spoon

33.       Gents neckchain stamped 925

34.       Trowel bookmark with ball (agate) and claw handle, two 925 religious pendants, 2 whistles - all in papier    mache box decorated with dogs

35.       Pandora bracelet in box

36.       Pandora ring in box

37.       Hallmarked silver bracelet, hallmarked silver whistle and 925 spoon

38.       5 World War Two medals including Italy and Africa Star

39.       2 Great War medals to 250472 3.A.M. - W. Butterworth RAF

40.       2 World War Two medals - 1939-45 medal, Italy Star in copper ashtray

41.       Omega automatic Geneve Dynamic gents wristwatch on leather strap

42.       Parex hallmarked silver cased gents wristwatch on leather strap and one similar

43.       Smiths Empire pocketwatch, gents Timex wristwatch, ladies Services wristwatch and one other

44.       9ct gold cased wristwatch, 2 Rotary wristwatches and Sekonda wristwatch

45.       Pocketwatch, parts and assorted wristwatches

46.       Accurist boxed wristwatch and 3 vintage named knives

47.       Art Deco Monkey brooch, Nazi coin and 2 others

48.       Sheaffer boxed fountain pen in black & gilt and a Sheaffer boxed gilt propelling pencil

49.       Services Competitor wristwatch and Rotary Junior wristwatch, both lacking straps

50.       Hallmarked silver cased wristwatch decorated with blue enamel A/F, pipe, brooch, badge, charms etc

51.       Cameo brooch, others, prayer beads, silver St Christopher and crucifix

52.       Clocks, stamps, pipe etc

53.       Tub of badges

54.       Quantity of coins

55.       Jewellery box of costume jewellery

56.       Jewellery box of costume jewellery

57.       Quantity of cufflinks etc

58.       Tub of wristwatches including cased Sekondas

59.       Quantity of decorative brooches

60.       Small box of costume jewellery

61.       Costume jewellery, gents wristwatch etc

62.       German knife in sheath with a cap and badge

63.       Royal Worcester miniature tableware, spectacles etc

64.       Fuji Film camera 16 mega pixels, cable etc

65.       Harmonica, Parker pens, spectacles etc

66.       6 millefiori paperweights etc

67.       3 gents wristwatches - Larsson & Jennings, Constantin Weisz, Michael Kors

68.       Quantity of wristwatches including Timex, Sekonda etc

69.       7 wristwatches including Swatch

70.       Box of ladies wristwatches

71.       Box of digital watches

72.       Box of assorted wristwatches

73.       Box of beads, bangle and Pandora style bracelet with charms

74.       Box of costume jewellery

75.       Box of costume jewellery

76.       Box of costume jewellery

77.       Box of costume jewellery

78.       Box of costume jewellery

79.       Tin of costume jewellery

80.       Box of costume jewellery

81.       Bag of costume jewellery

82.       Louis Vuitton boxed wallet

83.       2 hallmarked silver photograph frames

84.       Compact decorated with enamel and "Germany" emblem

85.       Limoges musical jewel box, syringe, odd coins and misc

86.       Quantity of cufflinks etc

87.       Moorcroft oval blue & floral ashtray

88.       Moorcroft oval blue & floral pot (matches previous lot)

89.       Moorcroft white & floral vase in box

90.       Hallmarked silver and tortoiseshell part brush / dressing table set

91.       Black evening bag decorated with gilt flowers and a cased ladies wristwatch and bracelet

92.       Coloured glass smoother and 2 scent bottles

93.       Royal Crown Derby china bell

94.       Moorcroft floral table lamp

95.       Whitefriars orange Drunken Bricklayer glass vase

96.       3 Lladro pieces - child with dog & puppies, signed plaque and a vase

97.       Royal Doulton figure - Taking Things Easy

98.       Royal Doulton figure - The News Vendor (with certificate)

99.       Royal Doulton figure - The Wizard

100.    Lladro Crane figure

101.    Aynsley bowl, doll, vase, Lizard skin handbag etc

102.    Pair of ceramic "Woodland" plant holders

103.    Pair of modern Moorcroft style vases

104.    Royal Doulton and Royal Albert Pottery figures, Sylvac dog, moneybox etc

104A.  The Gallery Collection - Paradise and Japanese Garden jugs

105.    Good sized Poole pottery bowl

106.    Boxed Nao figure - Love Always

107.    Modern Quimper wall pocket, 2 plates and a booklet

108.    Wedgwood items and other decorative items

109.    42 pieces of blue & white Royal Worcester tableware

110.    Small quantity of mixed cutlery

111.    Most attractive Noritake dressing table set (lacking candlesticks)

112.    2 wooden boxes, unusual brushes, Baby Ben alarm clock etc

113.    Susie Cooper Nasturtium tea set and a Bavarian tea set

114.    Glass part dressing table set, scent bottles, Royal Worcester soup pots etc

115.    Beswick leaf plates, cup & saucer, tea cards, horse brasses, plated tea service etc

116.    Old greetings cards, ephemera, Union flag etc

117.    Royal Doulton figure - Winsome

118.    Royal Doulton figure - Suzette HN1487

119.    Blue Chinese dogs, Russian box, Adams tankard and odd china

120.    8 good sized David Shepherd animal plates

121.    Box of brass and copper

122.    A small, limited edition of 6 Thistleberry teddy bear

123.    Royal Adderley birds, other china, paperweights etc

124.    Schuco Motex boxed car

125.    Album of postcards

126.    Truncheon

127.    Chad Valley spinning top - play worn

128.    Tub of marbles and small china odds

129.    3 Lladro cranes

130.    Pair of cream Clarice Cliff The Biarritz Plates, sadly A/F

131.    Border Fine Art Donkey ornament and others, picture etc

132.    2 tubs of small china and glass ornaments

133.    Box of decorative plates, vases and glass

134.    Wicker basket and tub of small bears, toys, elephants and odds

135.    Tray of figures, dog, clock, cruet, willow patterned teaware etc

136.    Comport, Royal Crown Derby jug, glass animals, porcelain Spitfire clock and ornament

137.    2 cameras and accessories - Halina and Fujica

138.    Paragon part teaset and a tray of china & glass ornaments

139.    Cut and other glass, bone handled carving set and silver plate tray

140.    Beatles Anthology large book

141.    Victorian wash bowl, shoe trees, horse brasses, rulers etc

142.    Collector's plates, jugs and vases

143.    Stamp album

144.    Minolta X-300 camera and 3 others

145.    2 handbags - Radley and a small Osprey

146.    Green glass oil lamp, silver plate tray, cutlery, paperweight, frame and odds

147.    Box of glass, misc and a light fitting

148.    Delft plate and candlesticks, scent bottles and plated tea service

149.    Cut glass ship's decanter, others, brass and plate candlesticks, jugs and misc

150.    Old scales and weights

151.    Tools - socket set, Record vice, plane and Multiminor, measuring gauge

152.    Leather cased AQVO meter, soldering tools and handheld vacuum cleaner

153.    Kenwood Chef and 4 pots

154.    2 metal single drawer index cabinets

155.    Good quality bedding etc

156.    Box of Giles Cartoons

157.    Box of LPs and 45s

158.    3 boxes of CDs

159.    3 boxes of CDs

160.    2 boxes of over-boots

161.    Hoover, Panasonic DVD player, VCR, Sky+ box (all with remotes) and quantity of CDs and DVDs

162.    2 baskets and a box of Haynes service and repairs manuals

163.    2 boxes of assorted tools

164.    Box of screws and fixings

165.    2 boxes of kitchen items, cleaning products etc

166.    3 boxes of misc including radio, books, shower gel etc

167.    3 boxes of glassware, misc and a tray of cutlery

168.    Kettle, heater, box of cordless phones etc

169.    4 boxes of books including Harry Potter and Art books

170.    Box of assorted tools, drawing board and sprayer

171.    Box of leather bound books (worn) including obscure Victorian novels

172.    Box of classical books etc

173.    Various calf bound volumes of Universal History (incomplete)

174.    2 volumes of The Magnet 1928 (Billy Burns)

175.    Travels of Anacharsis 1810 and various leather bound works

176.    Cloisonne lamp, multi-coloured glass lamp and porcelain Cherub clock

177.    Good amber glass bowl, 2 Victorian jelly moulds (1 A/F) and a jug & bowl

178.    Early Coalport 2 handled tray and a fine handpainted vase (both repaired) with a blue & white vase

179.    Meat plates, Masons ware, wooden boxes, butter dish etc

180.    Patch work quilt - "This quilt finished by Maria Wood when she was 70 years of age, contains 5429 pieces"

181.    Decorative bowls, vases, commemorative glassware etc

182.    Very large Samuel Windsor overcoat

183.    Wedgwood Covent Garden dinnerware with blue cups & saucers, plates, metalware (2 boxes)

184.    Books, pictures, pair of small miniatures, 2 large serving bowls and a large Wedgwood plate

185.    2 boxes of mugs, biscuit barrel, Sri Lankan dinner service etc

186.    Box of coloured glass light shades

187.    Box of clothing and 3 boxes of books

188.    3 boxes of CDs and DVDs

189.    Large poker board, tambourine, picture frame, camera and game etc

190.    3 cases of LPs and 45s

191.    Box of vintage steam engine accessories

192.    Box of tins, a mini 3 drawer chest, old cased meter and tape player

193.    Black tool case, plastic tub and contents

194.    Blue crate of model cars, Thunderbird figures, books etc

195.    Elvis LP, 45s, pictures and memorabilia

196.    Box of train track, building and models

197.    Praktica and Centon cameras, others, viewer etc

198.    Playstation, controllers, games etc

199.    Bag of mobile phones, cameras, video camera etc

200.    2 bags of Beano comics

201.    Colourmaster projector with accessories, box of pictures, radios, box of tins and household

202.    Bone handled silver banded walking cane

203.    Cased pair of USSR binoculars 8 x 30 Bnu5

204.    Eumig projector and accessories, cased Prinz projector, Trumpf halogen Noris projector and bags

205.    2 cased Gnome projectors

206.    3 Kodaslide table projectors

207.    Brownie 8 movie projector, The Hawk projector, Agfa, one other and a box of accessories

208.    Noris, Bell & Howell cased projectors and one other

209.    Large quantity of projector accessories

210.    2 bowls bags, shoes and bowls

211.    Lima Devon Belle electric train set, boxed OO gauge carriage and a quantity of track

212.    Folders of ephemera relating to The Duke and Duchess of Hamilton, including many letters written in French            and detailed research material

213.    Zeiss Ikon Novar-Anastigmat folding camera, Kodak Compur-Rapid camera and Penguin Kershaw Eight-20             camera

214.    Oak cased canteen of cutlery

215.    Pair of leather cased Japanese binoculars

216.    6 as new Radford Editions china trinkets

217.    JVC compact camcorder

218.    Oak cased Metamec wall clock

219.    Gilt framed oval portrait of a lady

220.    2 framed maps of Leicestershire

221.    Carved oak banjo upstairs barometer

222.    Mahogany inlaid barometer and a wooden inlaid writing box

223.    Cased Respirator

224.    3 Yardley pots, 3 Wedgwood plates and a Toby jug

225.    Large bible and a cash tin of collectables

226.    2 bags of modern costume jewellery

227.    2 bags of modern costume jewellery

228.    2 boxes of cutlery and a meat press

229.    2 Bulls Eye torches

230.    18 Toby jugs

231.    5 brass lift plaques

232.    Pedal-powered Go Kart

233.    2 retro hat & coat stands

234.    Small nice 1920s oak open bookcase

235.    Lightwood 1960s chest

236.    Cherub shelf clock, mahogany shelf clock and 3 others

237.    Chrome framed Muhammad Ali & Sonny Liston print

238.    2 framed comical dog prints

239.    3 wall mirrors and a continental print

240.    Ryobi electric high reach strimmer and other garden tools

241.    2 pairs of antlers

242.    2 Workzone folding work benches, bookcase, a Calor heater and a double burner gas cooker

243.    Lawnflite 5021 petrol lawnmower

244.    1800w chipper and shredder

245.    1000w electric lawnmower

246.    Apollo XC26 mountain bike

247.    Lloyd Loom Lusty ottoman and contents

248.    Large metal circular cage

249.    Beko fridge freezer passed safety tests

250.    Pair of modern white double door wardrobes, flatpack unit and mirrors

251.    900w Sanyo microwave

252.    Swisstec LCD TV with Panasonic surround sound speakers and a 3 tier stand

253.    Slim glazed display case

254.    Easy Life home stereo system, Sony minidisc player, USB turntable, Teac turntable, 3 separates, halogen                 heater, steamer and torch (10)

255.    3 square folding leg tables and a tub of clips

256.    Pine kitchen 2 drawer table

257.    2 large boxes of clothes and 2 boxes of shoes

258.    2 tier table, roller boots and 2 occasional tables

259.    Power G table top saw

260.    2 painted single drawer bedside units

261.    Large painted dressing table mirror

262.    Hilti CE92 cased power drill

263.    Cased drill, jump start, toolbox and contents, red crate and contents

264.    Laser level, B & D multi tool etc

265.    Oak cased wall clock

266.    2 ornate mirrors and an Eastern pipe

267.    Print on canvas of Rhino and Elephants

268.    Sanyo LCD TV (lacking remote) and a microwave passed safety tests

269.    Small engineer's tool chest

270.    Reproduction gramophone

271.    Good quantity of stainless steel pans

272.    Titan tile cutter, tarps, wine making equipment, box of fixings and a CD player

273.    Jump start, power drill, tools and knife set

274.    Printer, steam cleaner, boxes of electrical cable, cable reel, paints, tools and misc

275.    Oak linen fold wardrobe

276.    Teak extending dining table with 4 matching chairs

277.    Tea trolley, 2 tier table, glass TV stand and a telephone table

278.    Mahogany dressing table and matching tallboy

279.    Mahogany nest of 3 glass top tables, 2 stools and an invalid table

280.    Teak desk by Uniflex, bedside unit and chair

281.    Mahogany framed stool

282.    Oak multi-compartment bookcase

283.    Oak and mahogany bureaus

284.    2 framed cigarette card displays - Dickens and Butterflies

285.    Terence Cuneo framed print - Evening Star, The End of an Era

286.    Long oval frameless bevel edged mirror

287.    Box of trains, track, control unit etc

288.    Wooden box, spanners, planes, ammo box, fuel lamp

289.    Small wooden toolbox and a wooden engineer's chest

290.    Pair of Ercol dining chairs

291.    Scales, weights, regulator clock, pictures and tape player

292.    1950s formica top table, linen bin and pictures

293.    19th century rosewood fold-over top games table

294.    Large quantity of wickerware

295.    Meredew Furniture dressing table, stool, 5 drawer chest and bedside unit

296.    Pine 2 drawer washstand with marble top and tile back

297.    1950s black & yellow vinyl sewing box on stand

298.    57" x 27" x 26" large stained pine box

299.    2 tier plant stand, pair of pub stools, pair of vintage stools and a folding chair

300.    Baby's cot in need of assembly

301.    Grey painted tallboy and a 3 drawer chest

302.    Mahogany single mirrored door wardrobe

303.    Folding trestle table and one other

304.    RBK Cross Trainer machine

305.    WNQ digital Treadmill

306.    Pond pump and accessories

307.    Rug, warming pans, fire irons, log basket, wooden planter, canopy etc

308.    Bathroom cabinet, cream mirror and magazine rack

309.    Assorted tins

310.    Cream and gilt triple dressing table mirror

311.    Circular 2 tier occasional table and 2 light fittings

312.    Standard lamp, table lamp and fire screen

313.    Performance Power scroll saw, Bosch hand tool and one other

314.    Large mahogany drinks table on ball & claw feet

315.    2 boxes and a tray of assorted metalware

316.    Piano stool and an upholstered top stool on ball & claw feet

317.    Wooden double school desk

318.    2 halogen heaters, 2 fans, box of stainless steel pans

319.    Vintage metal horse ride-on toy

320.    Henry cleaner

321.    5 boxes of DVDs

322.    Laptop (Windows 98), printer and books

323.    Butcher's block A/F

324.    Very large trough

325.    Brown upholstered bed settee

326.    2 leather gun cases and one other

327.    Discovery ladies bicycle

328.    Red Feud mountain bike

329.    Apollo FS26 mountain bike

330.    Galvanised and enamel ware (7)

331.    Clothes rail and a bag of coats etc

332.    Walnut veneered drinks cabinet

333.    Walnut veneered sideboard

334.    Mahogany revolving glass door display cabinet

335.    Twisted column torchere, chair and a footstool

336.    Wooden school desk

337.    3 x metal stools

338.    Small square trunk and a metal coal box

339.    Pine scrub top table

340.    Table top saw

341.    Hotpoint fridge and Proline freezer Both Passed Safety Test

342.    Inlaid mahogany dining table with 6 chairs (2 carvers)

343.    Light beech storage unit

344.    Collingwood bone china tea set

345.    Large dark oak dresser

346.    Painted pine blanket box

347.    Pair of chrome and vinyl seated stools

348.    Tall slim pine corner unit

349.    Walnut glazed door bookcase with fall down front

350.    Small pine wine rack, a plant stand and 4 stools

351.    Dark oak Ercol sideboard

352.    Solid oak drinks table

353.    1960s teak & vinyl ottoman and contents

354.    Small benares brass top table, walking sticks, table lamp, curtains, hardwood table etc

355.    Maroon leather armchair

356.    Brown leather 2 seater sofa

357.    Large black leather revolving armchair

358.    Pair of black vinyl and chrome salon chairs

359.    Pair of tan leather revolving / reclining armchairs

360.    Set of 6 oak and bergere dining chairs (2 carvers)

361.    Set of 4 Edwardian dining hairs

362.    Pair of Edwardian open armchairs

363.    Oak linen fold blanket box

Additional Information


Each sale we conduct can be viewed during an on-site preview normally on the previous day of the sale and on the actual morning of the sale. Alternatively, details of selected items will appear on this website.


If you cannot attend a sale in person you can leave a commission, or “absentee” bid with a member of staff.


Payment terms at Churchgate Auctions are as per the requirements of the individual sale (please contact us for further details).

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